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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ Agree because though it's halaal, I know of a close relative who married a first cousin and the second born is deaf and dumb. So personally, I don't favour inbred marriages.
  2. Forget being face-to-face, well, I'm nervous of namehrams even if it's through emails! I always do something so silly that things get messed up. I go all weak in my knees and hands start shaking and I start dropping things. It's embarrassing to say the least. But, I think it's okay. It's all about exposure. You don't have to unnecessarily talk to guys. When it becomes essential then I do, and make a mess of everything otherwise, I'm happy the way I am.
  3. It's obvious. Whoever said that Turkey was Islamic and neither is Saudi ... so good let them make that much money to go bankrupt in this time of recession and let Iran build it's nukes and scare the life out of both.
  4. There's a vast difference between a politician and a leader. I would recommend Islamic leadership in Iraq and by this I mean anyone who is educated in both religion as well as politics so that his morals are in place and the rest automatically falls in line. After years of turmoil, Iraq needs a strong leader now. Someone who is like an engine of a train taking people to their destination, because without an engine the train is useless. It can't move on it's own. And this one doesn't have to be a cleric. He can be anyone who is knowledgeable. And who are these secularists anyway? Someone pand
  5. I wonder why Iraq can't produce a strong leader with a stiff backbone? Why does it always have to depend on outside forces to make peace internally? Iraq is rich. Just look at Basra... a bustling port as well as pots of gold in the form of oil. If only, it can be 'utilised' to help the already impoverished people, how great that would be. But I do like the idea of Iran and Iraq becoming a strong entity. Think how wonderful it would be if we had 2 strong powers representing the shias? Imagine the jitters that will go through to America and Saudi. But sadly, the politics of the region won't let
  6. Hmmm I also notice undertones of Munajat of Imam Ali (as). This is s sincere effort. May Allah swt accept all our supplications.
  7. razz110

    Al Atash

    ^Is this Punjabi? (wasalam) :cry: This is one of the most heart-wrenching masaib to bear. Very good bro. You should compile them all and publish it.
  8. Yes. I've also heard about that. I don't have a problem if someone prays in a Sunni or Shia mosque as long as they pray. :) And anyway during hajj also Muslims pray together. I was just curious to know how these shia brothers pray with Sunnis. Do they also cross their hands like them in case they are praying with the sects that do or they follow our way of doing so?
  9. Yea... some people are getting paranoid about shias. I also hear that some guy was interrogated by the police for joining too many shia related forums on Facebook! Azadari was rampant in Dubai, once upon a time. It's sad that things are tightening up these days.
  10. Do you also cross your hands and pray then? :o :Hijabi:
  11. :squeez: Good you are honest so have got a wee bit chance to wear the precious ammamah on your head. How? I'm sure Dubai has banned zanjeer zani. At least, it couldn't be done last year, I hear. That's how hordes went to Karbala and Syria in Muharram. :unsure:
  12. ^ Good excuse. The ladies don't want to meet you dingdong bell. Isn't that very clear? :angry: :sick:
  13. That is the best landscape picture I've seen in this whole year sis. And I've seen quite a few! I also take my pix from my cell. It's easy and very, very handy. Mount Everest tryst ... Phewa lake, Pokhra, Nepal Mountaineers at the Everest base camp Base camp ... the farthest peak so far!!! :P
  14. I don't understand why you people are asking her to speak to a Marja? I thought she was a Sunni! It's a very difficult situation for her and I'm very sorry that such events do occur in some households. I feel she should speak with some elder in her house, preferably an uncle of hers who would understand her plight. In these cases aunties can add fuel to the fire. If this elderly gentleman can intervene on her behalf it might work out in her favour or better still she can seek the help of the local jamaat. I don't know if sunnis have one, but shias do have very helpful people in those jamaats
  15. :rolleyes: Oh no! Not again... future Ayatollah dingdong and his fatwas! lol. Have any of these meetings worked? Lol. Doesn't seem though. Anyway, I'm not sure how advisable any of these online meets would be. If someone is taking the initiative, it's better to PM the time and place because this is a public forum and you never know who can fake and land up there. It's always better to be on your guard. It's the virtual world after all... Just a word of caution ...
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