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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam my dear brothers and sisters, I am finding it very difficult to rent a flat in london from agents/landlords that accepts dss, I do not want to lie like other people because its harram: I have always been honest to agents/landlords but i get rejected :(. If any one knows someone who accepts dss (housing benefit), please contact me. I can pay deposit and one month in advance without a problem. I am looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat for a couple with a 19 months baby girl, I would prefer in High Barnet but I would consider anywhere in London at the moment because we do not have our own place to live, we are staying with family. Please contact me if you can help or arrange viewing, my email is Iman300779@hotmail.com Kind Regards Iman
  2. Salam brother and sisters, I have made this poll to find out what's the improtant quality you would look for when choosing a partner for marriage, I know most of you would choose more than one quality but I have only allowed you to choose one to make it harder for you :D. Please be honest! wsalam
  3. In my case, my class has planned a dinner in an Arabian Restaurant in central London, everyone is going including all our teachers but the problem is there will be music, belly dancer and everyone will be drinking alcohol therefore I will make an excuse not to attend. I have told one of my friends that I might not attend; she replied “What! How can you say that? It’s our graduation party, how can you not go? Everyone is ganna be there, If you don’t go then I will stop speaking to you.”
  4. Salam, This is the time of the year when students nearly finish studying in either school, college or university which means they say goodbye to some of their fellow students :( , who will either study some where else or go into employment. Before saying goodbye to each other, most student plan an graduation parties where they party and get drunk; what would you do if you are under peer pressure to attend the party? would you go because everyone in your class is going or would you not go because there will be alcohol and music at the party? wsalam
  5. I think we should all think about the credit crunch before spending money.
  6. I've heard that some people spend their husband's money so that he doesn't get married to another woman.
  7. Salam, There are alot of people like me who buy the things they want not the things they actually need; I just wanna know why we do that? All you Shopaholics, please Confess now Wasalam
  8. Congratulation brother Abduallah, Alhamdulilah found the right path, your experience is very touching and inspiring :).........thank you for sharing with us.
  9. First of all I don’t have a mother in law, secondly I named this topic monster in law to make it interesting, I got the name from a film and thirdly if I had a mother in law, we should both respect each other.
  10. Salam, What would you do if you had a monster in law? wsalam
  11. Salam sister, i'm sorry to hear about your situation, just wanna say don't let your Monster In Law win by getting what she wants and getting you divorced from your husband; try to win the situation by solving the problem with your husband, tell him how you feel and try to convince to move out of his mother's house. wsalam
  12. I don't understand, how can I move in with a guy before marriage, it's aganist my religion; I would have be at least engaged to him.
  13. I am praying to Allah to slove my situation and inshallah I will visit Imam Ali Raza (as) this summer to get closer to Ahlulbayt and to heal my wounds.
  14. Thank you brother for your post, I have three children, two boys and a girl, I don't have any access to my children because my ex doesn't let me speak to them but I try my best to see them when I go to the middleast; i don't look at their photos so I don't get depressed. wsalam
  15. I think I have a fear of marriage because of my past; I got an arranged marriage when I was only 17 years old, my ex husband was a controlling and violent man, I’ve tried my best to make my marriage work because I had children in the beginning of my marriage but I couldn’t live him. We separated when I was only 24 and he remarried then we divorced; He took my children and wouldn’t give them back to me, I couldn’t do much because he’s living in a Arab country and I didn’t have the money to pay a lawyer to get them. Since I got divorce, I have tried my best to live my life by studying and working but I think I am scared of getting married again. Any advice on how to get over my fear of marriage?
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