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  1. Woman who gives birth or donates eggs? What is the Islamic definition, given that even a child's wet nurse has the status of foster parent and her children are foster siblings?
  2. bite you lips, pinch your cheeks and cry. all very au naturale at no expense
  3. As long as she wears the wig under her hijab..
  4. AFAIK, Prophet Haroon was declared successor during his lifetime but because he predeceased Prophet Musa, Yusha bin Noon (Joshua) became the leader of the Israelites after Prophet Musa passed away.
  5. Yes, only the instant gold blend variety. Qa'im - hush. oh and colgate with your miswak is sunna too - especially after all those caffiene shots.
  6. Must be all that cyanide. I love almonds too. But chewing gum makes me hungry quicker.
  7. "I shall be a new person this year. I'll leave the toxic old me behind...just like a snake, when it sheds it skin." "Yes dear. Although you'll do well to remember, no matter how many times it sheds it skin, a snake remains a snake."
  8. Can you be a believer without faith?
  9. Put your alarm clock at the other end of the room and use your recurrent alarm feature. That way you'll have to get out of bed and the recurrent alarm will annoy the hell out of you. so either way, you'll be awake and before you know it, your body clock will kick in and you'll be up before the alarm, waiting for it to sound off.
  10. I'm not sure about Mr Nakshwani's 'hand-off' parenting advice, but if your lil' dahlink is giving you trouble just use the age old threat of 'as long as you live under my roof...' As a parent, you have every legal and moral right to do so...so long as you don't force them to do azadari with chain...apparently that can get you in trouble with the law.
  11. She's pregnant. Or needs to get out of the house. Or both - thats a dangerous combination.
  12. Bunch of kids :dry: Read and learn. Here are the top 3 tips 1.gently massage / comb her hair 2. put the electric blanket on before she comes up to bed 3. clean her dentures for her
  13. The easiest way is to avoid hurt feelings is to get her friend to convince her to take a trip down to the hairdressers for weave/extension. There's nothing like 'a ladies get together' to make a woman desperately feel the need for every treatment going. We certainly know how to make each other insecure about ourselves. And we don't mind at all because it is totally constructive, non-offensive advice from our 'sisters'.
  14. It depends...how big is your pay check? And if at first you don't succeed, stalk her. ...I mean try again, obviously.
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