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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i tried to pm but i guess its disabled...i need it asap thank you in advance

  2. salamz could you send me the waseefa?

  3. LOL Thanks for the suggestions. Very enlightening! :)

  4. Does one need to schedule an appointment with an SC mod b4 one recieves a reply? I've written three...asking abt account closure, deletion, whatever....no reply... Anyways, it is time for me to depart, bros&sistahs. I LOVE SC coz I love the 5tan :yaali: and anything that has their zikr. Learned may enlightening things here. I like many of the peepz on here,too. It's just I DEMAND A HIGHER, MORE EXCLUSIVE BREED OF STALKERS :lol: !!! It's just...for some strange, SILLY, odd reason...I'M NOT INTERESTED IN MEN WHO THRIVE ON CAM-GIRLS AND HOOKERS :!!!: ...(even if it's under the pretence of mutah- n these stalkers are not necessarily from SC either) I figure the cruelest thing one can do to these sick addicted stalkers is.....stay away from them and get off the Net. Don't fear...I love this forum too much, will be back from fake id most likely. Toodles! MODERATORS, WOULD YOU CLOSE MY ACCOUNT PLEASE? (Or do I need to write ranting posts containing foul language n then they'll close it for sure?)
  5. To give u an example of how TRUE this documentary is- one of the bros from ShiaChat said to me "thr is nothing wrong w/men being addicted to porn etc t's not haram." See what's going on?

  6. Thanks for the posting the links to The Arrivals, bro. I already saw them last month n was very surprised!

  7. Thank you for posting this bro. I already saw all The Arrivals videos and they are really eye-opening. In fact, I was gonna post themup myself but seeing how unaware some ppl are on here, I didn't. Is why I was REALLY surprised at how one of the bro on this forum told me being addicted to various vices is NOT haram...clearly he has no idea who's guiding ppl on the path to these various addictions explained in the video...n clearly ppl who are slavs to these addictions are gonna get a literal slap in the face when our Imam arrives, may Allah hasen his return. I was jst happy to see that I was wise in staying away from the ills these ppl deliber8ely introduce into society.
  8. Are we still on this topic? Sheesh guys, move on.
  9. Aha! All hose creeps were u, were they? Well, what're u gonna do when I pack up n get off the Net???? Go into withrdawal symptoms?

  10. Sis-nin-training whrd' you go? Remember my golden rule PLS: play some games w/the decent men who are a good option for you...but dont bother to even play games w/the scum trash type of man...jst stay awy and out of reach for him. N no deceitful games ever.

  11. Ajeeb aurat ho...at least tell me u recieved the wasifa and understand it, so I know I've helped. Weird ppl....

  12. Sis, I mssgd u the wasifa. Did u get it? Is it clear? Do let me know how things turn out...n u know hat? I have s trooong feeling ur hubby's "other relationship" is gonna breakn he'll crawl to you. They always do.

  13. Lololoool we've all been thru the 15 yr old crush "so sure it'sreal love/soulmates" thing....strangely enough...I heard from mine TEN rys after I'd given up and he is still single, a TOTAL loser, and after me the way I was after him. thank GOD, God kept me away from him. Trust me...you have a looooong life ahead.
  14. U don't need a dua to pass this test- U NEED PRACTISE AND DRIVING SKILLS LOL! :!!!: Well, I'm wrong...duas do give a powerful added push, so....inshallah!
  15. READ THE WORDS. What is Allah saying here? That he "has saved you" so give a sadeqa. Does that not sound favorable to you? IS that not clearly the answer to your question??? That he is going to "Save you."Had you recieved an ayat mentioning Hell or munafiqs or something, that would be unfavorable.
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