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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol hhmmmm, i wonder tooooo! i assume so but dont think hes ever mentioned it... not sure... really love his accent the way he talks, he has a wicked way of getting things across
  2. this thread has gone on for like ages lol my answer to the topic question is yea. so my lil story is as folllowers.. i known this sunni guy for a few years as classroom mates, lost contact and bumped into him november, found eachother on myspace, and started talkin he said hes liked me for ages but wasnt confident to say and wanted us to get toeather, we are like two peas in a pod, and he knows me so well, how i dont know, but he knows what im even thinkin, so anywho, being a syed i thought naaaahhhh man dont b silly. but i looked at my options and thought my rents want me to marry this guy in
  3. kinda offtopic-ish but from what ive seen, guys tend to go for hijaabi girls coz they think theyre easy.... sorry if this offends any1
  4. not sure if i wanna see it, what inda film is it like, it looks kinda like independance day? is it a comedy or..?
  5. yea its good, the eyes look kinda outa place, see if you can merge in to the background so it looks smooth
  6. i think id marry the poorer guy, i reckon he'd be much more appreciative and humble, coz they go through hardship, and dunno just reckon goin through struggles, and finance bein one of them in life, brings you closer to Allah.
  7. love the answer by ding dong " Depends on which type of marriage. If nikah then: Sunnah of the Prophet as.gif More sawab in worship. Half the deen secured Sexual relief Someone to support me in getting closer to Allah Companionship Emotional support Someone to share responsibilities Someone to confide secrets with and share experiences without the fear of leakage as though you were telling yourself. Someone who will take care of you in your troubles "
  8. yea i guess when your mature, im 21 i reckon im ready, just waitin for him
  9. id love to have a relationship like that with someone
  10. hmm im not sure about this tbh, ive always thought when i eventually get married,between my partner and i everythin would be 50/50 but financially i guess it takes its toll, and extra help is always nice, it aint easy for the breadwinners to get £ in sometimes, some brothers are strugglin, and because we live in a world where its ok for women to work, i say, why not, its a partnership at the end of the day, i mean id rather help my hubby out than see him knackered after a double shift but when children come into the equation, its hard and would only work when my kids are older
  11. it def depends on situation within the household, there are so many factors to look at. funnily, my bro started bein the breadwinner at 15, and i started helpin out at 17, some people may be a little better off and so £ wasnt a problem, and therefore have been able to save up or whatever, so yea, my answer is it depends on the current family situation
  12. on a personal level i think marriage is a way out for me, to "start my life"atm i cant live the way i want my life to be, and i aint a superficial kinda girl and its not about the tv or whatever. but yea to certain extent cant wait to get married, but then thats the other problem....
  13. woohw what a coincidence, was about to ask about this !!! i dont think i can pm yet, could sum1 put it on this thread if thats pos?
  14. its been a long time ivve been on here, have been side tracked lately wanna say thanks for every1 input, its much appreciated.
  15. reading all the links you guys have posted really helps, aothough i have a question. the examples the link show are of a man, is there any difference to how a women should read namaz? i think i remember someone mention something about the positioning of the feet, btw, this is the shia namaaz yea? and another q when i say the takbiratul ihram do i need to raqise my habds to my ears each time? thanks in advance
  16. thank you all, the links are cool, i dont really wanna go to the local imambargah, if people found that i wasnt able to read namaz, they would automatically asume it is the fault of my mothers, which it isnt, its mine. people would look down on me and i just cant bear the embarrasement.
  17. sorry to all the mods if ive posted this in the wrong place, im a lost cause lookin to change my ways, and i know to do this i need to engage in the practises of islam. i wanna start being able to wake up early and read fajr namaz to help me through the days, i knw if i can do this i can eventually maintain it and read all five a day i ask help of those who can teach me to read namaz, i know about before i begin the salah, id like to learn the shia namaz, i think its a little bit longer? if someone could tell me the salah for women, i'd like to know the transliteration of what it is i should b
  18. thank you all. im struggling big time though. i cant wait for ramadan gonna give it 100% this year inshalla.
  19. wow. i dont know what to say. you hit the spot. i read each word so carefully and so slowly. it all made sense. thank you Shabbir, i dont think you realise what diff you have made to me tonight, im so grateful, you didnt belittle me, make me feel stupid, and pathetic. inshallah, may Allah protect and guide us all
  20. i know a few older women who have had tatoos, and actually regret it and are paying loadsa £ to get em removed. They say at the time its pretty kool, slightly painful, as you grow older you may get fatter, your skin starts to saag, or you may put weight on, all of which will make the tatoo look yuk. think it through prop, invest in a few temporary tattoos and see how you feel after.
  21. ok, i just feel like screaming so loud, i knock myself out lol! hi every1, ill start of with just a lil bit about maself, im 21, live in the uk, so the past three odd years and counting, i do something, that is so sinful that i havent yet repented properly. this thing i do feels so right at the time, but after, when i think about it i know/realise its gunnah, yet i cont to do this bad thing. i just dont know what to do. i tell myself its ok and cont to do it, it just makes me feel good, but because i know Allah swt has forbidden it, i am so angry at myslef, i promise myself i wont do it again.
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