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  1. Salom alikom . The way i see it is that both Iran and Armenia have lived for centuries even under turmoil and respected each others religious and cultural freedoms not that religion needs freedom as it is GOD given . I dont think the muslim world even in other shia countries really understand these ties between both countries. Look Iran has hundreds of our churches which are restored routinely even doing a better job then Armenians , and in Armenia projects have been carried out and completed on several mosques , and not to mention key historical documents music , dance , poems literature and so on. we have both helped each other in time of hardship. Iran is a very important part of Armenian history as is Armenia to Iran , my grand grand father fought along side sattar khan a Azari. The thing that im sure off is that nationalisim and so called western democracy dosnt fit both countries way of life we are both verey spiritual and religious countries Armenians being the first nation to adopt christianity and Iran for being the light of the muslim world . You cant love a nation and God it is either the one or other , we both Love GOD. And this is why the world and its puppets hate us both becuase we are close to GOD. So we must be very careful and not fall into any traps , pray as a nation ask for guidance from GOD alone and he will show us the right path. Blessings N
  2. بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ Hello Brothers and Sisters. Greetings and blessings to all. It's been a while since i have not posted on this forum, waiting for God to provide me the guidance and path to follow and convey in words from the war last year. It is always stated not to speak your heart after anguish and let your heart settle and God drive our path to righteousness. I see some brothers and sisters are still posting so i decided to join in the conversation NOT to start discussions for the sake of Sinful thoughts but to discuss and converse regards to both my fatherlands Iran and Armenia, as notably this subject is to do with both! Since my first day of becoming a member on this forum i have stated my Love for Imam Hussein ( (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) ) and his family ( Pbut ) . and how much we can learn from him and his God given wisdom about oppression and the oppressed, and how this relates not only to Armenian, Azerbaijan and Iran but the entire world. with his majesty and by the creeds of our Lord Jesus Christ ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) we know about free will and how we choose our destiny and our actions both as Christians and Muslims. I not only wish to see a peaceful solution to this madness and ask for Azeris suffer no more alongside their neighbours in Iran and Armenia, but to take a step back and not only recite the words of the holy books but come to righteous men who God bestowed his love and outwardly showed men the true path. Imam Hussein a warrior who understood the suffering and oppression of the faithful and believers and stood for those who showed mercy to those in need. and our Christ Lord Jesus not a warrior with a sword but warrior by his mouth and lounge crushing the devil under his feet we ask for his mercy and guidance. The recent flare up in the region for Christians is not unthinkable as Christ our Lord had told us before his return Man will turn against man and man will turn against GOD so this is no surprise to us, and we know that before his and Mahdi's return these must all occur. I wish to change the subject a bit and ask all the faithful to ask form a religious Shia perspective (Walking in the shoes of the Imam) What they think of the actions being taken by Iran and why as many have asked why Iran has taken a softer approach to Armenia? And ask has Iran not showed his religious obligations to nurse the oppressed in Azerbaijan and ask God thanks for the return of the Azeri lands? and at the same time seen the oppression of the Armenian people by the Azeris. when Imam Khamenei sent his greeting to the Azeri people after the war Armenians were silent but understood that it was his religious duty to see the suffering of the Azeris no more. His Piousness is not a joke we must all learn from these. and finally, why has Iran taken favour of Armenia? would Imam Hussein not have helped the oppressed even if they were Christians by the hands of the Kufr or would he have sent his greetings and acceptance to the Kufr who butchered his family? Iran is a religious society, and the Devil will do everything to destroy those that belief in GOD Armenian Christian or Muslim. Greetings to my friends. YAH HUESSEIN!
  3. Salam Alikum dear brothers and sisters. Please give me some time and I will provide some thoughts . I am currently analysing the various discussions taking place in Armenia and the rest of the world of the current situation. With blessings to you all . Please keep faith in God and only him he is great and he knows all . From your Armenian friend. N
  4. Salam Alikum in the name of the most merciful king of this Universe. This is why Armenians can never live in peace with the Turks of Azerbajian and Turkey. This and many more ! Cultural Genocide is the end goal of the Turks where ever they go ! https://www.facebook.com/100002967200578/posts/3353881874720686/ Yet look at the difference in Iran ! Who is the true linage of Prophet Mohammed ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and his teachings! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Armenian_churches_in_Iran
  5. Salom brother. The following is false as i just confirmed from Armenia this is not so and border is open ! Iran has also closed the Norduz border terminal on the border between East Azerbaijan Province and Armenia, and some believe this is due to internal pressures from pro-Azerbaijani rallies in Azeri cities.
