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  1. i think this conclusion could clear by reading "Sahifa e Kamila"
  2. Sorry! i think could not find it now after 3 years.BTW your interest in this majils is due to topic or zakir?

  3. what do you say about Hazrat Habib Ibnay Mazahir (A.S) and Great Faqih had not qazza even a Thajud but in Karbala He had leave his Salat incomplete behind the IMAM(A.S) to save IMAM(A.S) from coming arrows and fences. THREAD Heading should be : HOW MANY SHIAS ON RIGHT PATH? scenario is not different from Madina to Karbala, just was 72 .
  4. May Allah grant you keep attending Majlis recite by Allama Hafiz Tassaduq Hussain. i think he also gave the Name of all six method too.
  6. Moreover! Two was selected as IMAM in 5 Sahabay Shariet RASOOLS, Hazrat Ibraheim(A.S) and RASOOL (SAWW). and Only ONE is selected WALI in One hundred and twenty four thousand Messengers,RASOOL Allah(SAWW). So all Dear Shiachat's members WALI is the TOP Most Designation at which ONLY 14 MASOOMEIN(A.S) STAND with Allah (Surrah Ma aydah 55). So Don't blame everyone Ghali and Nusari without understanding (Maarfat) of WILAYAT.
  7. I have three Na mahram female in facebook friends list out of 55 friends. I have accept their friend request on condition " No personal contacts only share Zikar e Ahlebayt(A.S)".
  8. Situation would not be different from KARBALA at TIME OF ZAHOOR E IMAM(AJTFS). Only 313 would be selected as Commander of IMAM(AJTFS) in millions of shias .
  9. unfortunately Reality about Kufa's people is not unveil even by Shia ulema. IMAM HUSSAIN(A.S) had depart Madina on 28 Rajab for Mecca and after change Hajj with Umrah(due to intent of assassination in HARAM by yazid's agents) .Before that HE send His Safeer Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel to Kufa in reply of Kufa's people letters.In some Riwayat that 18000 /50000 people get Bayt on Safeer e HUSSAIN. People In Madina and Mecca also know why IMAM HUSSAIN(A.S) has going left Madina and then Mecca when Yazid Forcely want to get BAYT through his Governors in both cities. yazid send his demand to ibnay ziyad,governor of Kufa when IMAM(A.S) was in way from Mecca to KARBALA via Madina again. yazid demand Bayt or Head of IMAM(A.S). Thosands of Qabaails people join with IMAM(A.S) during his way to Karbala from Madina. In Kufa when ibnay ziyad had learn that thousand of people doing Bayt on Safeer Hussain. ibnay ziyad decisively call the Most strongest Sardar of Kufa HAzrat Hani in his Darbar and killed and hanged his body to create a panic full lesson to all who are favoring IMAM(A.S). ibnay ziyad soldeirs start killing the people who are doing bayt and Give an Official Statment from Governor:If we find any man tomorrow who has not join our force against IMAM(A.S),we would kill him with his family and burn all his belonging. scenario had change after that only numbered had left who remain firm with Safeer e Hussain were also killed.Safeer e Hussain left alone and martyr after fight bravely.His body was cut into pieces by ibnay ziyad(l.a)forces. Kufa was encircled by ibnay ziyad forces to stop anyone to join with IMAM(A.S)'s Lashkar. On the other side the thousand of Qabaaeils forces has left IMAM(A.S) when that they learn that Govt/wealth is not IMAM(A.S) intentions, He is travelling with His Family Women and children. NOW THE FACT IS THAT IN 72 GREAT COMPANIONS OF IMAM(A.S) 40 PEOPLE BELONGS TO KUFA AND OTHER FROM MADINA-MECCA-KARBALA. IMAM(A.S) had also said to his Great 72 companions that yazid has no concern with anyone, he want MY BAYT ,I lift My Bayt from you and let you go.But nobody even had shake and said we don't let YOU alone even we have martyr 70,000 times . Participation of Kufa people is still more than 58% from the rest of all Ummat e Muslima so don't blame only Kufa's people. This is very interesting that some Kufa people did Taqyah(hide their faith) and join yazidi lashkar to pass through the siege around Kufa. During the war when they send to fight with IMAM(A.S), they did Bayt of IMAM(A.S) and fight against yazid lashker and get martyr.
  10. Argue on this topic would not be reach at any result without understanding the WILAYAT.
