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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3965384572/?ref=enivte&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=invitenew&utm_term=eventpage Muslim Connexions is proud to host their 2nd business networking event which will be held at Husaini Islamic centre (Hujjat) on Sunday 2nd September 2012. After the huge success of our last event where we had 38 business stands booked and 350 people attending we are looking to be bigger and better this time around! The event will have an eclectic mix of businesses and business owners, giving an exciting place to network with other muslim businesses. The event is completely free to attend however registration is essential. Register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3965384572/?ref=enivte&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=invitenew&utm_term=eventpage The event will include the following: Business trade show and networking For people in business/startups, the event will give you the opportunity to gain new ideas, inspiration, make new contacts and find new suppliers For consumers come and see what great deals muslim businesses can offer you. Other communities are fantastic off buying off each other, the muslim community should be the same. We should all be promoting buying off muslim businesses! Employment clinic A completely free service for people in jobs needing employment advice, businesses needing employment advice to help with cv writing / interview skills. Want the Spotlight on your Business?? If you want the spotlight to be on your business at this event, why not hire a stand. We have the opportunity for up to 40 businesses to showcase themselves to the event attendees. Stands are available for £70. To book a stall email mjaffer@datacareltd.net for more details. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3965384572/?ref=enivte&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=invitenew&utm_term=eventpage
  2. if any of you get a chance view his lectures for this years muharram, he has been speaking at ahlul bayt foundation in cricklewood, london. I must say his lectures have been superb especially the one for the night of 10th muharram. Truly Inspiring.
  3. does anyone know where hasnain rajabali is reciting this year in london, ive heard its some where in neasden/kilburn? if anyone has teh address i would be most grateful
  4. it was amazing....an eye opener for us muslims to expell those who think its ok to kill innocent civilians
  5. hezbollah was a completely different story if your talking about how the israelis advanced into lebanon, but u cannot justify hezbollahs suicide bombing attacks, they are completely and utterly immoral. If they kill innocent israelis they are NOT performing jihad according to my marjaa but your marjaas obviously have different rulings for you to think so differently. Any by the way i think you have been watching too much farenheit 9/11
  6. britz was a fiction thriller in the uk on channel 4 based on a family the brother joined the mi5 to help combat terrorism and extremism in the uk and the sister somehow joined up with umm usama and became a terrorist bomber and shows there two stories
  7. very true bro, i just hope this programme makes a difference to some of the 'extreme' of muslims and yeh the programme was made i think after the 7/7 as there is reference to it in the programme
  8. bro there was no reference to islam at all though, there was obviously molvis that where radical but everyone knows there are aka abu hamza a well known one in the uk but that doesnt show any reference to islam being attacked in the show. all the show had was a clear message to us as muslims as well as to the west
  9. do u not think thats the wrong ideology to have though? if it effects wahabis theyre still muslims these white / british peopel dont care or cant distinguish between urself and wahabis externally thus to stop them descriminating and having a negative view upon us muslims in general we need to help ourselves and other communities to stop this from happening
  10. how is that portraying islam in a bad way, the movie wasnt based on islam. These things happen a lot, now the way to deal with it is not to pack her up and take her to pakistan which many families wud do but to solve it in other ways. How is that though an attack on islam maybe an attack on pakistani ideology and pakistani culture but in no way an attack on islam, ur tellin me if u had a cristian lady and she fell in love with a muslim that would be an attack on christianity or in any other religion. i think there is an overall sensitivity of our relgiion and probably right fully so due to the publicity we have recieved over the last year be it the hijab debate or anything but we need to lead by example really and show that us muslims are not like this and try to correct any problems that we have in our cultures and thats the point im tryin to make not that the show was right or wrong but just to remove the idiots from our communities that give our religion a bad name.
  11. the location is irrelevant thats just a set, i dont think it was demonising islam at no point did it make reference to islam in general being a relgiion which promotes things i think the message sent out was there is a large degree of radicalism in the uk which we must try to remove from our ranks. It probably did scare a few non muslims and in that sense sent out a negative image of muslims but i think something needs to be done and i think it was very clever
  12. in response to the question with backward thinking take a situation involving a member of my family, him and his wife got married, wife couldnt have kids and they lived in a extended traditional khoja family which was highly pressurised with the mother in law and the husbands sisters who didnt even live there running the house and the daughters in laws had no say. The husband never spent too much time at home as was busy runninga business and promoting his career. The wife got attention via another man and started to talk to another man, the husbands sisters found out told the husband and even though the husband wanted to take her back after she pleaded to him, the husbands sisters and mother said no as it would disgrace the family and totally refused this. so even though the husband who probably feels the worst out of this as the lady has cheated on him is willing to take the wife back but the stupid extended family who are so traditional and backward cannot, this is one side of the sort of backward thinking. other backward thinking with us is the not allowing of "love marriages" where boys will find there spouses through university or college or wherever. our brothers and sisters mix with one another be it at school, college and uni and these things are going to happen in the west. now the disagreement with the so called old generation is quite strong and some families would not allow it at all no matter how happy it makes the son or daughter and from my perspective i believe this is wrong but some other of you may think otherwise
  13. ur tellin me that suicide bombings allowed? i think you should ask ur marjaa's views upon this...in regard to the conspiracy theories the endless number of conspiracy theories, there is no conspiracy theory the truth and proof is all out there for you to see. Mohammed siddique khan did cause the 7/7 bombings he did blow the train up in edgware road as did the group with 9/11, the videos are there of him with his last words, they are captured on cctv for gods sake. Just like the suicide bombers all over the world the intention is there for killing innocent people why when it is the british that are killed and it is something to do with the west that there is always a conspiracy theory involved? people like urself are either seriously confused or seriously narrow minded...us as muslims have a problem and the previous person said us shias dont have a problem, we do too, the problem with muslims is a problem for us all shia sunni whatever we are. People are being radicalised they are feeling as if they have to take it upon themselves to fight the west taking ayats from the quran or various other sources being confused by various groups, and going on to produce attrocities like the 7/7 bombings.
  14. i think it was an amazing wake up call. coming from the khoja community we have alot of backward thinking in terms of marriage and etc. I think we may say that the show was not very complementary to us, but unfortunately this is the fact that we do have muslims around the uk/ london wherever that get enroled by these organisations be it hisbuh tahrir or the umm asama one in this programme and decide its his/her duty to blow up civilians. I was recently at alecture with a lecturer in stanmore when he mentioned a recent conv he had with ayatollah sistani when asking him his viewpoint on suicide bombing he siad " how can we justify killing there women and children just because they kill ours" which summs things up beautfiully i think its our responsibility to exclude all these so called "true muslims" from our communities treat them as complete outsiders as this is not how we want islam or shi'ism to be potrayed a religion of hatred death and destruction. Us as muslims have to correct our problems, which start in our own back gardens before we start to critise the west. If we do so we will be so much stronger. For this reason i think the programme although a bit on the extreme side sent a very good message to all of us to weed out the extreme of our community and stop the backward thinking
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