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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are you by any chance the creator of shialectures.net?

  2. Sallamun Alaykum Brother as i said before Inshallah Allah (AW) shows u that situation for a while so you can understand why education and other conditions that we get freely is not a solution for iraqis who are starving and dying becuase of a lack of work. anyway the speaker knows better than u and me about the situation in iraq and it is his ijtihad and indeed his ijtihad is correct. ws wr wb
  3. sallamun alaykum the guy is burning the name of Allah (AW) in the recording. Disgusting. the guy is really ignorant in the recording. he says why dont u stay in your airconditioned room. he thinks in iraq people live in airconditioned rooms with proper electricity. what can you do when fools speak against other people. ws wr wb
  4. sallamun alaykum i wonder why his not doing his programs in english. does anyone know? ws wr wb
  5. sallamun alaykum bro from your text it shows u havent gone to iraq or dont know how they live. in iraq if you dont work you lose your livelihood. the heat is killing them how can they be creative???. warm water will make it worse becuase it would be probably hurt them considering the heat. were not talking about a country like the us or europe. were talking about people who will DIE if they work outside and have DIED. are you being serious when your talking about nuitriants. bro these people are in a dangerous enviroment and have gone through war. u think nuitriants will actually save their l
  6. sallamun alaykum bro i dont intend to. thats why i recommended you watch the programme becuase its extensive in this regard. there isnt anything to add. ws wr wb
  7. Sallamun Alaykum bro i did respond however it seems i need to explain further brother who said satan gave the prophet this massege the prophet, who said he was mistakingly taking the same message from satan the prophet who said satan left the massege of the prophet the prophet. in all circumstances the prophet is the one that says what he says now how can we trust such a person when clearly he doesnt know when Allah (AW) gives him the message and when satan does? furthermore who is to say satan didnt plan this all along? in order to trick us he made himse;f seem like god and misguided the peo
  8. sallamun alaykum first of all u are taking things out of context just as wahabis do and secondaly it has been edited so unless i have the original copy and find what the sayed has to say i cant really make a judgment. unlike you i dont jump at the chance to attack the scholar without varifying and making sure i am certain of what happened and what i am accusing the individual of. you think im going to trust a tape who was edited by some ignorant individual above a highly ranked Shia scholar who is well known for his knowledge and piety. you have two choices either beleive a great shia scholar
  9. sallamun alaykum actually i dont go back to my books to see the refutations and use them rather i look at both books think about it then see if i was wrong or the person discussing with me is or if we both are. it seems u dont know me that well. the reason i asked u to watch it was becuase to prove the wahabis are following the ummayad line would require extensive research which has been shown by sayed kamal furthermore i dont expect u to change your view by seeing it rather u should look at it then check the refutation then see if there is anything else then think for yourself then decide wha
  10. sallamun alaykum i know about this. in iraq now a lot of people are dying from the heat therefore there are ways that Allah (AW) has allowed and Allhamdullilah, i heared on yesterday where he was asked that there were woman who worked at home and needed to fast he said then dont worlk in the afternoon work at home at nights. becuase of the severity of the conditions (that being death) he allows it. it seems a lot of ignorant individuals have come on this thread. ws wr wb
  11. sallamun alaykum he shouldnt have said this since it shows the authors lack of wisdom. if for the sake of argument was true it would show that the prophet cannot be trusted in what he relates. it is possible (and im not accusing hthe author of this just saying its possible) in order to defend other occasions in which the prophet is said to have been bewitched he uses this argument. i say this becuase this is what i have heared wahabis argue, that if the prophet is bewitched it shows that his human and in doing so proves how he is a a prophet becuase he says he is only a human in the holy qura
  12. sallamun alaykum bro tafseer amthal is for makarim shirazi. there isnt any book called tafseer amthal for sayed kamal hayderi as far as i can tell. is it like a tahqeeq? or is it called something else?. anyway from my experience on audio editing i can tell its been edited so i will pray that whoever is responsible for editing and aiming to edit it be punished a sever punishment in this world maybe even admit he edited the tape. please i ask the brothers and sisters to do the same especially if you beleive this tape was not edited to see what happens. ws wr wb
  13. sallamun alaykum he himself said he doesnt beleive in it. ws wr wb
  14. sallamun alaykum how do you research though? ws wr wb
  15. sallamun alaykum brother jihad who is the original editor of the tape. is it the followers of yasir habeeb or the wahabis? im listning to it and its clear the words are manupulated as i have experiance in audio editing so i just want to know who is responsible for editing this tape. ws wr wb
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