  11. Sadyan guzri hain magar naqshe ayan mojud hai aisa Sajdah aur Aalim mein kahan mojud hai MURTAZA(A.S) kay samnay aisa jhuka Allah ka ghar Aaj bhe Kaabay kay Maathay par Nishan mojud hai
  13. I feel this propaganda is spreading by terrorist who want to justify the suicide bombers.
  14. Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Why this message display when i want to send attachment, even MOD (Bintal huda) has enabled my this option. My file size is now just 32 kb in words doc.
  15. In my personal knowledge, many Iranian use to come over Karachi for Business.They import Pakistani Garments export leftover. But this is amazing that they all have to smuggled their goods through Iranian/Balouch community living at Pakistan/Iran border. Iranian Govt. not allowed to trade through Pakistan By road and also impose massive duty on Pakistan's made up Garments.By sea through bander Abbass it would take 60-90 days to clear the shipment and have to pay high duties which is only legal route.I don't know any Pakistani firm doing business in Iran or any Businessman has welcomed in Iran.Many Iranian are running hotels in Karachi for last many years and doing business freely here.
  16. Qurran says the people even deny the OPEN(ZAHIR) AYAT. How can KNOWLEDGEABLE MUSLIM(like you)can bear the BAATIN of these AYAT. so no comments over your knowledge.
  17. This is very famous Hadith which is accepted by almost every Shia/sunni sects. "Their would be 73 sects in ISLAM but only one would be JANNATI" One Aalim(sorry to not disclose the name) said in Majlis ,The Digits of JANNAT and SHIA are equal . He also said that Word Jhanum(hell including jhanna) is 103 times in Qurran and word JANNAT is 148 times in QURRAN.So the diff. is 45 and this is Digits of ADAM. So he said that a Pure ADAM would never be go to jhannum, because 103(jhanum) + 45(Adam) = 148(Jannat). Haroof e Muqatteat in Qurran have Min harf is 1 like NOON, QAF and Max haroof is 5 HMSEQ , and total words(not include repeated words) are 14s. All 28 Alphabets (haroof) divide into two,14/14. 14 haroofs are with Dots(Nuqta) and 14 without Dots(Nuqta). 14 haroofs are Zahir and 14 haroofs are Baatin.
  18. I think myself ignorant/jahil, i really not aware about any hadees supporting the ALI(A.S) UN WALIULLAH in Salat. I had accepted WILAYA in Salat without any evidence and hadees. Believe it or not! I have found number of AYAT in QURRAN as a Solid evidence of WILAYA in Salat. Obviosly everyone want to know these evidence but my Answer is that please seeks "LUMZA" of ALI(A.S) in your heart, You would find unbelievable evidences. Nahjul Balagah: EMAN would appear in your heart with LUMZA. More the LUMZA spread in your heart more EMAN would head toward KAMIL.
  19. sorry for error! NO OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL, Pls correct

  20. I have re-printed this book with permission of Shabbir Bilgirami (writer ) and has also Transalted into english and paste on website(banned by shiachat). I already said their is objectionable material in this book.

    let me know where i would post this Book at Shiachat?

  21. I don't know why such Muslims always blame to christ and jews for Tauheen RISALAT(SAWW).
  22. I think shiachat should change their narrow mind behavior . This is enough that shia chat can't even to see the name of rivalry sites here.
  23. Dear MODS i want to paste a valuable Book "Ghamay Hussain aur Tazkya Nafs" written by Shabbir Bilgirami and has translated in English By One Sister at shiachat.com. This book has not contained any material against Shiachat rule. I hope you would allow to paste here (contained 14 pages). if you like i could also e-mail this in PDF file.
  24. I am now days listening the Ashra on topic "Haroof e Muqatte reciting by Allama Ghazanfar Abbass tonsvi.He is also unveiling many realities of HAROOF which are 28 in number. he said That From Adam to right now only 2 words ILM has been given to World.This is very intresting majlis specially for people who are willing to know about ILM of Haroof and Addad.
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