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  1. ommmg paedo stalker. ima call the childline on you.. :(

  2. LOL you're a weiiiiiiiiiiiiiirdo! stalking my profile and that pshht


  3. LOL oh no, what happened to itt? :|

  4. hosseinnnnnn, are you alive? : LOL

  5. Lool man, i've been tryna think of a way to reply with a poem.. but I've got some sorta mind block :$ and you know you'reee the lyrical don, mdm!! :D hope you've had a wicked day inshaAllah, halal partying and that! ;) haha

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY MDM! :D hope you have a good day iA!!

  7. LOL nah bro forreal, YOU are sick !! on a level, damn!! :| i was seriously gona give up on that last one lmaoo, owned me hardd ! :p

  8. alhamd, im well too :) just studying for my final exams, pray for me mann! :$ watup with youu?

  9. yoooooooo salam! :D how ya doing dano!?

  10. Lol! hibernation den! heyy glow... could you make me one too? :D preferably a non-internet & non-distraction zone den lool :$. But hope your studying is going well - better than mine anyway : how many exams do you have coming up? iA you do well :) and hopefully when exams etc are over i might be able to spend my life on sc again :p and nm new, just munching on some chocolate atm loool *heaven* :p

  11. been hibernating init :$ lool i have exams soon and bla blaa >:(

    how've you been? :D

  12. mysterious glow!! :D haha

  13. happy birthday! :)

  14. im glad to hear that :D thank you bruddaa! likewise :)

  15. ahaha, thank youu :) i know right, i've almost finished pre-school woo! B) hope you had a merry Eid! lool, wasalams.

  16. dannooo salaams! It's been ages :o I'm finee alhumd.. how are you?! you better be married by now mate! :@ baha and oh yhh... have you decided to talk to me again finally?! :P

  17. You're such a good for nothing teenager! Did you know that? :)

  18. oii.. why you looking at my profile fatsssso :P

  19. Titch, my sister in the Islam. Being my na-mahram and all... i was kinda shocked that you "wub"-ed me.. and that you said you're missing me.. that is soo unislamic! like omg! My wife won't be very happy. >:(

  20. :O FORREALL?? us ka naam kya hai?? :!!!: he's a freshie? From pakiland?? Im right init :| LOOL guess what... i got married too ^_^

  21. omggg....you got married init :| LOL jokess :$

  22. aww you're welcomee mate.. how was your birthday? best day of your life ehh? :P and i knoww omgosh it's been so long... where've you been strangerr? :wub: :wub:

  23. :O Happy Belateeed Birthdayyyy Fasihaaaaaaaaa :D

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