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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ive seen most of the movies on that list and the reason I believe they are more thought provoking is that the nature of the truth is being redefined, news networks such as Aljazeera have come up and how things are presented has changed. Movies cater to the taste of the times and with a more questioning audience the simple plots which give a one sided approach dont appeal to everyone. It needs to be more balanced. The explosion of the internet and how many sources are available such as blogs etc has also increased which means people have a ready medium in which to inquire and research more easily, now on the train to uni I can google a event and have it come up and read it on the go, or download a podcast on it from another country, which means a person has mutliple access to sources of information. These new movies such as unthinkable and Syriania are redefining how islam and the world is being seen, along with new sources of information like the wikileaks reports are all contributing to a more "open" society which cant be feed propoganda as easily as before. So alhamdillah and inshallah this continues and intellectual muslims help channel all these sources to present the true side of islam Peace
  2. Your tone makes me wonder if you learnt any manners this Ashura, is that what you do to people who may be wrong or have different views? Ridicule and pick points? May Allah forgive you :)
  3. Yeah IHIC is awesome Shiek Housani is good and a very good hearted person :) and if you have questions hes easily approachable and available, I agree with Janali numbers are small compared to the lectures at homebush, but the audience is completely different to that of homebush .... everyone pays attention normally in Ashura have you seen otherwise? :) Inshallah you come down and do remember us in your duas!
  4. Walaykum Al Salam Shiek Zaid Al Salami is doing lectures at Arncliff mosque (I have to double check if its continuing) At Imam Hussien Islamic center Beginning with Ziyarat Ashura at 8.00pm Followed by Maghreb Prayers Main Lecture by Said Ahmad Housaini Majlis by Brother Amin Afshar Latmiyat & Refreshments And depending if you can understand Arabic theirs more in the areas (Iraqis etc) Preference wise I think its all good go where your heart finds comfort and hamdillah you make the journey to come to listen to these lectures. May Allah reward you.
  5. His main thesis for his MA was on a book by Bewley on Muawiyah, I didnt realise he was doing his a phd, hes covering the scope of Muawiyah rule “Authority and Leadership in Early Islam: A Historiographical Study of the Caliphate of Mu'awiya b. Abi Sufyan” under the supervision of Dr.Sajjad Rizvi , Prof Robert Gleave and Prof Clifford Edmund Bosworth Hmmm I wish he'd go deeper into all that so far what hes done is skim on the top giving a narrative, but I guess hes taking into account his audience as well. May Allah keep him for us all. No need to be rude no ones delusional here.... And secondly we come on these forums to learn and pick up and see where our ideas may be wrong and express our views in order for them to be guided if they are wrong. To me he is emotional and many others I know agree with me on that so I dont know where you picked up he was cold. Secondly its hard to pick on his academic side when he doesnt go deep into the history but Im leaving that to the fact the audiences are diverse in interests and hes not doing doing a university lecture but still... (thats my personal view if you want to attack it) Hassainian is not a parrot last time I checked. All the speakers appeal to different people in different ways and have there different styles :) May Allah bless them all
  6. I dont think he sees himself as a historian and Ive never heard him ever to be claim one and he cant be the best at it because its not his field of expertise. Alot of the speakers condemn it but in reality they do it in some shape and form and yes he does talk about problems and defects and in one year he went off at the problems we have here and I loved it. Others didnt.
