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  1. Laayla


    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum During the reign of 3mar ibn al Khatib [God punish him severely] while he was busy conquering land and forming an empire, was Imam Ali participating in these wars? Where was Imam Ali and what obligations was he fulfilling? I'm very interested in this history. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  2. Laayla

    ghusal e mayyat

    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. Brother, do you have a resident alim you can ask? I will tag brothers @Sumerian Insh'Allah he can paste the section of ghusul al mayyat for Sayyid Seeistani. @Ibn al-Hussain
  3. Laayla

    hijab crisis

    Bismehe Ta3ala, I hope you are well and in good health. Hajj Hassanain Rajabali addresses simliar statements you have indicated.
  4. Laayla

    Giving brother "the talk"

    @Abu Hadi Assalam Alikum Hajj, Please advise. Brother @SeekingHeaven You need to tell your sister, to say ya Allah or knock on the door before going in without permission. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  5. Laayla

    About hijab

    @Silentphantomsociety Assalam Alikum sister, Your welcome. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Would you please share where I can get cartoon pictures of hijabi animi? Thanks in advance. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  6. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum If you haven't heard already, this happened over the weekend at Washington DC. America is no longer called the melting pot, but a pressure cooker. @LeftCoastMom @Christianlady @Gabenowa @Abu Hadi This was recorded by the Black Isrealites. Recorded by the Native Americans Recorded from the Covington Catholic kids
  7. Condolences to Imam Zaman for the martydom of Sayyida Fatima az Zahra 3laha salam. Published on Jan 21, 2019 - The ongoing debate of the topic of Ali's right to succession - The criterion of distinguishing the truth from the falsehood – in this debate - is the person of Fatimah - She was the strongest supporter of ‘Ali. To understand that better, begin with the concept of bay‘at. - Sunni and Shi‘a both agree on the importance of pledging allegiance to the Imam of the time - Dissecting an interesting narration of Abdullah bin Umar - Muslim historians are unanimous that Fatimah (s) did not accept the khilafat of Abu Bakr. They also agree that as long as Fatimah was alive, ‘Ali also did not do bay‘at to Abu Bakr. - Therefore, What was the status of Fatimah at the time of her demise? - Narrating the visit of Abu Bakr and Umar to Fatima, to ask for forgiveness of their actions
  8. Laayla

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum Venting below This post is only for sisters I haven't made spaghetti for over 4 months. Today, I thought I would be brave enough to do it again and I did. Children said it was yummy & thank you. My child's tutor (19 yes old) said, “Thank you, it was delicious." She wasn't lying because when she doesn't like something, the food remains as is. So I was happy, thinking dh is going to eat and enjoy the meal. His first comment, "Why is it dry?" and he eats a few bites. I grab a jar of sauce and boil it and add minced garlic, oregano, and stir it in the spaghetti until it boils again. After salat al mughrib, I serve up the spaghetti. He doesn't touch it! Arghhhhhh Atleast the kids will eat it tommorow. Am I allowed to stick out my tongue to dh loooool Sisters, how do you make spaghetti? What's your recipe? M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah
  9. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum Sister Marzieh has a court appearance tomorrow, January 23, along with her son. What right do they have to put her in solitary confinement? What crime is she guilty of to be treated this way? What happened to the two congresswomen Omar and Talib? Did they ever bring light to her case? God give her patience for the oppression she is receiving by the US government LA. Marzieh Hashemi to reappear before jury on Wednesday "On Wednesday, a 23-member jury will be making a decision about my mother," Hussein told the Young Journalists' Club in remarks which the Iranian news agency published on Monday. "The United States federal government has taken my mother to prison using a very controversial article, which is used very rarely," he added. "Whenever this article is applied, the person [in question] remains in detention for at most 16 days and then a decision is made about them." He said the jury had failed to level any charges against his mother on the two previous occasions, and that she would be freed if the decision continues to evade the body for a third straight time. Hussein said the 59-year-old had been transferred to solitary confinement, adding that he did not know either why this has happened or whether she continued to remain incarcerated in such a state. Hashemi, an American-born Muslim convert who has been living in Iran for years, was detained at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in Missouri last Sunday while she was in the US to visit her ill brother and other family members. She was transferred to a detention facility in Washington DC, where she was forced to remove her hijab and only offered food not permissible under her Islamic values. After days of silence, the US government confirmed on Friday that it was holding Hashemi in jail as a “material witness,” and that she would be released after she testified before a grand jury. The son said Hashemi was known in the prison as a journalist, adding that prison guards had started to treat her better since her situation was widely reflected in the press. Hussein said her mother's situation was giving rise to protests. "A very pure revolutionary and anti-arrogance wave is taking shape under the guidance of revolutionary scholars," he noted. "If my mother remains in incarceration, the wave is sure to lead to a persistent movement and a freedom-seeking struggle," he added. "Of course, we believe that God is on our side. We are going to emerge victorious from this oppressive drama" whether Hashemi is freed or her situation leads to creation of the movement, the son noted, thanking the Iranian nation for their prayers for her mother's release and their activities across the media aimed at making this happen. He also said her mother's condition should draw attention to the situation of the large number of Muslim prisoners in the US, whose Islamic values might have been disregarded for long. MNA/PRESSTV
  10. Laayla

