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  1. Question is that Hazrat Ismaeil had passed away in the ZAHIRI Life of IMAM JAFFER SADIQ(A.S) ,So IMAMAT has not Shifted to Hazrat Ismaeil. This is very well known by everyone that Their is ONLY ONE on Mansabay IMAMAT at ONE Time.So the claim of imamat by generation of Hazrat Ismaeil is false logically.
  2. I think this question is for sunnis. If we are Shia,then this is not a question for us.
  3. Brother i am raising this point for year but they show the Deaf ear over the Respect of IMAM(A.S)
  4. Yes! i am pando and jahil . But not jahl like abu jahl(l.a) who has ILM but not MAARFAT. No one get Maarfat even study millions books in 1000 years. brother first go and get learn a difference between jahalat and jahleit. Jahalat is opposite of ILM and Jahaleit is opposite of MAARFAT. iblees had vast knowledge but not have Maarfat of just Hazrat ADAM(A.S). he had denied to prostate on only physical appearance of clay made ADAM(A.S).
  5. Brother! i think part of the answer is in your Signature. I saw this Hadees first time. two things are point of attention, first is become ass after Ahlebayt(A.S) ,second fracturing backbone.
  6. This is not referring Name of Surrah but Words of Surrah by IMAM(A.S) Ok Mr. Fyst! don't hold your breath but hold some mind before post.
  7. Answer could be visible if we lift the curtain from our Nafs. Their is difference between Insaf and Adal. If we believe in ADAL(second Asool of Deen) then we violate Asool if think such question. This WHY? is because we have Basaarat but not Baserat.our nafs is still sleeping.
  8. In precise: Two part of shiasim: One is Zahir in form of Farooh and other is Baatin in form of Asool. One group support zahir and other Baatin. Zahir is Dress but Baatin is Body of Shiasim.Wise people keep nourishing the Body by keeping in the Dress.
  9. Is'nt this evidence?? In Qurran: Allah has Ordered all Creatures to prostate ADAM(A.S) including Malek, jinn and all others. matter of inferiority and superiority of Human explained by Aarfien(R.A). They said Human being is multiple of three individuals, Rooh(soul) , Nafs , Body. Body need a Ghair-Allah(parents) to come in creation and the inferior part of Human Nafs is not need a Ghair-Allah to come in creation but also need some assistance(Tazkya nafs) of Ghair-Allah to reach it point of peak(Kamal) Rooh also not need a Ghair-Allah to come in creation neither need to reach point of peak(KAMAL).This is superior part of human being which is eternal and already on peak.Because Rooh is AMR E ILLAHI. All activities and test is of our Nafs in this life of world.This Nafs is a TOW between body and soul.Transparency of Nafs would only make able to expose Kamal e Rooh from Body. Aarifien(R.A) philosophy of life is "Tazkya e Nafs" in light of Hadiath " Die before your death"
  10. Time is coming when people get inspire with such people . Today i am shocked to learn from on very pious and five time prayer ba-jamat shia person more than 65 year old.He is inspire with zakir naik.he think that he has knowledge even he is lover of enemy of Ahlebayt (as). why why people getting inspire with people who deny the Wilayat Ahlebayt (as) ????? Here i would like to qoute words of Aarif Billah Syed Jaffer u Zamman Naqvi. He says " Zid(oppose) of ILM is Jhalat, but Jhaleit is a zid(oppose) of Maarfat".so their is diffrence between Jhalat and Jhaleit." iblees had knowledge(ILM) but not have Maarifat of even Hazrat ADAM (as). he had just look the physical clay appearance of ADAM (as) and said i am superior because i had made from fire and ADAM (as) is made from clay,so i don't prostate the inferior.This was test of iblees,in which he was failed and declared to be part of hell. "One who die without the Maarfat of IMAM(A.S) , must be die in jhaleit"
  11. You are right! Some usooli scholar does not believe in "Alam al-Dharr" that is why they have also changed the Name of Surrah "DHARR" and name this "surrah insaan". In "Qurran forum" i have started this thread. But some of the people says "so what". Inssan is "Ashraf al Maqhlook" at one point and at other point born with "nutfa nijasat". One who deny "Alam al-Dahrr" must also consider Insaan just origin of "nutfaa nijasat". Does these ulma have answer: how insaan is "Ashrafal Makhlooqat"( more ashraf than Mala-ek even they are Noori creature)
  12. Your question arouse one more question. nobody can pray more than iblees(whose one prostration was thousand years long), but Allah had declared him member of hell before Judgment day without any excuse.why? where you have find that Allah or Rasool(SAWW) says that ....(your question)
  13. jaa kar bhe TARAY QADMON ke KHAK mein mil jana chah-e
  14. Allah huma alan awala zalman zalma haqa Mohammedan wa Aley Mohammed, wa akhir wa tabay ala zaleka Allah huma alan asab al lati jahadat al HUSSAIN(A.S) wa shaeit wa baiet wa tabeit ala qatlay he Allah huma alan hum jameya!
