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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. errmm.. Hygiene purposes? things tend to get stuck in your finger nails from day to day activities....I think finger nails should be kept short. Long finger nails create a breeding ground for germs throughout the day.?
  2. where abouts are you from?

  3. ah! same here my uni holidays finish soon =(

  4. well i tend to forget sometimes that ive logged out.. and then i can not be bothered loging in so i jst dont log on =P wbu? what u been up to?

  5. well the only time i actually put make up on is when i have a really massive pimple i put some foundation just to get rid of the redness.. other then that only mosturising lip balm when my lips are chapped =)
  6. ^^ cant wait!! =D always a delight to have him speak.
  7. just a quick question im also interested in hawzas online how much will you have to pay at IHIC?
  8. vote wisely if u can vote =) fi ammanellah =)
  9. Thats what i do. i know that its forbidden but i have to go to my locker to get my gym bag. im just saying does that type of environment hinder my chances of being able to go to the gym? plus there have been a few comments from other females here and there about each others physical shape. lol
  10. Curves? i've been a member of fernwood for over a year =) but i was just thinking i obviously dont wear my hijab infront of the other women but the change room is quiet disturbing women often jst let loose *pardon the expression* lol.. so umm yeah thats why i was just curious to see if there are any.
  11. (salam) okay so i was just wondering if there are any rulings for or against same sex gyms? and if any sisters have joined any gyms?
  12. i choose 2-3 times a month should have been other.. whenever my mum or dad doesnt cook or i dont like what they have prepared and if im not busy i make something easy like chicken burgers or a sandwhich.. but making deserts is my specialty =) ^_^
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