  7. Hmmmm fusion is practically impossible in the time span of a lecture. Ammar, to clarify what I mean by emotion, appeals to your emotional being and this has its merits and dangerous as we have seen various shia talkers exaggerate and spice up the battle of Karbala in order to move rather then inform the audience. Covering the history through emotion and imagery is good for certain audiences but for higher caliber thinkers its torture sometimes and thats where Hassanian is my hero :) If you are interested in Islamic History examine Islamic historiography before examining the narratives derived from the few primary sources we have ,which although is mainly done by orientalists, in the english language is still quite a fascinating read, Id recommend since it is Muharam "The origins and early development of Shia Islam written by S.H.M Jafri :)
  8. Salam Brother Ive been through something similar. Walk away very far away and dont let her hold you down. If your a good person and have patience you will find a very good girl, dont settle for anything less. :) Goodluck
  9. I miss Hassanian I think he doesnt come close to him and no one has. Appealing to emotions shouldnt be what Ashura is about appealing to the mind is whats Important, and I wish hed speak about the youth and the state we are in as opposed to talking about the Imam and history, I think he needs to walk amongst his audience to get a grasp of how bad things are here. Thats my two cents worth :)
  10. Hmm thats a valid point, she would do it for that sake and not out of love for Islam, but its hard to twist it for her and make her love it out of Islams sake at this stage, she would obviosuly convert because she belives in it but at the same time she may not. And to calm, no time frame, and my point about if I should make her convert as opposed to marrying a single muslim girl, there are alot of single muslim girls and the odds of me marrying one of them and it working out is fairly good as opposed to the time and effort needed to teach and convert the other girl. So from Islams point its indifferent? Its hard these days as speaking to a girl whos belifs are different to yours opens the doors of sinning. Hence the effort.
  11. (wasalam) Brothers and sisters Is it worthwhile to convert a girl and marry her ? Islamically speaking? Or is it in the eyes of Islam better to marry a single muslim girl? And yes I know it depends on who you like but we have alot of options these days to make choices ;) (wasalam)
  12. Salam (bismillah) All over ive noticed that peoples faith including myself, fluctuates, one day you wake up feeling very religious, lasts for a week, then your back to your old ways etc.. Does the quran and any hadith comment on that? And has it happened to any SC members? Its sad cause it shows good intentions but lack of will Salam
  13. Intresting topic. I havnt come across any incidents or heard of anything happening to any shia at the lakemba mosque. Its pretty vile if any of it is true. I pray behind sunnis and use there musalas and havnt been approached or told off, id love to see someone try, the general sunni communty does support unity and the unity of muslims. I think salafes aka wahhabies are the ones who would react to seeing a shia pray in any masjid as we are grave worshiping, mut3 crazy, self harming and suhaba swearing jackles (sarcasm). Pray at any mosque or masjid brother or sister and worship Allah as he wants to be worshiped. Imam sadiq A.Sthat he asked Ishaq ibn ‘Ammar whether he says his prayer with the Sunnis inthe Mosque. Ishaq answered positively. Then Imam said: Say your prayer with them.Surely whoever says his prayer with them in the first row is like the one whois fighting with his sword in the way of Allah. (Ibid & Wasā’il al-Shí‘ah, Vol. 8, p. 301) Imam Sadiq AS told: Whoever says his prayer with them in the first row is like the onewho said his prayer behind the Apostle of God (SAWAWS) in the first row. (Al-¯adā’iqal-Nāãirah, Vol. 11, p. 71 & Wasā’ilal-Shí‘ah, Vol. 8, p. 300) These hadiths and a more deeper look into it came from the following http://www.dartabligh.org/praying/Jamaahwiththesunnis.doc
  14. Salam If passages from the various parts of the bible are not in contradiction with the quran and hadith does that make them valid? Does Islam completely reject the current bible ? Can anyone elaborate on this topic Jazkumallah kher
  15. Salam Due to ongoing Islamic research I have realized the need of a chart of knowledge so each branch and the topics under it can be looked into individually. Something like a chart of the various branches of religion and subheadings for each branch so a person can know where to start when looking into say a branch like fiqh or islamic laws. To give an example, you would have something like separated by arrows Islam ... then....history...ideology...prophets..politics...economics and then say under history you would have .... pre-Islamic history, post Islamic history, modern Islamic history etc And maybe this already exists but i really need it as does the Islamic community to help put things into relative context. If anyone can make something like this or has one or knows how to make one we can all add to it to make something worthwhile Jazakumallah kher
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