  15. Brother! Muslim believe that Allah give the rizq even a thousand of feet deep living creature. But we unfortunately don't understand the word "RIZQ"( me also). One Aarif tell me The rizq that usally people think is Food and water ,that is a rizq of body(which is inferior part of human). RIZQ of Hidayat and Shafaat is a Rizq of SOUL( Imperior part of human). Allah has authority over to grant the both Rizq to humanbeing which he/she desire.
  16. yeh tenoon shabehaat saray firqon main sab say zyada wahabiun kay pass hain, phir woh Ahlebayt (as) say sab say zyadah dur kun hain? maray bhai! Shabeehat ko comparison ya kisi amal say ziyadah ya kam gumaan mat karein. mein nay aik Aarif sahab say kha "meray khyal mein waqya karbala ko ab tak 10% he samjha gya hai" Unhon nay jawab dya " aap nay 10% zyadha bata dya, yeh tu 5% bhe na samjha gya"
  17. I use to enjoy when people (shia and sunni) discuss and always get more confuse on this topic. nauzobillah what a philosophy! we are doing wadu to purify the sins of our Father Hazrat ADAM(A.S).
  18. Brother you remind me a Majlis of One of Aarif(I am intentionally don't mentioning the Name here). He give a very amazing reality about Hazrat Mohammed Bin Hanfya. He was a son of Amer al Momeinein ALI(A.S). I forget Her Mother real name, but Hanfya was the Name given by IMAM ALI(A.S) to her.Her Mother advice her(Mother of Hazrat Mohammed Bin Hanfya) "You would marry the person who give answer of your three questions" 1. What would happened before your birth 2. What my mother said before your birth 3. What would happened after your birth When Bibi Hanfya come in darbar of khalifa and had said i would accept the kaneezi who give answer of my three questions.no one able to answer. At that time MOLA ALI(A.S) came and give the answer 1. That was no rain before your birth and fields became dry,conditions of drought at that time 2. your mother said you are reason of adversity at that time she hear don't says that 3. rain had bring back field green again after your birth. So Bibi hanfya has gone in Kaneezi of Shansha Najaf (A.S). Many years after that, one day Bibi Hanfya shyly said " YA AMER(A.S)! I have been in your Kaneezi for many years but i have no child" Janabay SAQI KAUSAR MOLA ALI(A.S) Put HIS HOLY HAND on head of Bibi hanfya and Hazrat Mohammed Bin Hanfya was born just after 9 hours that. That is why He is also called Mohammed BIN HANFYA. Why He was not join in Karbala is another chapter. Why Hazrat Abdullah bin Jafer, Hazrat Mohammed Bin hanfya and Hazrat Ibnay Abbas had not Name in List of Naserien Karbala. This is not discussable.
  19. MAshAllah! Brother you give a very perfect justification and similarities of iblees and his followers. But people have still doubt about synchronization of lanat act with Allah. "Allah huma alan awala zalman zalma haqa Mohammed un wa Aley Mohammed wa akhir wa tabey al zaleqa .....
  20. Hujjataein puri ho rahi hain, raaz zahir ho rahay hain. Rizqay Hidayat unhe kay leya hain jo Wilayat ALI(A.S) say tamusuk hain.
  21. In Nahjul Balagha MOLA ALI(A.S) says: Beware from the shur of person for whom you do Good(Ihsan)" This doesn't means that if you do good with someone,then he must do evil(shur)with you. This evil(shur) is our own expectations with that person in return.we are doing good but our expectation in future in return of our good deeds.That is Evil(shurr)! Our all good deeds must be to pleased our Khaliq without thinking about reward,appreciation or return.
  23. One of the Aarif explain the Stages of YAQEEN with example. At first stage one let know that he/she would hurt when fell from high wall (ILM AL YAQEEN). At second stage he/she saw someone hurt his/her body when fell from this wall (AEIN AL YAQEEN). At third stage he/she fell down himself/herself from that wall and hurt (HAQ AL YAQEEN).
  24. When i read about Hazrat Wahub Abdulah bin Kalbi (Sahaeed of Karbala with his Mother and wife). Only one thing i access "bow your head without any questioning,reward,return,or thought in front of IMAM(AJTFS) for NUSRAT" That is a lesson from Karbala for NUSRAT E IMAM(AJTFS). Many had lost NUSRAT E IMAM(A.S) in Karbala because of "Think" on HAL MIN NASIR MIN YANSARNA
  25. Farman Shansha Anbya SalaAllah ho alehay wa Alhey wasalm "People are sleeping,they will awake when they die". TIME is near, all agendas , conspiracies would going to peak to end(atmamay hujjat). My signature is answer of EMAN. people who understand would awake before death.
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