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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) I dont know why but i have been thinking of this question for a while now and wanted to figure it out but couldnt..I have heard that Allah (swt) has created every human an equal or a sole mate right? well what about those who die before they marry what happens to their mate? and how about those that marry more than one wife did Allah (SWT) created for them 3 or 4 sole mates??? i hope i am not confusing u but i am really lost because my mom always tells me that there is a guy out there for you and i just dont know i kind lose hope when all these questions race through my
  2. ^taking picture why? But in my situation i work in a small office and the brothers here pray and then give me time to pray also so i actually have to pretend and today i was just thinking is this haraam because i didnt feel good about it at all. Also then when i did sajood i had to put my head on the stone i felt even more werid about it because we arent clean is it ok to touch the stone?
  3. (bismillah) (salam) To all the sisters, I work at a very religious place and we are expected to pray the afternoon prayer everyday and i when i get my period i have to fake prayer is that premissible. IS that HARAAM! there are a couple of men that work here and i feel so embarrased saying i cant pray because they will know that i am on it.. if u were in that situation what would u do or say?
  4. its a very embarrasing situation to tell my father that. How can u tell ur own father NO! its very hard :(
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I really feel kind of werid about this but i got to know does anyone have a money hungry parent or siblings. I have one and he is older than me so i really dont know what to do.. I work and all my money goes to that person. I am so mad that he takes it from my hard and working hands and he doesnt feel bad whatsoever.. he thinks its my job to work for him. i want to know what do u tell that person ?
  6. I would rather marry a guy who is poor but religious money to me is nothing! u can be rich one day and poor the next... money doesnt buy u happiness but religion and belief in Allah (swt) will lead to happiness. and u really think that a rich not religious guy would last being rich? i dont think he will!!!!
  7. i really do agree with u i had a friend in the same situation and its really hard i mean going to cook something she has to be covered in hajib and its a very uncomfortable position to put the girl in.
  8. ^ good for u wallah u did the right thing..but i cant believe that he is iraqi!! wow i never heard that before
  9. 8) How are you going to learn to fight the lies people tell you about yourself in the future? (The ones that say you're not worth anything.) If i knew that person i would smack them lol nooo kidding but how can u fight them u just got to ignore them!
  10. hmmmmmmm i would be type I and Type C
  11. (salam) i got 89% wow i am shocked! i have noticed my HSP getting worse its so embarrasing when i watch movies and shows and just when the actors cry i cry tooo. werid! i am really sensitive and i just wish there was medicine for it cause sometimes i think i take things to heart even when they are jokes..
  12. yeah i have noticed that before like when my sister and her husband fight i cant say anything because i feel like i will get involved and it will cause so many problems between me and my sister. so the best way to solve these issues sometimes it to pretty much stay out of them
  13. omg i didnt even ask my parents and he told me so many things that he tried when he was younger and i dont know i just wouldnt tell my kids though. I looked at my parents differently when i found that they did many things. I am happy they are so open and honest with me it just i wouldnt go about it like my dad lol true i believe ur right
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