    Namaz-e Ayat

    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum Lebanon had a partial eclipse, it took place during salat al fajr. Brother @IbnSina, you don't need to view it to pray salat al ayat. If it is taking place in your region and you know about it by news or another outlet, the salat becomes wajab. You don't need to see it by your naked eye to perform the salat. Are you still in China? M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
  11. Laayla

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Sister Star, Thank you sister for answering my questions. Few are like you left in this world. How honorable and God is giving you so much blessings taking care of your loved ones. You are a strong and loving caregiver. God bless you and fulfill your hajjat. Just to stay on topic, just ate 7 raisins immersed in water. Drank the water too. One of the comments on YT Amity Asia A popular doctor did not prescribe me any medicine for low hemoglobin in blood, instead, she asked me to eat overnight soaked raisin's and drink the soaked water in an empty stomach. And guess what, it did increase hemoglobin level in my blood naturally. 1) use black raisin's with seeds. Chew the raisin's with seed well and swallow them, as this has lot of fibre in it, Helps you get rid of constipation. 2) just wash them and soak them in drinking clean water overnight and next day morning in empty stomach drink the water and eat the raisin's. Don't boil the water and raisin's.
  12. Laayla

    How do you draw X's?

    7 what am I?
  13. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum I'm reminded of this hadith narrated by Imam Hassan as Lady Fatima's love for others in her prayers Imam Hasan narrates, “I saw my mother in the prayer site (mihrab) on Friday night when she continuously performed genuflection and prostration until the sun rose. I heard her praying for the believing men and women; she would mention their names and sincerely prayed for them, but asked nothing for herself. I said to her, ‘My dear mother! Why don't you pray for yourself as you pray for others? She replied, ‘My son, we must first pray for our neighbours (I.e. others) and then for ourselves.’” 36. Shaykh Saduq, 1408 (A.H.), vol. 1, p. 215, section 145, hadith no. 1/ Arbali, 1401 (A.H.), vol. 2, p. 94/ Tabari, 1413 (A.H.), p. 152/ Majlisi, 1421 (A.H.), vol. 18, p. 63
  14. Laayla

    Thoughts 2019

    ^^^ Can you dine and dash? You can show your presence, drop a wedding gift/card, congratulate her and leave when the music starts.
  15. Laayla

    I just can't cry?!!! :(

    Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum We are all sinners. Attending majlis is an opportunity to give condolences to the Imam of our Time and a time to reform and change for the better. Imam Hussain as is the fastest way to Allah. He is the ship of salvation and the light of guidance. M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah