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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaaam This comes from anti islamic site which claims that Khomeni allowed sex with animals! *(astafiguallah) And they claim the experts are from him book here : Can someone please clear this up. I know theses allegations are ridiculous but I need to know what the translation says.
  2. (salam) Thats irrelevant but of course human. @eThErEaL Sorry bro am not sure if I can be more clear. But I think Abo Fatimah has gave a good answer there but isnt that like borderline shirk....
  3. Explain further. That would me I am you? :wacko:
  4. Well its a good thing they told everyone first so we can prepare. :P
  5. The Israeli settlements in the West Bank are in violation of international law, so is the 'wall'. If Israel cared about democracy they would comply with the orders of the highest international judicial body, also Israel being a client state to US doesn't have to comply to anything as long as they have US backup. And the all the past Israeli Government and present have always been consistent on this issue. There is no discussion to it, its basic knowledge that taking land by means of war is illegal you dont have some national consensus on what to do with the land .
  6. I don't mean in psychological sense (dev personal identities etc). If that helps....
  7. (salam) Why am I 'me' and not 'you' ? To further explain : why am I a Human and not a dog,cat,or the guy next door. What makes me, me. Question is open to all.
  8. Sayed Hassan said if the Palestinians(all factions) agreed on a permanent ceasefire which in return meant the recognition of a Palestinian state by Israel, he wouldn't oppose it. Therefore accepting Israel right to exist under does terms. However that's not going to happen soon since Israel favours expansion over peace and security.
  9. "Three men have been arrested on terrorism charges." Lol just because they are Muslims(probably), the police are so stereotypical . Personally I don't care, why does the media always love to exaggerate stuff like this? Well , I plan to continue my life as normal. What about you?
  10. Why wasn't he the first Khalifa then. (instead of Abu Bakr)
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