  6. Salam Alikum in the name of the most merciful ! Friends with the recent announcement by the beloved Imam Khamenei ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) regarding the sovereignty of Artsakh / karabakh and the liberation of the lands occupied by the Armenians. I understand the position of the imam and to ensure the Islamic ummah is priority. As a Armenian Christian the respect I have for the imam has always been from the heart as he has shown so much love for the Armenian families who saw sons martyred on Irans soil during the 80s war . However our hearts ache to understand why the suffering of a people who have always stood beside the Islamic Republic during the years of Zionist and wester sanctions and threats that we are in a situation where we are wanting guidance from all leaders of why a people in Artsakh who have lived in those lands for thousands of years who have historic ties with the Persians for centuries are now being forgotten. The beloved imam speaks about the safety of the Armenians in Artsakh after its liberation but it is well aware as are we that the Islamic ummah of Hussein ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and the shia population of Azerbajian are not incontrol of the narrative to ensure the safety of the Armenian population. We are well aware that the current Azeri regime with it big brother turkey and the Zionists want to see the Annihilation of the Armenian race ! . I reminded you of the following saying " Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves Imam Hussein Ibn Ali ". the fact is the current narrative is not to liberate the lands for the shia ummah but to liberate the lands for the expansion of the Ottoman empire and oppression of all non Turks! Yes if this was a holy war we will call it Jihad. But this is not and Armenia has never in its history asked for one. Let us also speak about some facts that are not spoken about . The facts as shown below . Those that show the signing by three parties of the recognution of karabakh being part of soviet Armenia . And let us not forget in 94 when the ceasefire was signed three parties signed this agreement Azerbajian Armenian and ARTSAKH . YES ARTSKAH/KARABAKH azerbajian signed this ceasefire agreeing that Artsakh was a party to the war a party comprising of Armenians its own entity. I truly hope this war ends for all . To many young people are dying for those of ill intentions not for human suffering. Blessings N Ps: The Russian text says: “On the decoration (ceremony?) of the Socialist Russian Republic of Azerbaijan, and the agreement between the Socialist Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan, that Nagorno-Karabakh is considered an integral part of the Soviet Russian Republic of Armenia.”
  7. Hi brother, the sources I had were pretty accurate, but I agree until we don't have concrete evidence its only speculation let me see what I can find . Blessings .
  8. Salom alekom brother Ashvazdange. Our beloved Imam is a smart man along with the Iranian Government. Iran will not fall for the traps that the ZIONIST regimes have put out for our Beloved Islamic Republic. It will not be fooled to support a regime that has for decades created a safe zone for the Zionist regime to one day attack Iran from the north and to take the opportunity to take North of Iran and claim it part of the panturkic Azerbajian. We are both grown men we are well aware a brother will kill his own brother to gain power. The Imam knows this as do others , do we talk about the recent raising of the largest Israeli flag raised 40km from the Iranian border, or the town named after isreal ? We who support the Islamic Republic must firstly place the security and sovereignty of Iran as priority as this is what is at stake do not be fooled if not then we have no place in the glory of what is Iran. As I have said this is not Jihad and we are also both very well aware Artsakh dosnt belong to Azerbajian if to be more historically accurate it is more persian land then some country created by Stalin and the Turks! I would like to see and I also predict that the Azeri regime will fall soon as word going around is that the shia army in Azerbajian are already revolting as they are furious with taking orders from Turkey and the Syrian mercenaries . And that Aliyevs wife is telling Aliyev to allow the Turks to controll the Army ! As a Armenian I would like to see Azerbajian join the Islamic Republic as a Armenian I believe a long lasting peace in the region will only happen of this takes place as it will drive the enemy away Armenians of Artsakh and Azeris will find a way to live in peace and the security of the region will be fortified. Blessings N
