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  1. Assalaam alaykum, Posting after a looong time. Hope the SC family is doing great. I was wondering if there's anyone around here who is good with SEO and can offer some help? I've been trying to learn for my business and need assistance. Thanks!
  2. I will be skipping this one for now but I will certainly be interested in some other courses that I believe you should teach. I had read a discussion between you and a member who did not agree with the institution of marja'iyyah and you had explained in some details as to what the issue with his arguments were. I really think that subject will be an interest to many and I will look forward once you decide to take it on.
  3. Just like how anybody else would think of them...as losers and douchebags. How else should one think of scammers, be they Indians or otherwise?!
  4. So someone pointed out to me this course 'Arabic with Husna' by Nouman Ali Khan and I was thinking if anybody has taken it up and found it beneficial? I like that it is more focused in that it's more like a one-to-one and I feel I'll be able to understand things more clearly, so had been pondering over the idea of signing up for the course. But before that, just wanted to check if anybody from SC has looked into it, or better still, completed the course and found it helpful? It seems that Nouman Ali Khan focuses on Surah Kahf and that it is more Qur'an oriented. But will that help me understand other books as well, as the grammar will still be the same? I intend to take up this course to learn Arabic - not just to understand Qur'an but to read other books as well. Let me know what you guys think. There's LQToronto as well, but I feel this one is better suited for me.
  5. What if one is not able to ascertain who the next most-learned marja' is? Can one pick up any scholar as long as he is a marja'?
  6. Thank you for the welcome brother. Yeah, I see it's quite a medley of things. I'm taking baby-steps again to figure out where I want to be on the forum. But nevertheless - good to see some old time folks here.
  7. What?! What in the world happened to ShiaChat? It's an entirely new look, new feel, new everything! I've been away for far too long this time it seems. I hope all my dearest brothers and sisters are doing very very well. I leave you all in Allah's protection while I'm gone now...hopefully for a few hours this time. Wanna catch up with all the happenings here on SC. **Three loud salawaat please**
  8. Done. Sorry I couldn't log in yesterday to say that. I can recite half a juz' perhaps today, if someone is lagging behind and not able to read. May Allah reward everyone here immensely for the khatm and - may He expand the grave of our beloved brother, flood it with His Noor, ease his journey in barzakh and grant him a very lofty station, behaqqe Mohammed wa Aale Mohammed.
  9. Sister starlight, can you hand over a juz' to me? I'll try to recite it today itself. Any juz' will do.
  10. Alaykum assalaam, Thank you for sharing your thoughts brother/sister. Since you mentioned that you want to "be Shia", you must immediately consider the twelve Imams (a.s) to be the rightful successor of the holy Prophet (s) and pledge allegiance to them, for your heart has now turned towards Ahl al-Bayt (a.s). You can read a lot on this website and perhaps also take a look at www.al-islam.org and go through the books that are uploaded there. If you have any questions, you can raise them on this forum and you will in'shaAllah receive responses to your questions. I can understand the predicament you must be in, but remember that the struggles of this life are only short-lived. You will certainly face a lot of hardships because Allah tries his servants through those troubles in order to elevate him to a better status. Be caring and understanding to your parents and answer them in the most appropriate way. Perhaps they will notice the (positive) change in your manners and be attracted to the madhhab themselves. Keep in mind that it is only Allah who guides people to his way and it is only He who illuminates the heart. Try to learn about the Shi'a madhhab as much as you can and be prepared for any possible questions they may have for you. In'shaAllah with the support of the brothers and sisters from this forum, you will alleviate their doubts and respond to their queries correctly. Don't lose hope, don't despair, hang in there because at the end of the journey, there is ease. Take care and may the month of Rajab bring Allah's blessing upon you and your family.
  11. I've been to Oman and stayed there for quite some time. It is an amazing place to be in, and the people are great there. Can't help but upload a few snaps! : The Nizwa Souq : The Nizwa Fort : The beautiful Grand Sultan Qaboos Masjid : Would love to visit that place again.
  12. I deliberately posted it in the Arabic sub-forum so that I can know which FB pages has a lot of Arab followers. To make my request more specific, I'm looking at FB pages with Arab following, who are in need of complex medical treatments and surgeries. But then, I thought, I won't get any help as it'll make people put in a lot of efforts to actually dig those pages. But then, it seems that it is hard for people to list some general pages as well. Any help at all, please?!
  13. Assalaam alaykum, What are some of the most popular Facebook pages, in Arabic that you know of? Can you list a few of them below?
  14. Alaykum assalaam, Thank you for sharing your story here. May Allah protect you and increase you and us in knowledge. Enjoy your time on SC!
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