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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam I'm looking for the audio of the latmiya "spirit of hussein" I've added a link with the lyrics below but can't seem to find the audio anywhere. http://sarbazaneislam.com/en/imam-hussein/1258-spirit-of-husayn.html
  2. Thanks brother, looks really well made, plenty of information. Although looks quite expensive! does it feel worth the money so far?
  3. I've also moved into more body weight exercises, a mixture of calisthenics and "movement" exercises by ido portal. what do you use as a routine for your workouts, do you have progression exercises or you just go straight into the moves?
  4. ^ I agree with the above Why do people feel the need to make the effort to insult others. Look at yourself and all the mistakes you make and once you are infallible then you can judge and insult others, although if you do, it clearly shows you aren't actually infallible.
  5. There is no twelver belief stating that it is compulsory to say "ya ali" or to "give takfir on the sahabi", so this can't be a reason for saying they are kafir. It is a personal decision for each person to do it.
  6. Just give an answer... Why insult him as well?
  7. Lol at this topic. The 6 who said yes should never get married.
  8. You have more time to pray and get thawab :) My broken bone still hasn't healed :s
  9. Muslim Fighting Techniques By Michael Davidson, eHow Contributor The Muslim culture is closely associated with the Middle East. While some Muslim nations have had many conflicts of both a religious and a military nature, there are not many well-known Muslim fighting styles or martial-arts. This does not mean that they do not exist. Some fighting styles that developed in Muslim regions centuries ago are still practiced today. Introduction The principle form of martial-art that has Muslim roots is called Pencak Silat Sharaf. It originally was called Silat Mubai and gets its origins from traditio
  10. Why not? There are many Sunni girls who would be better Shias then many of us. Just because someone is born a Shia doesn't mean they are a better Muslim then a sunni
  11. Taking stray hairs out sounds alright as you would look untidy but actually shaping your eyebrows is imitating women astaghfirullah ;)
  12. Yes, if you believe she is open minded and wants to seek the truth she will probably come towards the true path of Islam and you would have brought someone to the true Islam :) There are thousands of Sunnis who would find out the truth and become Shia if they had marries a Shia. The only problem is many Shia do not want to marry Sunnis for some reason. Also, if it was bad for us to marry a non Shia it would be haram or even makrooh for us to marry them. But it is okay for us to marry any of the ahlul kitab and if we did the true Islam would spread even quicker.
  13. http://tetra-aid.com/images/uploads/ShoulderFuturo3080.jpg
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