  9. A LOOK AT RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN TABRIZ; THE CULT OF SECT, PAN-TURKISM AND KARABAKH / HAMED KAZEMZADEH http://www.azariha.org/ The protest rally of a limited number of people in Tabriz in Namaz Square in the name of a spontaneous rally in support of the Muslim people of Qarabagh on Thursday is not the first and last such rally. A short-sighted look at ethnic issues out of ignorance and emotion. Participants in the rally chanted slogans in support of the Karabakh issue and insulted other Iranians, which is surprising in its own right. According to the Deputy Political and Security Deputy of the East Azerbaijan Province, the rally was an online call in cyberspace to support the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was managed and ended by the police. In the history of Azerbaijan, the history of ethnic movements is not very old. While Tabriz is considered the center of Iranian culture and nationalism, with the emergence of new identities around the borders of Azerbaijan beyond Aras, some ignorant intellectuals have fallen asleep and put the rotten thoughts of Pan-Turkism for Iran and the people. Azerbaijan is wrapping the prescription. These street screams of some ignorant people are the only sound of the wounds of Iran as if they have no companion. Seyed Javad Tabatabai Tabriz does not say no; Iran is alone in Iran. The politicization of the language issue and its majorization to separate a part of the Iranian population from the body of a unified nation with a single Iranian-Islamic identity is the result of the movements and activities of some non-Azeri intellectuals. Since the late Qajar period, the city of Badkoubeh on the western shores of the Caspian Sea has been the center of political activities of enlightened Caucasian ethnic intellectuals and some Azeri compatriots. A group of Azeri Iranians took part in political activities in Russia and Iran and formed the initial nuclei of organizations that later led to an autonomous and separatist movement in the years 1324-25 during these visits to the Red Army. Was laid. This issue is one of the reasons for the emergence and formation of extremist ethnic tendencies in Azerbaijan. According to statistics, in some of the available sources, in the years of the first decade of the twentieth century, fifty percent of all Muslim workers in Shirvan and Aran were Iranians. In addition to the workers, a number of political activists who, under pressure from the Qajar government, were forced to leave Iran and emigrate to Kabul, were recruited and integrated into the body politic. To these should be added a few others who were expelled from Iran in various ways and, after emigrating to the Ottoman Empire, contacted pan-Turkic theorists and later introduced racist interests to Iran. However, when they returned to Iran, they played a major role in the emergence of ethnic tendencies in Azerbaijan. The idea of political autonomy of Azerbaijan and Iran, especially in the years 1324-25, was mainly the result of the activities of non-Azeri activists. In this regard, we can mention the leftist currents such as the Tudeh Party, which supported the idea of Azerbaijani autonomy through the formation of regional councils. However, when they returned to Iran, they played a major role in the emergence of ethnic tendencies in Azerbaijan. The idea of political autonomy of Azerbaijan and Iran, especially in the years 1324-25, was mainly the result of the activities of non-Azeri activists. In this regard, we can mention the leftist currents such as the Tudeh Party, which supported the idea of Azerbaijani autonomy through the formation of regional councils. However, when they returned to Iran, they played a major role in the emergence of ethnic tendencies in Azerbaijan. The idea of political autonomy of Azerbaijan and Iran, especially in 1324-25, was mainly the result of the activities of non-Azeri activists. In this regard, we can mention the leftist currents such as the Tudeh Party, which supported the idea of autonomy of Azerbaijan through the formation of regional councils. Some thinkers argue that another aspect of the emergence of the democratic sect is pan-Turkism and a return to its historical roots. According to this view, the idea of annexing Azerbaijan of Iran to independent Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region has already existed. This idea was first discovered during the rule of "equality", led by Mohammad Amin Rasoulzadeh. In June 1918, the leaders of the Islamic Democratic Party, Equality, Government, formed a government in the Caucasus, which called the part of the Badkuba, Shirvan, and Aran regions they ruled the "Republic of Azerbaijan." (Reza, 1371a A: 13-6) In fact, the main goal of this party, the period of its establishment in Badkoubeh (1911 AD), was to create