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  1. Salaam Alykum, are you still looking for a overhead abaya for your aunt? You posted about this some time ago..I order these from a wonderful lady based in Austalia, she ships internationally and the abayas you can sew in the elastic yourself for the head part and the material is lightweight crepe so it wont be hard to wear, plus comes with sleeves so you can order them open or closed overhead abaya. Anyway, let me know. I can send you her link for her website and information and anything else...

  2. ding dong are you in?

  3. wa alaikum salam

    bus aaj kal RMA forums par thora bohot aata hoo. aur aap kaise hai? theek thaak khairiat?

  4. salam, bhai kahan ghayab ho aajkal ?

  5. Wa alaikum assalam

    I am fine thank you. The comments need to get approved by me first to show up lol so now that I have approved them, they are there. :)

    Hows your business coming along?

  6. Salam. i posted comment on ur profile but it hasnt shown up so im doing it again. How r u? Glad everything is ok with school. Take care. Kh

  7. Salam. Glad to hear u have settled in well. Hope u had a nice Eid. Take care, Khudhahafis

  8. Sheik Hassan Halal manager of Hawza of Smahat Assayed: 009611857387
  9. Salam Alaikum

    I hope you are well inshallah.

    Anyways holy [Edited Out] man. These uni folk are gonna kill me, they have given me so much of non sensical homework to do. I sit right infront of the prof (:P) but end up dozing with my face sticking out at him. loool it looks so funny. What should I do???

  10. Inshallah I shall talk to you later. Take care

    Fee Amanillah

    PS Send my salams to your family members.

  11. Salam Alaikum

    I hope you and your family are well inshallah and in good health. Hows your father now? I remember he had some medical problems/surgery?

    I have finally started university and while it is hectic, I havent yet found it difficult alhamdolillah but this is just the beginning. I go to Scarbourgh/Markham to my aunts for the weekends. I found some Shia centers in Waterloo...

  12. lol ur email was hilarious... will reply to it shortly..

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