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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please recite fatiha for the deaths of our Shia brothers and sisters killed by the House of Sa3ood LA . The beheadings and hangings occured today. Saudi Arabia executes 37 on ‘terror charges’ as crackdown widens Tue Apr 23, 2019 02:22PM [Updated: Tue Apr 23, 2019 02:41PM ] Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry says it has executed 37 people in a single day “in connection with terrorism crimes,” as a crackdown led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman against pro-democracy campaigners, human rights activists and intellectuals widens in the kingdom. The Arabic-language Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Okaz, citing a statement issued by the ministry, the death penalty was implemented Tuesday “on a number of culprits for adopting extremist terrorist ideologies and forming terrorist cells to corrupt and disrupt security as well as spread chaos and provoke sectarian strife.” The statement added that the executions took place in the capital Riyadh, the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina, the central province of Qassim, oil-rich and Shia-populated Eastern Province and the kingdom’s southern province of Asir. The convicts were all Saudi nationals. Meanwhile, the Arabic-language Ahrar television network, in a post published on its official Twitter page, reported that imprisoned Shia activists were among those executed by Saudi authorities. See قناة أحرار's other Tweets Earlier this month, Amnesty International warned that Saudi Arabia is making use of the death penalty to crush opposition figures. The London-based rights group said Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor was seeking the death penalty for more people, noting that prominent preacher Sheikh Salman al-Awdah was one of those targeted for execution. PressTV-Amnesty: Saudi uses death penalty to crush dissidents Amnesty International says Saudi Arabia systematically uses the death penalty to crush opposition figures. The Prisoners of Conscience, which is an independent non-governmental organization advocating human rights in Saudi Arabia, also announced in a post on its official Twitter page that Awdah, along with two other clerics, identified as Awad al-Qarni and Ali al-Omari, had been in prison for 19 months with no legal reasons. The activists were detained in a sweeping crackdown weeks before Saudi Arabia overturned the world's only ban on female motorists on June 24, 2018. The women had staunchly advocated for the right to drive. PressTV-Saudi court postpones hearing in trial of female activists A court official told some of the relatives the session was cancelled due to the judge’s "private reasons." Over the past years, Riyadh has redefined its anti-terrorism laws to target activism. Tuesday’s mass execution was Saudi Arabia's largest in the past three years. In January 2016, Saudi authorities executed Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, who was an outspoken critic of the Riyadh regime, along with 46 other men on terrorism charges. Nimr had been arrested in Qatif, Eastern Province, in 2012. Saudi Arabia has stepped up politically-motivated arrests, prosecution and conviction of peaceful dissident writers and human rights campaigners. PressTV-Saudi journalist sentenced to 5 years in jail in secret trial Saudi officials have secretly tried prominent journalist Ali al-Dhafiri and sentenced him to five years in prison. Saudi officials have also intensified crackdown in the country's Shia-populated Eastern Province. Eastern Province has been the scene of peaceful demonstrations since February 2011. Protesters have been demanding reforms, freedom of expression, the release of political prisoners, and an end to economic and religious discrimination against the oil-rich region. The protests have been met with a heavy-handed crackdown by the regime, with regime forces increasing security measures across the province.
  2. Assalam alikum brother,

    do you know where the thread for Shias being killed is?  They used to have it pinned on the top of the poltics thread but with the fluid system, I can't find anything.  Today there was many Shias who were hanged or beheaded in Saudia and I want to post about it.  Unfortunately this won't be reported or heard by many Shias and I want to recognize the crimes that Ahul Saood committed.

  3. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. Nothing positive marrying into those who love the enemies of Sayyida Fatima az Zahra. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  4. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. Mash'Allah, I'm glad to see ShiaChat members have hindsight of the dangers of what the media wants to instill into our youth. We have a lot of areas we need to tackle in regards to providing an alternative media source for our youth. We are in desperate need of English entertainment shows to attract the Muslim youth. Some youth were attracted to the ISIS media and left their countries and joined them, others are totally lost within secular society. And just where is the middle ground? I wish conferences like UMMAH, Muslim Congress, Naynawah work on such projects for the future. Brothers and Sisters as we are winding down on the month of Rasoul Allah, please recite this dhikr. Ask Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for guidance, take steps to seek closeness to Him, give sadaqa everyday even if its a small amount, for the remaining days of this holy month. God protect you all from harm and the whispers of the accursed Satan and from evil doings of people. @Abu Hadi @Ibn al-Hussain @smhr63
  5. As a matter of fact the executive producer is Bahai. And here is what she had to say. Darling adds that portraying the religious differences between the Anglican and Muslim characters on Little Mosque meant navigating some murky waters. “We were really interested in seeing those religions shoved together and sharing a space, and we get close [to addressing religious differences head-on] in a couple of episodes. We had to stay out of the territory of being dry and didactic and preachy,” Darling says. Read more: http://playbackonline.ca/2012/03/30/is-little-mosque-on-the-prairie-headed-to-america/#ixzz5lu8JGoy5 Brother @ali_fatheroforphans Don't you see how some users on ShiaChat sneakily suggest following the path of haram when they bash mut3? Our Muslim brothers have a choice between hallal and haram intercourse, you have a vocal group in ShiaChat who are critical of mut3 and comment against this practice. Unfortunately, over the years we are seeing irl and in the forum people disrespecting marja3s and beleivers, disregarding mut3, downplaying hijab/modesty, and encouraging sin. God keep us steadfast and we seek refuge from Allah from the accursed Shaytan. M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah
  6. Assalam Alikum brother.  I thought I would be looking at grapes in your page, and then I see a upside down praying mantis, haha so nice.  I hope you are well and in good health.  God bless you.