a large and unified Islamic state led by the Turks of Asia Minor. (Ibid: 13-13) In other words, the party followed the policy of "Pan-Turkism" and advocated the unity of all Turkic speakers in the world in a "single nation". For this reason, Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani gave the name "Azadistan" to Azerbaijan and Iran instead of Azerbaijan, in order to emphasize the inseparable link between Azerbaijan and Iran and, secondly, to show his opposition to the egalitarian regime in Badkuba. (Moradi Maraghei, 2002: 141) It is not without reason that some Islamists still beat this drum. By naming a part of the Caucasus "Azerbaijan", the new idea that Azerbaijan is a territory has been divided into two parts, one in the north and one in the south of the Aras River. It was not long before the words "North Azerbaijan" (meaning the land of the Turkic-speaking peoples of the Caucasus) and "South Azerbaijan" (meaning historical and true Azerbaijan) were coined first in the Caucasus, then in Iran. (Ibid .: 88,101 and 134) Shortly afterwards, Soviet authors in the Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan declared that Azerbaijan had never been part of Iran and that it had been temporarily occupied as a result of the Iranian occupation camps. (Reza, 1371b: 6) This claim, in fact, provided an excuse for the intellectuals of Soviet Azerbaijan to propagate the issue of Azerbaijan's accession of Iran to the Soviet Union. In this regard, a committee was formed whose main goal was to unite Iranian Azerbaijan with Caucasian Azerbaijan. This committee believed that the ethnicity and nationality of Azerbaijan in Iran and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus (Iran) were completely separate from the Persian nation; Therefore, these two parts must be united to form a government of the Soviet Republic. (Sadri and Nikbakht, 2007: 20) These days, we hear these words in some official forums of the country and the words of some intellectuals. In view of the above considerations, the plan for the establishment of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan was proposed by Mir Jafar Bagirov, the first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party of Azerbaijan, after consultation with Stalin and the approval of Moscow, and its implementation by the talented Seyyed Jafar Jafar Jafarz he ate. Bagirov claimed the occupation of Azerbaijan by Iran and called it "South Azerbaijan". He waited for the opportunity to carry out his plan, which the special conditions prevailing in Iran after the Allied occupation provided. He once said that if five million South Azerbaijanis join the three million North Azerbaijanis, we will have a republic of eight million, in which he has a prominent place and role. (Tabari, 1987: 67-66) Ayaz Matlabov later pursued the same stupid policy and soon joined the history. Despite these facts, this factor should not be exaggerated; Because after the fall of Azerbaijan and the capture of Mohammad Amin Rasoulzadeh, the mission of propaganda and movements of people like Rasoulzadeh in order to lay the groundwork for the annexation of Azerbaijan from Iran to Azerbaijan was taken over by the Bolsheviks in the Republic of Azerbaijan. After consulting with him, he was commissioned to implement the plan to form the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan. In fact, the main leadership of the Democratic Party was not in the hands of the Pishvari, but in the hands of Bagirov, who controlled it through his Ayadi in Iran. During the rule of this sect, he sent a petition to Stalin with the signing of his treaties in Iran, many of which were immigrants (in the name of the Azerbaijani people, of course) and asked him to join Azerbaijan in the uprising. (Moradi Maraghei, 2002: 395) Stalin wanted to use the issue of Azerbaijan as a means of putting pressure on the Iranian government to gain an advantage over the oil of the North. About two years earlier, the Council of Commissars of the Soviet Union, in order to create the belief in the valley of the Azerbaijani people that they have a separate nationality from other Iranians, and thus to pave the way for its separation from the rest of Iran, took measures such as printing at least three weeks. The newspaper was published in the Azerbaijani language and distributed among the population by the military. (Hassan Ali, 1383: 37-35) The issuance of Stalin's secret order to "establish Soviet industrial institutions in northern Iran" can be justified in the same way. Thus, although the issue of Azerbaijan's annexation of Iran to the Soviet Union dates back to pre-Soviet times, and groups such as the "Equality", the Ottoman Turks, and especially the modern-day Bagirov, sought opportunities to implement