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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As salam alaykum, Leda, I'm sorry that I can't offer you more. All of my books are packed up right now, and I don't have much time for googling these things. If/when I come across the numerous other hadith on this issue, I'll try to post them. "O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" (Quran 49:13). "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiorit
  2. As salaam alaykum, Please don't leave on my account. My apologies if I've offended you. It seems to me that this discussion is becoming about inappropriate generalizations that are especially insulting to black men. I want to balance that, especially because we are involved in a thread about racism and I don't want to perpetuate racist stereotypes. Just because you've been privy to a few (or many) conversations where black men complain about black women and you haven't been privy to such conversations amongst Arabs or Indians you've drawn some conclusions about other men "cherishing" their w
  3. Whoa! Let's not turn this discussion into an opportunity to bash black men. Some black men, just like some Arab men, some Pakistani men etc. have internalized white supremacist thinking and project their hatred of themselves on others of their on race. This is by no means all black men. And, now that I think of it there were a few black American men who were interested in me when I was single, so I wasn't being fair there, I had actually forgotten about the nice guys allowing them to be overshadowed by the poor self-hating souls who found my dark skin disappointing. Sister Leda, I have to dis
  4. As salaamu alaykum Brother, I have to disagree with your argument here. Actually, I find it insulting that you would presume to tell "racial minorities, especially African Americans" that the problem is not racism, but our poor understanding of the issue. It is not perceived racism when an Arab refers to you as a slave rather than by your name. Slaves are considered inferior, considering someone inferior on the basis of race is the very definition of racism. Secondly, the idea that slavery in Muslim lands was all happy folks whiling away days in equality with masters is as much a lie as Americ
  5. as salaam alaykum, Actually, Leda, Maryaam was quoting me. She just happened to get my quote in before I deleted the post after deciding I didn't want to take part in the conversation. Clearly, those words were meant to be read whether I wanted them to or not, mashaAllah. I have to say though, Leda, that with regard to marriage--once again, as a very dark skinned black woman-- I think the issues are more complex than racism. I had proposals or inquiries from many Arabs (Egyptians, Palestinians, Sudanese, Lebanese, an Algerian and a few Iraqis as I can recall off the top of my head) 2 American
  6. No, not at all. Not all Lebanese women, not all Lebanese Shi'a women wear hijab. It's more an accurate reflection of the community. I'd find it strange if all the women did wear hijab.
  7. As salaamun alaykum, You know, regardless of our perspectives I'd like to believe that we are all coming from the same place, a place of dedication to aligning our lives with tawhid and the principles that naturally derive from it. We are identified as the Shi'a of ahl al bayt (as) and our history is one of great sacrifice in the name of love. This is the dunya and it's a really murky place and its hard to struggle through these issues, but as brothers and sisters in this deen we can at least speak to each other with respect and try to come from a place of love. None of us can read one another
  8. Like any ideology feminism has many interpretations, heck just like Islam. Unlike Islam there is no one pure feminism, it is dependent on the unique circumstances of those involved in the struggle to end women's oppression and even oppression is going to be defined differently. Actuallly, even that is like Islam as we often defer to 'urf when trying to sort out fiqh issues. Muslim feminists and Islamic feminism (the two are not quite the same as the latter is an actual emerging academic discipline) fall under the big tent definition of feminism, so they don't necessarily feel that one part
  9. As salaamun alaykum, Bro. MacIsaac asked why a Muslim woman would identify as a feminist, because Islam already incorporates the "best" of feminist ideology. While I don't believe in privileging one type of oppression over another, I recognize the command to dedicate one's efforts toward promoting good which includes breaking the shackles of oppression that anyone faces. I identify as anti-racist and have done some anti-racist work, I have friends who are environmentalists and have dedicated a lot of their lives to that cause. Islam is anti-racist and commands us to deal with natural resources
  10. Rape is an act of sexualized violence. Because it is sexual, arousal must be present, but the arousal stems more from the act than the rapist's attraction to the victim. A few studies have reported that soldiers often experience the distinct physical sign of arousal that men get (I really don't know how else to say it w/o becoming too graphic here) while killing. Is there something sexy about dead bodies of either gender? Sex is first in our heads and THEN in our bodies and if we learn to link arousal to any feeling, person, place or thing then that person place or thing will become sexual st
  11. actually, i think both those hadith are weak. Its fairly likely that neither statement was ever uttered by any holy person.