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    2. 313 Seeker

      313 Seeker

      Masha Allah sister that's nice to hear! I fasted yesterday and thought a lot about things. Guess that's like celebrating lol .. I live in a suni country so there aren't many people aware of Mahdi. I also get so much more than I deserve! It is embarrassing how merciful and amazing God is to me even though I'm so full of mistakes! I hope that poverty ends soon. It's sad to see so many people desperate and unhappy because they can't afford good lives. Also ignorance is so annoying. May God give us patience and forgive us.

    3. Laayla


      Alhamd'Allah rab al 3lameen.  Your du32s brother, Insh'Allah He gifts us wisdom and patience.  Goodnight brother.

    4. 313 Seeker

      313 Seeker

      You have them sister ! Insha Allah ... ameen. Good night dear sister and thanks for the kind message 

  7. @Murtaza1 Assalam Alikum brother. I respect your choice not to see the clip. However, I'm raising awareness of what the entertainment industry wants to normalize to our youth. I find it necessary to voice and bring a counterargument, in case people want to read that this show does not represent Muslim youth, and there are plenty of respectable, self dignified and God fearing millennial Muslims and this show in no way represents us, NOT IN OUR NAME! Another show they are portraying Muslims is Little Mosque on the Prairie. A Muslim community butts heads with locals when its new spiritual leader arrives. A small Muslim community in the prairies finally gets its own mosque - the problem is, it's in a church! Reverend Magee, who was tricked into the deal by the scheming Yasir, is suddenly very unpopular with his parishioners. The mosque's new Iman, Amaar Rashid arrives from the big city to smooth things over, but his easy charm and progressive ways do little to convince the locals that Muslims aren't simply a bunch of terrorists. A handshake deal between the new Imam and Reverend Magee ensures that Mercy's Muslims are here to stay. Little Mosque is the perfect show to Understand Islam for non Muslims مترجم
  8. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum Sister Hameedeh, This is the reality we are living in dear sister. This is not the first of it's kind. I can show you numerous examples. We were discussing it with other members in another forum. I found about Rami Youssef through Stephen Colbert. Sister, I know you are a responsible and God fearing parent, I have no worries about this affecting you or your family. I'm worried about the youth here who takes the religion lightly and will think oh finally we are seen in a positive light, but this is actually very damaging and hurtful to the practicing and observing Muslims who are doing their best to submit and practice Islam correctly. I bring this video to light, because I know this will cause or spark an interest to non Muslims first and to also remind our Muslim youth that this is not a healthy nor an accurate portrayal of Muslims. This is done on purpose to downplay sin and think it is normal to do grave sins, Astgfor'Allah. Sister Hameedeh, if you think it is necessary to put a warning, go ahead and do so sister. I respect and trust your judgement. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  9. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. This is the garbage they want to portray to the Muslim youth in the West. No self respect, no dignity, just how to make a quick buck and "do what everyone else is doing" basically assimilation and dismissing anything to what Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) wants or thinking about Day of Judgement, and "live the moment." Imagine second, third, generation Muslims in America? What would be left of their watered down religion? God hasten the return of sahab al 3sri wa zaman. Here you have a so called Muslim collaborating with the mushreeken and showing to the world what a modern day version of an American Muslim looks like, mocking and planting satanic versions of what type of Americanized Islam (purposely spelt it this way) they want you to practice. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah Ramy Hassan is a first generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood. RAMY will bring a new perspective to the screen as it explores the challenges of what it’s like being caught between a Muslim community that thinks life is a moral test and a millennial generation that thinks life has no consequences. RAMY is a 10-episode half-hour comedy series written, executive produced, created by and starring Ramy Youssef, and executive produced by Jerrod Carmichael, A24’s Ravi Nandan, showrunner Bridget Bedard and co-creators Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch. [Mod Note: WARNING: This video contains profanity, adult subject matter, music which may or may not be haram, etc. Proceed at your own discretion.]
  10. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum If the Shias themselves can't come to a common understanding of truth vs falsehood, then do not be surprised of the rest of the world not knowing Islam, Rasoul Allah and Ahulbayt. The common Shia knows only about Amir al mo2mneen and Imam Hussain. Little do they know about the 10 other Imams. There is so much work that needs to be done. God help us. M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah
  11. Bismehe Ta3ala Dear Sister, Assalam Alikum. When you are on your period, the only act of worship that is haram is salat. Everything else you can do! You can be in the state of wudthu, read Qur'an, do tasbee7 Az Zahra, sit on your prayer mat and do sujood, make dua3. So when Adthan takes place, you can go on your prayer mat and sit and recite Qur'an with the same duration you take for salat when you are not on your period. God bless you. M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah
  12. Assalam Alikum dear sister,  what happened to you?  Are you okay?

  13. Sister @notme The thing with titles is, we don't know what they mean by saying "moderate" Who is a moderate according to Americans? Irshad Manji LA , the lesbian that wants to reform Islam Noor Taguri LA , the sick freak that went on Playboy mag Nadia Ali LA , the erotic dancer/pornographic actress who says she also prays and fasts, I know right?!?!?!?! My standard is NEVER to please what people want from me, but what rab al 3lameen guided me through Qur'an and Ahulbayt.
  14. Let's say a corrupt sheikh went ahead and married two people of the same sex, it would still be invalid in the eyes of God. Even if the whole world 7 billion people all agreed with same sex marriage, in God's laws it is INVALID. God hasten the appearance of Imam Mahdi. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
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