the plan, The formation of the Azerbaijan sect and the ensuing events must be attributed mainly to Stalin's plan in retaliation for the Iranian government's refusal to grant the North a concession of oil to that state. The situation that today, in the name of religion and in the name of the Azeri language, is abusing the feelings of the Azerbaijani people, especially the Azeri youth, is a continuation of the same evil plan of the Ottoman Pan-Turks and Turkic-speaking communists hidden in the shadow of Nagorno-Karabakh. Just as Marxist tendencies in the first half of the last century from Russia, especially from the Caucasus, opened their way to Iran, racist and ethnic interests entered the Azeri regions of the country through the interactions of Iranians in the Caucasus, Soviet Azerbaijan, and Turkey. that's mean; Non-Iranian and non-Azeri forces have played a greater role in the developments in Azerbaijan and Iran. Therefore, the origin of ethnicity should be sought beyond the borders of Azerbaijan and an attempt should be made with cultural wisdom to bring the homogeneity of the Iranian people to the source. If the ethnocentrists and separatists were honest with themselves and the people of Azerbaijan, they would call for their participation in the Nagorno-Karabakh front and publish their documents of struggle on this front. However, the irreplaceable role of the Iranian commanders is obvious to everyone, and if those sons of Babak and Arash had not been on the Karabakh front in the early years of the war, he would have blown the wind. Resources Al-Mouti, Zia-ud-Din, (1991), a chapter on the history of political and social struggles in Iran: Left movements, Tehran: Chapakhsh Publications. Moradi Maraghei, Ali, (2002), From Reza Khan Prison to the Head of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan: A Study of the Life and Opinions of Seyyed Javad Javadzadeh, Tehran: Ouhadi Publishing. Tabari, Ehsan, (1987), Kajrah: Memoirs on the history of the Tudeh Party, Tehran: Amir Kabir Publications. Sadria, Manijeh and Rahim Nikbakht, (2007), The Origin of the Democratic Sect of Azerbaijan According to Unpublished Documents and Memoirs, Tehran: Institute for the Study of Contemporary Iranian History. Reza, Enayatullah, (1992b), "Turks, Pan-Turkism and Pan-Turanism", Political-Economic Information, June and July, No. 58-57, pp. 6-17. Reza, Enayatullah, (1371a), "Azerbaijan and Iran" (Albanians of the Caucasus), Political-Economic Information, April and May, No. 56-55, pp. 13-6. Hasanli, Jamil, (1383), The Rise and Fall of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan according to the secret documents of the archives of the Soviet Union, translated by Mansour Hammami, Tehran: Nashr-e Ney.
  10. Salam Alikum in the name of the most merciful. Latest from Artsakh ! Blessings N
  11. In the Name of the most Merciful King of this Universe. Hi Northwest ! I told myself i would sit on these questions for a few days so i can collate a response worthy to all that seek the truth ! yet i was compelled to share my thoughts that may bring us all to a common understanding ! Let me open this discussion by saying this war IS NOT RELIGIOUS in nature ! even those who believe it so let your heart knoweth what befell the great Martyrs of the past specially the martyrs that fought for justice and fought for what was rightfully theirs , these Martyrs did not take up the sword YA HUSSEIN ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) our our Beloved JESUS Christ our saviour they were Martyred as they were oppressed for protecting their families their brothers , their mothers was it wrong for our beloved Hussein to ask for the water that quenched the thirst of a child , or was it wrong for Jesus Yashua to say "those who live by the sword will die by the sword" No they were martyred for their belief that GOD is with us even in difficult times and will ensure those who are of GOD will follow GOD and those who are not will not find life here or the next ! If you ask any Armenian if Turkey or Azerbaijan to be broken up they would most probably say yes. But the answer is not so simple , firstly what will Armenia do with those lands we don't have the population to inhabit our once ancestral lands not yet anyways, you need infrastructure and 80 years of development and growth to inhabit Western Armenian / Eastern Turkey so no Turkey stays the way it is our ancestral homelands is in our heart and our eyes gaze over mount Ararat each day is a blessing to us ! What about Azerbaijan ? No Armenians doesn't want Azerbaijan its not ours that's for the Iranians to discuss or fight for and even then Iranians are not a people that will go and carry out pogroms and mass Genocide to overtake their ancestral lands their strong