  12. I don't believe that men and women are so different. Men and women are largely motivated by the same things and when conditions are appropriate, they behave in the same ways. When it's socially acceptable for women to be violent, you find the gap between male and female violence shrinks. When its socially acceptable for women to w.hore around you find the gap between male w.horing and female w.horing closes. Men don't cheat because they are under the forces of uncontrollable biological urges, they do so because they can and they want to. Women also do so because they can and they want to. Now
  13. Women on thier period are NOT NAJIS. They have some najasa on them, but their entire bodies aren't najis. Sheesh. Next thing you know one of these e-marjas will start advising us to lock ourselves in huts during our periods so as not to contaminate the household. As for the OP, I agree with Smiley. It's no one's business why you are or are not praying and if grown men don't realize that there are times when women are exempted from salaat then its their problem not yours. I wouldn't fake it, I just wouldn't pray and if they asked I'd say it was none of their business.
  14. The purpose of hijab is *not* to save you from "undeserved" attention. The qur'an specifically states that a Muslima's dress is at least in part to identify her as a Muslima. So no, my adherence to Allah's laws is not in anyway a violation of...Allah's laws. Letter and spirit are intact. The medical professionals were being unprofessional and gossipy, even if I didn't have a headscarf the issue would have been my refusal to use a male practitioner when an equally qualified woman was available, once again letter and spirit intact. Thirdly, my facility isn't woman only. The classes are usually
  15. As salaam alaykum, What do you believe is the purpose of hijab?
  16. ...annnnd it's not sick for men to be attracted to women, it's normal.
  17. As salaam alaykum, Churidars don't meet the standards for hijab. The standards are that a woman must cover all but hands and face (and some say feet) in the presence of an unrelated man. The clothing must hide the shape as well as the color of the skin. Churidar pants emphasize the shape of a woman's calves, and calves are def. a highly sexualized part of a woman's body. Even if they weren't it wouldn't matter, though, because it's about submitting to Allah (swt)). Queen_Punk, a woman is permitted to show all but her genitals and behind in front of other women. It's better to be more covered,
  18. usually it's all women. I'm a little overly cautious even amongst women. I recently had an issue with a health care provider discussing me with male colleagues and their conversation was TOTALLY unrelated to my health. Apparently her male colleagues were offended that I wouldn't expose more than hands and face or let them touch me. This was really exacerbated by the fact that another Muslima patient had no problem getting pretty much naked with one of the men and they didn't understand why *I* was such a prude. :wacko:). I was later told that pretty much the whole office was abuzz. I'm still
  19. I do a lot of floor work (pilates) and things that involve a great deal of movement and even being upside down. I need something that can stand up to that kind of activity. Square scarves with pins don't work for me. Al amira's are the closest I've come to anything that even kind of works and it still requires more pinning then I'd prefer.
  20. As salaam alaykum, What do you ladies wear for exercise. I'm finding that nothing is really working as well as I'd like right now, and searching for some solutions. Anyone tried these? http://www.queendom-hijabs.com/athletica.html
  21. Is that where the Shi'a are? Will you have to be in taqiyya there?
  22. Hijab is not about making a woman invisible, or even less visible. Even a very simple reading Qur'an will make it clear that one of the purposes of hijab is in one way to make her stand out, to be more visible as a Muslim. It is, among other things, a means of identification. The attention that Islamic modesty rules seeks to minimize is sexual; hijab is a means of turning away the male SEXUAL gaze. That is why Allah (swt) repeatedly tells us to "lower our gaze." Islamic sexual modestly is largely about nipping sexual impurity in the bud, beginning with the gaze. A woman in niqab fulfills th
  23. Why would salaat have to be at the "highest level" to be yoga. And, out of curiosity, how are you defining yoga?
  24. Sara http://www.bravenewtraveler.com/author/Sarah%20Shourd/ shane http://www.shanebauer.net/ http://www.philly.com/dailynews/local/2009...await_word.html This is apparently Josh Fattal's dad. http://www.us-tech.com/RelId/659598/ISvars...g_the_Torch.htm looks like he's an Israeli
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