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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah grant your baby eveything you desire
  2. There does not seem to be any chance of Balochistan amalagamating, merging, or confederating with Afghanistan, so the South Eastern flank of Iran would not be in any jeopardy. The Baloch people are a mostly either Shia or Ismailis, Zia ul Haq, the military usurper of yesteryears tried to change the religious complexion of Balochistan by funding Wahhabi seminaries there, but thankfully, it hasn't worked much. The NWFP anP Afghanistan are a different matter altogether. Pashtun hegemony drive under the garb of Islamic "fundamentalism" is very much a reality there.
  3. Muslim is said to be Saheeh though that is a very dubious claim
  4. Have heard this mentioned many times
  5. In the absence of the Divine Guide, to whom will you give the right to regulate contemporary issues?
  6. Boycotting elections is a waste of power you have. Win, lose or rigging does not matter. You make a point by voting.
  7. Whenever she is mature enough to handle the situation
  8. These pictures are highy disrespectful. So is the so-called re-ernactment of the events of Karbala carried out in many places.
  9. The premise of the fiesr option is entirely erroneous. Peace DOES not mean unity at all. It simply means absence of hostilities, not even tolerance as such. I voted the third option.
  10. ^ Ghussa nahin karte, buri baat
  11. I.Islam

    How tall are you?

    And with plenty of benefits, except, perhaps, finding the right shoes
  12. Very interesting topic. Some excellent points raised by Maryaam and BintalHoda
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