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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanx for this post :) I hv a question any one can tell me a saying from Imam Ali (as) regarding the eilm (science) stating that a few people only will have the knowledge and eilm .... or it is from another imam I am not sure .... thanx for ur help Farzaneh
  2. Salam All, I need to do 2 researches ... i did get 2 books for my 1st research (the first 2 books) but cudn't write any thing ... so i wanna ur help if any one can i appreciate it :) for my 2nd research i really din't get books here :( ... that islamic shria suitable for all times and every where ... i can hv resources whatever (internet, books, or even ur writings :P ) in eng., arab. or persian but since i do it in arabic i prfer it in arabic. mercy ... السلام و عليكم مطلوب مني اكتب بحثين في الشريعة باللغة العربية. اول بحث : اسم الكتب و مؤلفينهم: 1. قواعد الأحكام في مصالح الأنام، عزالدين بن عبدالسلام السلمي 2. الموافقات في اصول الشريعة، للشاطبي 3. حجة الله البالغة، ولي الله الدهلوي المطلوب 3 اشياء: المقارنة بين الأمهات الثلاث في فقه المقاصد و ما هو مزايا هذا الكتب في معالجتها لفهم المقاصد ثم اسلوب الكتب في معالجة قضايا المصلحة و المقاصد ثم المقارنة. البحث الثاني : اثبات ان الشريعة الإسلامية مناسبة لكل زمان و مكان بالقطري توهقت و ما اعرف اش اكتب :( المصادر و المواقع بالعربي، انجليزي و فارسي اوكي بالنسبة لي بس مادام انّي اكتب البحث بالعربي افضل يكونون بالعربي. مشكوريييييييين
  3. halee shuma khubee ?

    :-P dont reply in farsi coz i dunno !

  4. salam bro Haidar Ali, I am not a native speaker but i can tell u that ma speaking is soooooooo good ... and u know u hv to be brave and make mistakes no prblm bro .. thats how we learn from our mistakes ... I was the same but now alhamdulilah am so good in speaking. ofcourse i still hv grammar issues but am fine .... as our sis said keep reading books, watching movies and SPEAK TO PPL IN ENG. this is the best way to improve ur language. wish u luck :) fari
  5. Salam, for now I love for boys: Yousef, Ali, Mohammed, Reza girls: Gazal, Hasti, Gazaleh, and ofcourse Farzaneh ^_^ Farzaneh ;)
  6. Salam,,, My opinion ... No it is not obligated to divorce her .... try with her and try to convince her but to divorce her only for this NO, and i dunt think it is a SIN to marry a non-hijabi woman as long as she is good in akhlaq and all.Also i dint read any where that this is a sin or to divorce if she doznt want to wear hijab but they prefer to marry with one hijabi (correct me friends if am wrong) Queen-Punk, I agree with you. You explained exactly what i wanted to say :) Allah Hafiz
  7. Salam, WOOOOOOOOOOW Niiiiiiiiiiiice work AFA-Pride ....... keep it up :) Fari
  8. damn :squeez: not removing hairssss???!!!! u dunt want to experience being around some one dint remove hair :wacko: and for eyebrow, some girls u cant c their eyes if they dunt pluck :P it is not haram ( in my opinion ), it is cleanliness ... do it for god sake
  9. Salaam I can read, speak (all arabic accents) but writing am giving maseslf V.Good. but am so excellent in Qatari accent :) Allah ma3akum
  10. ÓáÇã Èå Èå ÂÞÇì ÚÇÔæÑÇ ÏÓÊÊæä ÏÑÏ äßäå ......æÇÞÚÇð ßå Îíáí ÒíÈÇ ßÇÑÊæä Ñæ ÇäÌÇã ÏÇÏíÏ :) . ÎÏÇ åãÑÇåÊ Fari
  11. fari

    Photoshop Project

    Salam, Thanx for ur reply. well i need a poster for tour in Iran and mostly to be pixs. the layout n all as u like just to b A4 size poster. pixs from Iran, its famous buildings n all. actually i hv pixs but dunno what to do. i hv the idea like to put iran map n place these pixs on it also using Iran flag some where in it. Thanx aloot
  12. fari

    Photoshop Project

    Salam Thank you all for ur help :) hmmm another request :blush: if any one has photoshopCS2 or knows a link so i can dwnld it .... Thanx Fari
  13. fari

    Photoshop Project

    Salam .... well i need help here. I am attending a photoshop course n they asked me to make a poster for tour in Iran .... am not so good in it plus i dunt hv nice ideas to do esp in this short time ... i hv to hand it over in this coming Thursday :-( so am asking if any one is good in making this kind of work using photoshop for me?? i know i hv to do it ba maself n i wish to do it but the time is not enough for me plus am not so good in it too ... so anyone can help??? Thanx
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