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  1. That is why i use to say that people must need to understand the difference of Aalim and Aarif. Aalim's knowledge is base on Books and references(ILM al Yaqeen), whereas Aarif has Knowledge with Mushaida(Aaen al Yaqeen).
  2. Many question in my mind has answered by Books of Qibla Syed Jaffer u Zamman Naqvi. My above question has also answered by him.
  3. Can u explain what is difference between Tahir and Mutahir?. You would understand my point if u find this answer. Go and read the history of Shuhdaey Karbala. What was Amaal of Hazrat Wahub Abdullah bin Kalbi and Hazrat Zaheer bin Qaees. What was the(nauzobillah) deficit in Amaal of Hazrat Abdullah bin Jaffer, Hazrat Mohammed bin Hanfya,Hazrat Ibnay Abbas. History of 72 suhdaey Karbala are example of Naserienay IMAM(AJTFS). 14000 year of ibadat is,nt enough if u have not Maarfat. Every amaal good or bad would be cast back on your face without Maarfat.
  4. To be True Momein(movali of AHlebayt(A.S) or improve your amaal first? This is very thoughtful question. First to be Tahir to get close Ahlebayt(A.S) or get close first to be Tahir, what is our choice? Can we be Tahir and improve our Amaal without get closer to AHLEBAYT(A.S)? i think people even not perceive the Agha Murtaza majlis.
  5. iblees was most knowledgeable aalim and aabid of his time,but not have Maarfat of even just one Prophet of Allah(Hazrat ADAM(A.S)). Aalim could be wrong but not Aarif. Best choice should be a Person who is not just Aalim but AARIF too.Fame attraction is not subject.
  6. Scholar could go wrong because their knowledge base on study and their own research thoughts. iblees is biggest example of most knowledgeable scholar(granted a leadership of angles) but not even a Maarfat of just one Nabi Allah Adam(A.S). One thing is confirmed all of scholar who deny Wilayat of ALI(A.S) in salat are just scholar not AARIF. These are best majlis on Wilayat http://majalis.azadar.info/Album.php?id=536&cid=145
  7. Syed Jaffer u Zamman Naqvi is AARIF, not madersa qualified aalim. Their is no comparison. iblees was the most knowledgeable aalim of his time,but not had even Maarfat of Adam. I bet thousand of marjas of that time cant even jointly write a single book in comparison. Go and read his book,before doing false propaganda.
  8. Aslamoalekum,YA ALI MADAD! Kazim Brother Pls accept Billions of thanks for web link and detail about SYED JAFFER U ZAMMAN NAQVI BUKHARI. CERTAINLY! His personality is miraculous. I use to meet Him through His Books.I have no words to express my sentiments after reading his books. Al-Qayem trust are printing his books in Urdu, tel:92-21-2205037/2311979/2311482. kilbehdr@khi.paknet.com.pk. Thanks again for wonderful post
  9. if u prove that their is no GOD,i would join ur religion.
  10. MOLA(AJTFS) would give reward for your effort.

    But people who did'nt accept Wilayat ALI(A.S) even saying of RASOOL Allah(SAWW),how can accept today.Thier hearts are sealed!

  11. Aslamoalekum! All shiachat family I am going to quit posting and threads on shiachat forum today.This maybe my last post.I ask forgiveness if someone has hurt with my words here.This is not leaving shiachat.i may come over here to view your valuable views. Reason behind this decision is my personal fault. MOLA ALI (as) says "Secure your tongue like Gold and Silver,because some words may cause you lose the blessings and bring the troubles" I would honor your suggestions at PM & jaffery5@hotmail.com. Thanks for tolerating my 700 post
  12. Brother Sirat! I am quoting here very short answer in reply.This is not hadiat ,this is Qurran. This is Surrah ASAR . Everybody is in loss except people who accept EMAN and do AMAL U SALEH. Unfortunately majority of people not even perceive EMAN.No AMAL is acceptable without EMAN. Successful people are those who simultaneously keep both EMAN and AMAL U SALEH,and preach for Sabar and Haq
  13. Sufis teaching concentrate on the purification of heart.They believe that all Ibadat Salat,soem,hajj,Zakat would acceptable with purification of heart.They don't say that layoff Ibadat. This purification connected with Maarfat e Ahlebayt(A.S).All Sufis teaching's center are AHLEBAYT(A.S). Because Movadat Ahlebayt(A.S) is guarantee of purification.
  14. sucide jacket discover from masjid zul naurein usman.three person has arrested Brother! this is reaction of migration of woman,children and unarmed man from FATA. They have lose their shield,now full air force action is expected in Taliban territory.
  15. some of them also claim themself "SHIA"????????????
  16. Terrorist has now again active after vacant of FATA with civilian. Blast has take place in Factory closing time.
  17. Tusi ithay aa gaye ho, Allah nay sukhar kya ho ga
  18. I use to stay at Rizvia society(new) when visit Karachi.I have attended some Jumma prayers and Majalis also thier. In Jumma prayer Mulana sb insisting to avoid lanat because our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did'nt lanat to thier enemies.Moreover Mulana sb strictly saying that Taqleed is wajib,without taqleed no Amal is acceptable. Besides this, many experiences i have noticed that Shia wahabisim is spreading in Karachi with planning. Many things are adapting for sake of "Ithad e bainal muslimeen" perhaps MQM playing role in this shia wahabisim
  19. I wish to live in IRAQ. when i think about Karbala,i forget my location. we Shia believe that me meet our IMAM(A.S) in grave,than why fear for death.
  20. Stupid savage Taliban are going mad.Their shield of woman and children are escaping now.One million are expected to migrate from FATA.Massive action is expected after a completion of migration of common people.
  21. jee bhai! asal masla roman urdu liknay ka hai,aur dusray ye kay ye urdu forum naheen hai. engish meri waqai poor hai magar umeed hai kay aap meri english bardash kar lo gay. WOW! AA HOO!
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