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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Son of Placid My condolences to you. I haven't taken the vaccine. Nor do I have any interest to do so. Here is the latest news in America about forced vaccinations in America. Everyone stop what you are doing and read this thread regarding forced Covid vaccination amongst our troops as a potential effort to purge conservatives from its ranks. Incredibly important. https://twitter.com/whywherever/status/1413705439901069314 Subscribe: @CandaceOwens
  2. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum There are many Lebanese who cut off meat, chicken, and fish from their meals. Is there a hadith that says if you don't eat meat for more than 40 days, that the hearts harden? Muslims around the world would get frozen meat from the annual Hajj. This is now the second year where the Hajj is only for the locals. Is it haram for a Shia to eat meat from a Nasibi? M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH
  3. Assalam Alikum I tried to find out in the article what they meant by "child offender" but I couldn't find anything. What does that mean? A convicted rapist or what? And does that mean the punishment of rapists is death in Islam? M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH Jul. 06, 2021 | 05:04 PM Iran seeking to cut executions of child offenders to zero http://dailystar.com.lb/dailystar/Pictures/2021/07/06/1000089_img650x420_img650x420_crop.jpg Agence France Presse TEHRAN: Iran is doing its best to bring down the number of executions of child offenders to zero, a senior Iranian official told AFP amid recurrent criticism from the UN and rights groups. "We are going to the zero point," said Majid Tafreshi of the state-run High Council for Human Rights, insisting that was the "will of the system" of the Islamic republic. The United Nations and human rights groups frequently criticise Iran for executing child offenders, which violates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that Tehran has ratified. Tafreshi, the council's deputy head of international affairs, speaking in English during an interview with AFP last week insisted the Islamic republic is working hard to reduce the numbers of executions of those who committed crimes while minors. "This is what all the government [is doing]. This is applaudable." "We're trying to convince the victim family to pardon," he said, noting that the council's broad goal "is minimising the number of executions ... as much as possible". For child offenders, these efforts result in pardons agreed by the families of victims in 96 percent of cases, according to Tafreshi. Murder is punishable by death in Iran, according to the Islamic law of retribution of "qesas" or an "eye for an eye". But the death sentence is not carried out if the victim's family agrees to pardon the individual on death row. UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet in late June pointed to Iran's "widespread use of the death penalty" and said "over 80 child offenders are on death row, with at least four at risk of imminent execution". Iran last year executed at least four people found guilty of murders committed when they were minors, according to the UN. Tafreshi pointed out that Islam's holy book the Koran says that demanding the convict's execution "is your right as a victim's family" -- but also that showing mercy and agreeing to a pardon is "good for you". http://dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2021/Jul-06/521599-iran-seeking-to-cut-executions-of-child-offenders-to-zero.ashx
  4. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum The alphabet group is trying to legalize pedophilia and keeps testing the waters to see when they can make it official to the public. That man would get a solid beating in Lebanon if he pulled that in a woman's restroom. Our men don't have a millimeter tolerance of such degenerates. Imagine your young daughter being exposed to male genitalia at a tender age of 7. This alone would cause me to immigrate to another county. No uproar for this sick madness from CAIR or Congresswomen Talib or 3mar, but there twitter bios used to mention there pronouns as her/she. Allah punish them for pushing a disgusting agenda. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH
  5. Bismehe Ta3ala Previous war criminals like Bush, McCain when they bited the dust, there was 5-6 pages on SC arguing not to speak ill of the dead. Atleast 2 years later, it's quiet in the forums. Meanwhile, we have a white American who is speaking of the crimes this lizard looking cold blooded murderer committed. There is no justice in America. Stop fooling yourselves. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH
  6. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum dear sister If you are able to afford a cooler, where he can keep a wet, cold towel and use it around his neck or head. He needs to stay hydrated, and if you and co-workers can work on a makeshift area to provide an umbrella to keep him in the shade. God bless you for caring and looking out for the less fortunate. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH
  7. Bismehe Ta3ala Assalam Alikum Just found out about the news, and I had to come on SC to voice my pleasure of his death. The Iraqis, Afghanis, and Somalians can sleep well tonight knowing a murderer will face the ultimate Justice now with God. It's threads like this that remind me of past threads like John McCain, George H. Bush and other warmongers that wail and say 'don't speak ill of the dead.' There moral compass is so jacked up, and they have no idea of the millions of people they killed in cold blood. US troops would storm in the middle of the night and raid Iraqis, Afganis, and Somalians' homes and drag their men or kill them right before their families eyes. So many atrocities have occured by Rumsfeld from the infamous jail of Abu Ghrab to the attacks of drones on innocent civilians. Anyone who defends this warmonger, Insh'Allah you face the same justice he will receive in the Akheera, behaq Mohammad wa Ahli Mohamad. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH
