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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. website address is - www.nohawriteups.com

  2. and the summer brothers (scot- cyclops and alex - havok) are adopted by mr. sinester whos a good guy well abit lol

    trust me its all weird!!

    rong comic to pick up but its all good

  3. def that cajun's voice in the cartoon was def!!! mon ami lol

    im reading some xmen comics, the age of apocolyse...and trust its life after professor x. its really weird its like magneto is leading them to finish apocalyse off. jean gray n logan are together (hes knowns as weapon x) and magneto n gambit best mates until magneto got involved with rouge whom they got married

  4. i know man i was big time disppointed and emma frost aswell!!

    to b honest the xmen movies are no where near the cartoons or comics the movies are rubbish trust i can direct way better then that. coz the story aint the same, nor are the character who play them i mean rouge n storm suppose to be taller the jean grey lol n in movie they are shorter and plus they dont even look liek them



  6. x-men wolverine orgins coming out man cant wait

    GAMITTTTT yes yea we gonna see reme or the caijan as wolverine calls him cant wait mate! 1st show 1st ticked front row!!!

  7. whos a german now? are u?

  8. U are soooo sillyy cant believe it! y u sayin individual memebers names for? WHO are you to call us those names not even a lanati would say that n u call urself a muslim!

  9. ohh thanks mary very kind of u to remember


  10. na aint seen it yet

    ur gettin famous

    ps. im rougue

  11. yea im alive well partly

    wat u doin?

  12. salam brother long time

    just to let you know Jaloos this sunday at marble arch at 2.30pm for Imam Ali (as) shahadat

  13. yam brother

    jaloos this sunday dwn london try and come bring all ur fellow malangs too

  14. arshavin was he good or was he wow against the mighty oranje

  15. lool

    typical spaniards won it

    they played well

    turks n russia suprise team !

  16. "you talkin to me"

  17. rip

    france!! atleast italy qualified for the quarters piecelly in their rubbish form

    pity about france

  18. where u hiding timmy

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