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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. website address is - www.nohawriteups.com

  2. World Cup Groups Group A - South Africa/Mexico/Uruguay/France Group B - Argentina/Nigeria/South Korea/Greece Group C - England/USA/Algeria/Slovenia Group D - Germany/Australia/Serbia/Ghana Group E - Holland (Netherlands)/Denmark/Japan/Cameroon Group F - Italy/Paraguay/New Zealand/Slovakia Group G - Brazil/North Korea/Ivory Coast/Portugal Group H - Spain/Switzerland/Honduras/Chile Whats your views about this draw What is your views on the group of death? thats group G And finally who do you think will be the winners, I know its early to say but make predictions now For the second
  3. zidane born and muslim however he dosnt follow it but then again u dont know what goes on behind close doors Franck Ribery converted for his mrs and so did van persie imbrahimovic aint muslim just coz of his name or his parents orgini. kolo toure aswell a muslim of arsenal mohammed sissoko ex liverpool and now juventus player stated that on juventus website that playin in ramazan whilst fasting was hard so shows that he still practises his religion
  4. well if it actually becomes official then yea he aint worth all that money HOWEVER its good that MAN.UTD get robbed of their best player i mean its by time some other teams in both the prem league win! i mean barca changed the mood this season next season man.utd gonna go dwn hill
  5. egypt played well good knowing that they were playing the mighty BRAZIL zidan egypts best player there (Zinedine Zidane's twin lol not exactly the same) italy of course will win, although its their 1st confed tournament and being the oldest squad there aint easy for these italiano men. spain are on some next level and from what i have seen so far spain, brazil and italy look good, however being an azzurri lover i have to say they are shaky but then again that how they are
  6. 1) Why aren't sister into sports? i believe coz they become busy in other things, cooking, education, marriage etc culture as well plays a big part to it 2) What sports do you like? i love my sports i play and watch many sports but football = life 3) Favourite sport person? there are many legendary footballers i can list many and many indeed but i wont
  7. and the summer brothers (scot- cyclops and alex - havok) are adopted by mr. sinester whos a good guy well abit lol

    trust me its all weird!!

    rong comic to pick up but its all good

  8. def that cajun's voice in the cartoon was def!!! mon ami lol

    im reading some xmen comics, the age of apocolyse...and trust its life after professor x. its really weird its like magneto is leading them to finish apocalyse off. jean gray n logan are together (hes knowns as weapon x) and magneto n gambit best mates until magneto got involved with rouge whom they got married

  9. Ya Ali (as) Madad and ASA Just to let you know that there is majalis for 5 day held in East London for the shahadat of our syeda Fatima-Zahra (sa) Just to inform ladies and gentleman of the following information Majalis 23-27 May 2009 at 19:30 Speakers: S. Qasim Abbas Zaidi S. Aqeel Mohsin Naqvi Venue: Qasar-e-Abbas 67 Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, London, E7 9AN http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=53992...searchp=ids.srf Nohay: Sajid Party
  10. i know man i was big time disppointed and emma frost aswell!!

    to b honest the xmen movies are no where near the cartoons or comics the movies are rubbish trust i can direct way better then that. coz the story aint the same, nor are the character who play them i mean rouge n storm suppose to be taller the jean grey lol n in movie they are shorter and plus they dont even look liek them

  11. does any one have the words for this noha Fizza Nay Museebat May Nibhai sath Zainab Ka thanks :Hijabi:


  13. x-men wolverine orgins coming out man cant wait

    GAMITTTTT yes yea we gonna see reme or the caijan as wolverine calls him cant wait mate! 1st show 1st ticked front row!!!

  14. he aint shia not because his middle name is yazid (la) but he aint even a proper muslim i mean hes married to a spanish seniorita and named all his children after famous footballers. not islamic now. however reading an article of him wen he played for juventus (zindabad) before every single match he would read sura-e-faitiya and thank god after every match.
  15. nohawriteups.com is back just to advice you the site is now back up and running. if you have any writeups please pm me them with the link to the noha recording so i can add them on the website.
  16. NOHAWRITEUPS.COM IS BACK the site is back up and running now. inshallah no more hacks. and inshallah in due time i will upload new nohay writeups etc if you have any writeups please pm me them with the link to the nohay if u have them. but yea please continue to use the site.. p.s - if you type nohawriteups on google it will not show up so i suggest you type the site in the address bar manually. :blink:
  17. well im sure 2 are pakistanis, 1 looks bangali and the other looks ... Yasmina Siadatan http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice/candidates.../c_400010.shtml http://www.getbracknell.co.uk/entertainmen...ed_for_the_show i dont think she is shia just by lookin at her and even if she was she prob shia by name.... and her brother is `matthew` dont know how shia that is neways who cares i cant wait roll on wednesday!!!
  18. I know im sooo :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: about it my website - www.nohawriteups.com was hacked dont think its got to do with wahabhis but then again dont know however luckly they only hacked onto the theme of the website and that all the nohay are still there.. its depends which internet browser you use unfortnatly my website hasnt been updated due to the fact that `cant login` due to the hack but inshallah with all your duas i will sort the problem out as soon as possible. sorry if its caused problems, but they were outta ma hands and trust im bare upset about it aswell! :cry: :cry: :cr
  19. some ppl have no brain at all! all they think about is marriage and getting their kids married to anything they can find, whats next a girl married a table! lol
  20. well i think this topic should be for everyone as it is in the sport section i would love to play for shiachat! bring it on
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