faith if GOD will not allow them unlike the hardened heart of the Turk ! for Armenia Artsakh was stolen from us that is the difference, and for the world to turn a blind eye to the Pogroms of Baku in the 1920's and 80's that saw thousands of Armenian being massacred awoken up the lion that Armenians will never be able to sleep in peace with the AZERI TURK no Muslim but TURK ! so we took back what was rightfully ours we went to war many died both sides but we reclaimed what was ours, do not be fooled this war in Karabakh has the tail tail signs of what is to come GENOCIDE, yes we Armenians are well aware what is capable and how the word will turn a blind eye! it is the Turks dream to see Armenia gone a thorn in the side of the Sultan, yet he doesn't understand the might of the Armenian people. We will not perish a people who have been oppressed bound by mountains to be cursed for ever yet we LIVE ! Now the chess piece is in place You must ask what Chess Piece ? IRAN ! this war has many tentacles which root from Turkey allied by Israel and most probably the UK . Turkey with its Neo Ottoman dream of unifying all Turkish nations together and creating a Caliphate that will rule the Muslim world remove Armenia ! Israel aid Azerbaijan and turkey as we have seen in this war by any means to destabilise the region create havoc and make unrest of the 10 million Azeri Turks living in IRAN to bring down the evil Mullah ( this is the thinking of the west not ME , as the Mullahs have done more for Armenia then the entire so called Christian world ) ! and the UK with Turkey control the oil fields of both Azerbaijan and Iran ! now you tell me dose this sound like JIHAD ! or imperialist dreams that have smacked Islam in the face to kill his own brother for their gain ? The Azeri people along with the Armenians, Iranians , Tallish and others are pawns of this dreams ! the Question is how will we resolve this issue without bloodshed ? is it wrong to ask a Shia to die for a Christian or a Christian to die for a Shia ? As a Armenian is say no my uncle was a shaid in IRAN IRAQ war ! we fight for the oppressed the unjust those who want to harm our unity , family history and GOD ! ask yourselves will you allow a Zionist regime like Aliyev to allow Takfiris onto Shia lands those who have killed , butchered destroyed so many is Syria and Iraq ! It doesn't matter for now Armenians will fight to protect our people against these disgusting animals , 1 month they have seen over 11 thousand dead GOD save them ! 1 billion US yes US dollars down the drain against what? Armenians who fight with 1960 rifles ? we will still fight those Israeli Drones those ballistic missiles ! GOD IS WITH US ALL . for our brothers in IRAN they are smart and we don't not want them to be involved as they know what games the Zionists are playing, what dreams Er -DOG -an has ! they will fail for the blood of ALI and Hussein is with them ! Brother and friends i hope i made sense . love to hear more questions ! Blessings N
  12. Salam Alikum in the name of the most merciful. Brothers and Sisters i have returned. Hope to be adding value to this forum as I tried to do for a number of years ! Ps the posts from "guest Nemesis " is me ! Happy to answer any questions as best as I can . N
  13. IRAN HAS DONE MORE FOR CHRISTIANITY THEN ANY OTHER CHRISTIANITY COUNTRY ! I'm of Armenian apostolic faith and there is more freedom there than any other place , bull [Edited Out] media and warmongerers will not prevail. [edited out] SICK of these so called Christians asking questions about Iranot and the Christian population , why don't you ask how Europe and America has forgotten the Christians of the middle east and the suffering of the Armenians . At least Iran helps us with energy food , exports , history etc [edited out] N
  14. Salom Borther Zendegi Thank you for the kind words towards my Church and people . People Of ISLAM do not bee fooled by the deceivers out there claiming to be Christians. as a Christian I tell you if someone try's to lure you to convert for wordily goods then reject him and shout out YAHHHH ALI ! As Christ ( Pbuh ) is not representation of gold or silver , but he is the water of life and love everlasting fire in our hearts like Hussien ( pbuh ) . we pray to hasten there return . peace N
  15. Bismillah Great post , it's good to see we are talking a about Christian Islam relations especially Shia Christian , this is close to my heart . I had dinner last night with two of my best friends who are Shia , especially night as its was Laylatul-Qadr, as a Christian I was honored to have been with them sharing a meal during holy month of Ramadan . Inshallah our deeds as God's servants can reward us paradise. N
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