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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Salam Hi , How r u maaa friend i knw coz i don't accesses it for long time u can give me ur hotmail id we can chat ... Anywz can u help to deactivate maa account on shiachat ... Wat shld i do just tell me ... coz i am not using it .. Bye waiting for a reply

  3. Salam 3likum ... so ur found of Milk and u like having some thg made of milk .... listen i have a short and simple ingrediant for u and try it its yaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm :) 2 scope of Vanilla Ice-cream 1cup of Milk 1tsp 0f Sugar 1/2 cup of pistasho cruched 1. Frist cruch the pista with the milk in the jucie maker with sugar as given above that add the rest of the ingrediants and serve ...
  4. Salam 3likum ... Yaaa wen i get despressed i keep reading dua and quran ... i do tasbee5 100 times and try to join ppl i never set alone i keep setting with family and friends ..... :no:
  5. Ayat

    Display pic

    yaaaaa i don't display maaa pic coz it violate maaa hijab :Hijabi:
  6. Salam 3likum .... Nice question !! If i would marry some one i would look for a guy with good imaan and a5laq means behaviour ... she shld be loving and caring on me .... and respect me like how i do to him ... dats it :lol:
  7. Ayat

    How old are you?

    i am 25 yrs old .... ^_^
  8. I searched on google for good website of shia and i got this one i liked it much and thats why i joined it ..... ofcource for religious development
  9. yes ur right salt is essential and useful in many ways .... we cannot have our daily food with out salt ...
  10. In this ur right .... why wil she or he say his or her past to him ..... If she or he is interested in each other than they can marry and he wil be responsible abt her frm the time he propose her and not frm the time of her past .... everyone do mistakes .... and human beings are not saints they r brought to this world to live and do hasanat so that finally they meet Allah with there good hasanat .... ppl shld be forgetful tooo Thanks brother ... for this nice question
  12. (bismillah) Moral Lessons from the Story of Prophet Yusuf (A) Allah says the following about the story of Prophet Yusuf (A) in the Holy Qur'an: We narrate unto you (O Muhammad) the most excellent of the stories (by which) We have revealed unto you this Qur'an; though before this you were of the unaware ones (of its details). Surah Yusuf, 12:3 Indeed, the adventures and experiences of Prophet Yusuf (A), and his conduct throughout his life, provide us with a wealth of lessons and morals. Some things we may learn from his life are: 1. The belief in the presence of Allah makes a man's troubles easier for him to bear, and as long as he keeps himself away from sins despite temptations, he will ultimately be successful. Prophet Yusuf (A) taught us this by his cheerful conduct throughout his enslavement and imprisonment. 2. In all difficulties and hardships one should seek only Allah's protection. Prophet Yusuf (A) showed his faith by seeking refuge from Allah when faced with the evil intentions of Zuleikha. He was thus saved from committing a terrible sin. 3. One should always remain attached to religion and should take every opportunity to persuade others towards the right path. Prophet Yusuf (A) did not forsake his duty even when in the prison, where he preached against idol worship before interpreting the dreams of his cell-mates. 4. Patience in the face of hardship is the best of qualities and results in reward from Allah in this life and the hereafter. Prophet Yusuf (A) remained calm and resigned to the Will of Allah, despite being abandoned in the well by his brothers. He also bore the shame of being sold as a slave patiently. He also accepted his false imprisonment. In return for his forbearance, Allah raised his position till it was the highest in Egypt. 5. It is important to act in such a manner as to preserve your honour and dignity, and these qualities must always be safeguarded. Prophet Yusuf (A) taught us this valuable lesson when he refused to accept his freedom from prison until his innocence was proved to the people. Thus when he was finally released, he knew he could come in front of the people with his head held high and without any blemish on his record. 6. Above all, this story teaches us that we should forgive and forget the past. When Prophet Yusuf's (A) brothers came to him in Egypt, they were in a pitiable condition and would have been helpless against his great power. If he had wished, Prophet Yusuf (A) could have severely punished them for the heartless treatment they had given him. Instead he forgave their errors and treated them well. We have listed only a few lessons above, and there is a lot more that one can learn and understand from the story of Prophet Yusuf (A). You can watch the movie on Youtube ãÓáÓá íæÓÝ ÇáÕÏíÞ
  13. Its really sad ... I dono why they r doning this to us .... why they hate shia and they distrub us wen we go for our piligrimage ... to madina and bakee3
  14. Really i Dono wat to say ..... i read ur story full .... but u shldn't listen to ppl u shld do wat u think right ....
  15. Dear sister .... Don't worry u shold take care of ... shampoo ur hair everyday and blowdry it so that it shld not be wet and don't make a mistake and cover it wet .... in the weekend oli ur hair for 1/2 an hour and wash it ....
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