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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We don't have to wonder if Jabba L Hut is a white supremecist or not. I am a white American woman and I am ashamed of the fact that our history is nothing but BLOODY. From the very beginning, starting with the native Americans, we can see what kind of people we are and have been and will continue to be if nothing is done to stop it. The American definition of freedom is not necessarily a universal defintion of freedom-our definition of freedom is largely measured by how much skin a woman is allowed to expose in public; and being able to drink and party and hurt our health as much as we want to without interference. Trying to force our definition of freedom on another people is nothing more than tyranny. See how we kill people whose opinion differs from ours---go ahead try to deny it, you'd just make a fool out of yourself, if you hadn't already. If you don't want to take responsibility for the crimes that our ancestors have committed then at least wake up and do what you can to speak out against the things our living generations are doing---they're repeating the history of the ancestors----getting more blood on our hands for our future generations to apologize for........that's what. Do you really expect our "power" to last forever? No nation in the history of this earth has ever been able to hold global power permanantly, what will happen to us when we lose ours? All of the people we have hurt, historically and currently will be avenged if there is a God in heaven. Power does not give people the right to go kill, rape, enslave, or brainwash those who don't agree with our opinion, whether it's political, religious, or whatever. Have a nice day.
  2. Salaam Alaikum, I am an American-Muslim student at an American university with mostly American professors. On Tuesday morning my history professor informed the class that the government has just signed a Billion dollar contract with a large American publishing company in order to write and publish all new school books for the new school system they are planning to set up in Iraq !!!! :shaytan: :shaytan: :shaytan: :mad: :mad: Knowing all the history I know about what the white supremicist system in America has done to the African American community here, I shudder to imagine the psychological damage this will cause to all the coming generations of young Iraqi's!!! The American education system is set up to make people who aren't "white" believe that all white history and culture is good and all other cultures are bad. They have caused most African Americans to be ashamed to call themselves Africans and to be ashamed of their history and culture. :shaytan: :shaytan: :mad: I hope that our grand Ayatallahs are aware of this scheme!!!!
  3. First of all, Sadam Hussein never cut off "the world's oil supply." Iraq was "sanctioned"-wake up!!! smell the coffee!! I attended a conference at my [American] university at which White American professors made presentations. One of these professors said that The American government is (was) paying Sadam Hussein $40 million a year for oil, under the table, while publicly maintaining that they are sanctioning Iraq. In order to hide the fact that they are maneuvering that evil puppet's strings; in other words they were getting what they wanted from him until they decided they don't need him any more. . .
  4. Salam Alaikum all! So much bickering and nonsense!!! I am a woman and my husband treats me with the utmost respect even during heated disagreements. . . However, if I stole, lied, neglected or abused my kids(I don't even have any kids yet) or cheated I'd expect a very different reaction. When the Qur'an said "beat the women," I doubt that it meant to beat them without mercy for every little mistake. On the other hand, the punishment should fit the crime, don't you think? I think people should use common sense when reading that verse, men and women both. Salam, a sister in faith
  5. I believe God judges the soul too, and not the body. . . . . but the condition of the soul reflects on the physical body. . . If one's soul is right, it will reflect on the way a person lives. The way we dress, the way we eat, the way we pray and worship God, the way we marry, the way we divorce, the way we talk, the way we raise families, the way we do every single thing under the sun---including funerals. God gave us special ways of doing things simply so that we will be RECOGNIZED AS BELIEVERS. :angel: Wasalaam a sister in faith
  6. Finally!!! A response from someone who has actually read the book! Congratulations, and thank you! I am a scholar of literature and plan to teach literature when I get high enough in my education. The one thing I don't believe in is judging a book based on hearsay, especially not a controversial one. So, I'll probably still end up reading this particular book myself if I ever get my hands on a copy, but for now I'm just glad to see that someone who actually read the book has responded to this thread. Wasalaam.
  7. don't you think we should read a book before we judge it? I know that there are a lot of negative things said about Rushdi but I wonder how many people have actually read the book?
  8. "The West" is said to follow Machiavelli who promoted the "Divide and rule" idea. It may not have originally been his idea, but he is said to have promoted the philosophy in his famous book "The Prince." And for your information, Britain is said to have sponsered Wahabism, which are the people who are now blowing up other Muslims as well as non-Muslims. . .Osama Bin Laden is also a Wahabi
  9. Thankyou so much for this information. A friend of mine recently buried her hanicapped son after he became ill and passed away. My friend is a Muslim convert, however, her family are all Christians (like my family is) and she buried her son as a Christian. I felt that there was something drastically wrong with that picture, that's why I wanted to make sure I have the right information so I can at least do everything in my power to have my funeral done the right way if something happens to me. :angel: Ma Salaama a sister in faith
  10. Does anyone have actual ayats from the Qur'an or Hadiths stating how to conduct an Islamic funeral? Do any Marja's have spelled-out rulings on what is to be done in the case of Muslims from non-Muslim families? I plan to go put my wishes in some kind of formal legal writting, however, I need to be sure that I do it right. Umali, I know that we will stay in contact, Ensha Allah, but Pennsylvania is far away from TN and I couldn't expect you to go there if something happened to me. Thanks to all for responding. Wasalam :Hijabi:
  11. I'm fairly positive that these are all Sunni Masjids, but thank you very much for offering this info :angel: But I will go to the neighborhoods of these centers, regardless, and see if I can find a place that I can go shopping for halal meat and Islamic clothing whenever I need it. I have one address for a halal meat store in Harrisburg, that I found in the online yellow pages. :Hijabi: Asalama Alaikum, a sister in faith
  12. :Hijabi: I have been distressed by this dilemma. My whole family are Christians, what if I die? What will happen if they bury me their way? If I were married, my husband could legally determine how I will be buried, but I'm getting separated from my husband next month. Maybe my family would not wash me properly or they would not bury me facing the Kabba. Do I need to go make a legal Will on how I request to be buried? How important is a proper Islamic burial? :huh: Salaam Alaikum, a perplexed sister.
  13. Ayatallah Sayid Muhammad Hussein Fudlallah (Lebonon)
  14. Thank you all for your info...however, the place I plan to live is about 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Allentown. I could drive there once or twice a month if that is all there is, but I'm still hoping, ensha Allah, I could find something closer. The town I'm moving to is Middleburg, it's kind of small and remote, an hour outside Harrisburg. I really appreciate all of you for responding to my plea for information. I did find a halal meat store in Harrisburg in the online yellow pages, under grocers. So I'm excited about that, the people who own it are more than likely Sunni, but that doesn't matter, the meat is still halal ensha Allah, if they say it is. I know there are several Sunni masjids in the Harrisburg area, but I prefer Shia, and if I have to drive two or three hours to get there, then I guess that's just how it's going to be. Are there any other people out there with info? ? ? I would sure appreciate learning anything you know about this area. Thanks again, to all who responded so far. Sincerely, your sister in Faith :angel:
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