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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. the way he can criticise someone without asking the guy the reason behind why he said it..is the same reason i can criticise here
  2. why exactly are you asking the spastics on this forum? did anyone here say it to you or did he? did u ever consider asking him what the reason was and why he used it as a greeting? anyway he's still in england so you can ask him
  3. can you prove all these points you have listed
  4. who said that was an issue? the imams wives werent syed either do people have trouble understanding the topic or what? the opener is asking if a syedzadi can marry a non syed guy which leaves me with one question why can a master marry his slave and a mistress cant?
  5. can you name and shame these people? i have seen many videos i cant seem to see this bit, please pin point on some video from perhaps www.youtube.com
  6. one will only know the feeling when their beloved passes away just before eid and for some people i wish they experience it in their life time qalander mast
  7. pathetic people you are mrs power - what is your problem with useless topics? one may assume u have doubts of who you married.
  8. My brother ''A Follower'' looking at the previous posts it is apparant that you and Oranje have some issues with each other and with that i have no concern. What does concern me is the divisions in the Shia community that i see. I could be wrong but what i believe the main issue is the apparant labeling and name calling. Wether some one be a ''Malang'' or a ''blind follower'' Every one will go to there own grave and is not for us to judge. We can voice our opinion but that is all. We are not enough to start infighting and bickering with one another, isn't it enough that we belive in the same
  9. Tears of Kerbala i really don't wish to debate just for the sake of it but could you please tell me which one of them is nuseyri? Who are the organisers for the jaloos and is it them that are the nuseyri or just people that attend the jaloos???? It is in our Farooedeen to tell them what they are doing is wrong! Also the issue of sajda is different to the issue of attending or not attending a jaloos so let us talk about what we are discussing and then move onto other subjects. If you could NOT tell me who is nuseyri then your ignorance would defy belief! If we all stopped attending jaloos
  10. Shia & proud, with all due respect what are you talking about??? (''Yes, let's all go and hear people teaching us that Imam Ali is God in their lecture why not?'') I challenge you to find me one time in your life in the UK where somebody has held such a lecture? Also we go (well i do anyway) to a jaloos to mourn te masoomeen (as) and if somebody else's personal belief regarding Imam Ali (as) is more then what you believe then let it be! Aslong as no one tries pushing there beliefs onto you what are you so worried about? (expecting you to quote this part). Islam = Submission to Allah, Your
  11. yeah like i said before the ireland match that ireland will beat pakistan! IT WILL HAPPEN! COME ON U SCOTS!
  12. i request people like YaAhlulBayt to make their own fatwas and implement them, insha Allah.
  13. i was banned from livecaht right now for talking about virgins (hooris) of jannah.. what the hell ! :angry:
  14. :!!!: isnt it clear.. she married a lame guy from the streets of lahore... a beggar :!!!:
  15. Qalanderi


    Ok bizarre means odd behavior. well we are known to be very good people when inviting people to our homes..
  16. Qalanderi


    We afghans aren't bizarre. We are just oppressed for a long period of time. At first, it was the communist russians, then came the taliban from pakistan, and now America and Iran are using it for their gain.
  17. do u not understand? THE MATCH IS FIXED these wahaabis have fixed it! ICC which is the biggest betting syndicate has organised the matches so pakistan are home by ramzaan! lose to scotland and lose to india!
  18. because they fix matches and are part of a big match fixing syndicate
  19. India To Beat England 4-3.......However England are not involved in the match fixing but this Indian side is so good that they can beat England whenever they like they just wanna make money and at the same time not throw away the series. so the score will be 4-3!!!!!
  20. Twenty Twenty world cup is fixed heres the results of pakistan's matches their first game is against scotland They will lose that match and then they will also lose to india and be home for ramzaan :) Notice their last match with india is a day before ramzaan starts for the sunnis. So sorry to ruin it for everyone, but believe me I was saying exactly the same thing before the Ireland Match. So here are the results again: SCOTLAND TO BEAT PAKISTAN INDIA TO BEAT PAKISTAN Home for ramzaan :)
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