  8. Jouma mubaraka try to recite salawat atleast 100 times today.

  9. Assalam Alikum Jouma mubaraka Stay away from the liberal pukes, they corrupt your mind and influence you to believe 'love is love'. From Daniel Haqiqajou Just a reminder, since we are in Qawm Lut Pride month: The biggest "Islamic" promoter of LGBT to the mainstream Muslim community continues to be Yaqeen Institute for "Islamic" Research. In addition to their main paper pushing Muslims to support gay marriage and LGBTQ rights, they also have three papers published by an openly queer activist, Margarita Rosa. And of course, their founder and the main face of Yaqeen, Omar Suleiman, is notorious for his continued allyship with pro-LGBT activists and his infamous quote: "We are determined to cry together, to pray together, to stand together – straight, gay, Floridian and Texan.” Despite my invitation to Yaqeen in the past to explain these shocking things and discuss in an open forum, Yaqeen refuses to explain themselves, let alone take down the material and issue a correction and apology. How many Muslims (and non-Muslims) have been led into LGBT acceptance and promotion, thinking that such is Islamically acceptable because of Yaqeen? That question alone should haunt everyone associated with Yaqeen. It's a question that would haunt anyone concerned about their akhira. Ironically, Yaqeen touts its "scholarly review board" as working to "defend and promote Islamic orthodoxy." I guess they think that LGBT, gay marriage, and queer activists are all orthodox in Islam. Allah's refuge is sought!
  10. @Hannie Do you know about Prophet Lut and his community? Why did Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) sent his wrath on the sodomites? Interesting our Muslims in the West knows it it is "pride" month but have no clue it is the martydom of Imam Jafar as Sadiq. They are grooming children to soon add the letter P to the alphabet group, pedophilia.
  11. Why do people commit acts of violence towards themselves and others? What do the opioid crisis, hate groups, suicide, mass shootings all have in common? Chris Hedges explains. If you don't want to watch the clip, read the transcript below. At its core, trauma is about the inability to feel. It's being cut off from your own humanity and the humanity of others. What is it that drives groups and individuals to carry out acts of self destruction, self annihilation? When people are completely cornered and the only way they feel they can affirm themselves is to destroy, they will. This rupture of social bonds - people are pushed outside the system. So that all of the ways that they can actualize themselves, find dignity within the social structure are denied to them, and they essentially affirm themselves through destructive acts. Work is not simply about exchanging labor for a wage. Work is about family. It's about being able to live within the society with dignity. We've taken that away from the working class, especially with the destruction of unions and deindustrialization. All the manufacturing has been offshored. Much of my family comes from working class Maine and the mills are all gone. Even the bank is boarded up. There's methamphetamine labs everywhere. Camden, New Jersey was a hundred years ago a huge manufacturing center. RCA was there. Campbell Soup, which still has a headquarters, but they don't make soup there. And now the population is cut in half. And essentially what we see in these urban centers is that inability to be integrated within the society. The opioid crisis, alcoholism, gambling, suicide, hate groups are an inevitable response to the rupture of social bonds. That's because those who seek the annihilation of others are driven by feelings of self annihilation. We have to rebuild the social infrastructure. It really comes down to investing in people, not into systems of control.
  12. Shahr Ramadhan Mubarak Every year, ShiaChat would close this thread for the month of Ramadhan and start a new thread Iftar 1442. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes.
  13. ^^^ That was touching. We all want to be loved. Fatiha to the mothers that have passed away.
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