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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what means by concealing knowledge in islam what is this sin of concealing knowledge according to surah bakarah 159 verse am i obliged to deliver knowledge to others.
  2. and it is only listed as a gunnah e kabeera in shia books not anywhere in sunni books.
  3. Not Helping the Oppressed? can someone explain this islamic duty how much i can help the oppressed and to how much extent. http://www.al-islam.org/greater_sins_complete/35.htm If ten people come to me and ask for help should i give money to all the people only zakat is wajib in islam and other form of helping poor are not obligatory then why should we help the oppressed since we are already zakat or khumas. Can SomeOne Explain This Please.
  4. is miss leading or miss guiding a sin in islam is this a kabira gunnah.
  5. what will happen if there are no poor people in the world will zakat still be obligatory in this situation?
  6. hi i am arslan hassan jaffery some sunnis claim that it was kufi shia,s who martyred imam hussain is this correct.
  7. assalum alikum shia brothers. i want to tell you about the shia mosque which was destroyed in the earthquake in bagh azad kashmir here is the video for the destroyed mosque. it is my kind apeal to all shia brothers that tell your other friends and other shia brothers about this video and donation information is listed on the video information. or you can visit this link directly. http://www.anjumanjafriabagh.com/donation.html
  8. hi my shia brothers i want to ask a question that why was a fight between mawia and ayhsa and hazarat ali was formed. there is an ayah in quran which i studied the translations was oh muslims dont fight with each other or you will get coward if quran dont wants that muslims should fight with each other than why did that happened.
  9. Shia Muslim Mosque In Bagh Azad Kashmir Needs Your Help Please It Is My Kind Request To All shia members of this forum to participate in this donation and fund raising of this shia mosque which is situated in the bagh azad kashmir and Allah will give you great ajar for this also tell others shia brothers about this. you can donate through pay pal or through bank below is the url of the site which you can use for donation using paypal and also know about bank account details for donating. http://www.anjumanjafriabagh.com/ http://www.anjumanjafriabagh.com/donation.html Thank You Arslan Hassan Bagh Azad Kashmir Member Of Imamia Students Organization.
  10. What is your openion about death what is imam-e-mehdi duties on the scene of death.
  11. What Are The Sign,s Of Imam mehdi
  12. Live Like Ali Die Like Hussain You Can Download This Trana From http://www.baabeilm.org Disciples of Wilayah - English Revolutionary Songs I am Shia Free Iraq Rise Up Party of God Shahadat (Martyr) real audio and mp3
  13. My question is that are islamic banks profitable because there are very few banks in pakistan which are islamic and are the women banks good and are jaiz in islam.
  14. Mera Hussain Kya hai Aksar Main Sochta Hoon Mera Hussain Kya Hai Download Nohas,Tranas,Islamic Songs,Persian,Arabic,Video Nohas, Aye Apne Maula Say Baatain Karain http://www.baabeilm.org
  15. Baab-E-ilmthe best tranas url is http://www.baabeilm.org/ Nahaj - ul - Balagah Nohas,Mp3 Nohas,Real Audio Nohas,Real Video Nohas Online Tranas http://www.baabeilm.org/AudVid/tarana/tara...004_shohada.asp Ya Imam Ya Imam Ya Allah Ya Allah - Kuwate Haidar Live Like Ali Die Like Hussain Mashallah Khamenei Mashallah Mera Hussain Kya hai Ye Jan Hussain ka Sadqa hai ise maula par Khuda ki baatein Nabi se sunkar Qatra Qatra Apne Lahoo ka bol raha hai Ye Imtehaan ka Waqt hai RealPlayer And Mp3 Tranas So Do Check Out That Site. Islamic Songs Dasta-e-imamia 2004,2005,2006,
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