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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. London outside of 'top 30 cities' London is the only UK city to have been ranked in a global top 50 for quality of living, but comes in at a lowly 39th spot, a new survey has suggested. The study was based on factors including crime, political stability, hospitals, transport, food and drink, leisure, climate and personal freedom. The Mercer Quality Of Living ranking assesses 221 cities to help governments and firms place staff on assignments. Vienna was ranked at the top of the list for the second year running. London was followed by Aberdeen at 53rd position, Birmingham at 55, Glasgow at 57 a
  2. It's not just that, it's also the fact that it is predominantly white Westerners who have gone out of their way to offend Muslims, so the logical retaliation is against white Westerners. Pictures of Palestinians getting brutalised is hardly going to hit them where it hurts. If anything, they will derive satisfaction from it.
  3. Knew this was coming. It's a really bad idea. A bunch of people who died 65 years ago don't have anything to do with this drawing campaign.
  4. She handled that poorly. Zionists get it easy in the US, that guy wouldn't stand a chance at a London Uni.
  5. I agree, it is human nature to help others, so it is that much worse when that nature is diminished. Again, I emphasis, I am not alluding to an innate diffiernce between Esterners and Westerners, rather, I am talking about the British in particular. The only reason I mentioned Iraq, Iran, and Asia as contrasting examples is that I am familiar enough with these cultures to predict with confidence what those people would do in this situation. I sincerely hope Canada doesn't go our way.
  6. Yes of course it's complex. Our cultures are a fuction of their histories, which are long and rich. But what stands at the end of the day, is the cultures are different, some better than others in various ways, as a function of their histories, not necessarily their genes (which whould not be discounted). I know, amongst the enlightened people of shiachat, it is fashionable to lament the problems and backwardness of our own selves. Self-reflection is always good, but that does not stop me calling it as I see it - British culture is dreadful when it comes to community and society. This is a big
  7. It's easy for you to say this now. Wait until it actually happens and then say the same thing.
  8. That's a kind explanation Maryaam, but I'm not really buying it. US-style litigation culture is something relatively new, but what I've seen through the late 80s and 90s, up until the present day is a a general atomisation of society, selfishness and individualism in South East England, less so in the West and North. Litigation has made it worse, no doubt, but it has always been here. You notice it in subtle and nuanced way, from the cold, expressionless face of the anonymous person who does not return your smile at the isle in the supermarket, to the b*tching, back-stabbing and two-faced beha
  9. Just have this image of Najaf-land, with great big inflatable bifurcated swords..oh God, I think I'm gonna puke :sick:
  10. Sorry to sound so negative, but this strikes me as really tacky. A lake in the shape of Dhul fiqar? Come on, it cheapens the Imam, makes this into some kind of Dubai-esque wonderland. And we really don't want to become like Dubai, with silly, extravagant building projects and mall-culture.
  11. Wait, are you telling me that they would have those barriers in the first place!?
  12. British culture is a very individualistic and selfish one. People generally do not go out of their way to help others, and putting your life on the line for a stranger is too much for most people. To me this scenario is inconceivable in a place like Iraq, Iran or south east Asia. People would be thronging to help. It's not just a lack of fear of being sued, it's a cultural difference.
  13. No, I did not say that. There are a number of reasons why an Islamic revoltuion can't happen in Iraq, I have not actually stated them. Sadr was never that popular outside his own areas. In the first elections, the UIA which was basically all the Shia together only got 48% of all votes, and in the latest, Sadr+Hakeem+Ja'afari only got 19%. Then you talk about the US producing Shia-Shia conflict. Are you seriously tellling me th fighting between Sadr and Hakim was instigated by the US? If our leaders are so gullible and so malleable that they would have Shia kill Shia in the holiest places and
  14. Contented Self, Khorosani et. al. This topic has been discussed for 7 years. The conclusion has not changed: Either we have a single democratic state(s), or we have a civil war and fight between ourselves for territory. Right now we are in a precarious state of flux between these two most-likely outcomes, and time will tell what happens You can discuss theoretical ideals about what Iraqis should have done, and sure, Iraqis have themselves to blame for their problems in large part, I don't deny that, they are paying for their sins - not to mention the sins of others. However, we don't have a t
  15. As I said above, they deserve to be criticised for the poor handling of the American murderers. However, the reality is that there is nothing that can be done directly against them, their superiors have effectively guaranteed them immunity from prosecution, and they are not about to change their minds because some rag-head wanted them to. There are only two ways to deal with this situation - through the current democratic and political process, or through uprising. Iraqis have no desire for the latter, so we forced to take the route of the former, and thats what is happening, with some degree
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