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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam everyone I was told that I could listen to English lectures for Muharram on Paltalk but I cant seem to find them in any room. Does anyone know where I can listen to them and in what room? Thanks :) Shia girl
  2. lollll roro dont worry i wont put any picx of frozen rats they might ban me ill just email them to ya....lollllllllllllll
  3. Salam, well well my two sister in laws, how are your holidays going girls?! I deserve holidays more than you guys! You know what I was just doing?......cutting a frozen rat liver....lolll I should send you pixxxxx anyway I like what that guy said^^^^ the one above me Wise muslim^^^ but one thing wise muslim, you know sometimes you shouldnt blame the family, I mean doent get me wrong they have alot to do with it, but at the end of the day this girl KNOWSS she is muslim and what she is doing is wrong, shes not 10 or 11 if she wanted to practice she could, there are mosques, books, internet everything thats made it possible for anyone to practice and so yer. shes responsible for her own choices now
  4. thats really disappointing, :mad: your either young and ignorant or BOTH oh my god ive been to that address, oh thats right your my sister in laws :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: monaz did you get the assignment 2day?!! :!!!: :!!!:
  5. Salam I think what happened was unjust if the officier was really interested in what the brother had to say, he might have written up a police report or even attempted to follow the boys if they were still in sight. Its a shame that things like this happen, but brother believe me if heard worse stories. But brother dont worry this morning it was released that to become a police officiers, people have to sit a 3 year bachelor degree. Currently all that is required to become an officer of the law is passing an exam (simple maths and english) and a time trial course for fitness and an interview. And thats it after a 20 week course at academy school your a cop..with a gun...ummmmm. However, because of mishaps like this, the 3 year uni course has been introduced since they are finding several officers arent able to deal with people, situations etc. So maybe, had this incident happened a few years from now it may have ended differently.
  6. Salam You know what I would do if something like that happened to me........ I would go out buy 10 more badges put them on my bag and start reading TIME magazine with issues of the war on my tea and lunch breaks :P :P If those badges arent interfering with your uniform they cant say anything to you about removing them. Lastly, who gives who the people on the Banks board and Executive committee are?! Gees, I wouldnt waste my time doing any research on anyone, I would come to work do my job and go home. If they have got nothing to complain about then thats it. Full stop.
  7. ^^^^^ Oh, agree with everything you just wrote. The worst thing about the Islamic leaders in Australia is that, sometimes when we need there support against slurs like this againest muslims, only one or two leaders come foward and comment. Where are the rest of them? I watched the news after that comment and they had two muslim ppl speak about about what was said, I must admit I was a little disappointed. The bit about muslims being sterotyped that they dont speak english is 100% true. The best thing though is when you prove someone wrong. :lol:
  8. You know whats sad, is that this is happening everywhere. This is what several of my muslim friends not wearing the scarf consider being covered as..... Oh your fully covered....wearing of the scarf etc Oh im covered.....Not wearing the scarf, but clothes that arent revealing, long sleeves etc Shes not covered....Wearing of singlets in public, bikinis etc.
  9. SALAM ALL, WHAT DO you guys think the muslim girl, Ayten Ahmet, entering the MIss Teen Australia issue thats hot at the moment! She commented..."I thought it would be good experience and an opportunity to have a bit of fun," she said. "The cameras are something I love." For me the whole competition is .........!
  10. salam everyone, This is a true story and truely goes to show that good deeds dont go un noticed by Allah (saw). My older brother works for an Australian man, he has been for some while now. Him and his wife a really beautiful people they are very kind, honest and generous. My fathers business and this mans business are located very close to each other, just a walk away. Last night just as the man finished up work, he came and told my father that he would like to donate money to Lebanon and was unsure who to give it to. My father told him he could pass it to him and he would see it would get to the right people. This morning the man came into my fathers business and handed him a closed envelope with the money. Later that night when my brother finished from work he told us how the poor mans shop had been broken into. Although nothing to big was stolen, just some cash, the robber had stolen the poor mans keys to his shed, work trucks, office. He poor man never mentioned anything to my father that morning, despite his lose he still handed my father money to help those in the middle of the war. Anyway, an hour of so after my brother finished the man came in my fathers business and told him how he had been robbed, but subhanallah, he also told my dad how the cops in another suburb (over an hours drive from this mans shop) pulled over a man and while doing a routine check of his car, found all the mans keys. Fortunately this man was able to get his keys back and the robber was arrested and will be charged for robbery. Just makes you shiver hey........subhanallah........... :)
  11. salam I recieved an email about this, and I was wondering does anyone else have a problem with what the show is called or is it just me? :unsure: Would you support them (they are touring in australia in november), despite the name of there show? .................................................................................................... .............................. Salam /Peace all, Sincerely hoping your keeping well, insha'Allah. Wanting you all to know of an upcoming event that is both islamic and IMMENSELY entertaining, 'The Allah made me Funny Tour'. For further information visit www.allahmademefunny.com - I assure you, you'll enjoy it!! Please show your support for islamic entertainment by attending. .................................................................................................... ..............................
  12. lolll :P :P haaaa shiaperson, :!!!: :!!!: wow i feel like i know you from somewhere....lol did you see them again? i think there back by now...... by the way im coming by 2day.......c ya soon
  13. Salam :lol: This is your life :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: hahahahaha, no no they needed to put him on a current affair and then let channel nine do a 1 hour SPECIAL coverage of his life hosted by Jamie durie or sumfing :lol: :lol: look, we cant knock the media for doing coverage even if his isreali. My friend and her cousin and kids ahve been stuck in lebanon for 3 weeks and they have done a really really good coverage on them. You guys might have even heard about it.....there the Assoudi family, the ones stuck in the village and couldnt get out, they were on channel 9 almost every night and in the newspaper hearld sun, age, local paper and radio....they even got Mathew Lloyd to call lebanon and talk to the boy coz hes a mad essendon supporter......it was pretty funny admist the war and killings the poor kid asked mathew lloyd ...'hows you hamstring'!! :lol: :lol:
  14. salam, I went to the first rally at melbourne and believe me there were no Hizbollah flags. Ive got over 50 pics from when the march started to ended of all people and flags. the only flags were lebanon, australian and palestine ones.
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