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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey man I tried giving this site another try...

    But the amount of dribble and unadulterated [Edited Out] that is being spewed about without any sort of moderation is overwhelming;

    I get such a negative visceral reaction from reading all of it, I can barely stand it...

    If you wanna keep in touch add me on msn messenger: hssn_hdr@hotmail.com

    or facebook; just search that email.


  2. No we didn't know each other personally, and didn't communicate but I really appreciated the posts you would make on the forum; as far as atheism goes I'm more in an agnostic position right now and it's due to more than just the affluence of this community; thanks for the shout out to Quentin Smith, I'll look through some of his articles for my paper.

  3. wow that is really insane timing; I'm taking a Philosophy of Religion course and I wanted to reread the essay you wrote about 3 years ago( the one about cosmology affirming atheism)...that's why I checked Shiachat right now to do a search for it...

    incredible coincidence that you've returned around the same time I randomly decided to reminiscence and procrastinate over this site..

  4. brah, I was watching Man VS Wild and he caught this turtle and cooked it up, and it looked pretty delicious, so I want some turtle, but I'm sure if it's halal right? Ye you left before I could answer...

  5. Squirrels is my religion...haven't you noticed?..

  6. Ahah ya, but the thing about that is, it really doesn't matter whether you fail or graduate with a English major; so either way..I'M SET!

  7. Oh I guess I was mistaken...

    so how's the wedding planning going?!

  8. Brah be an English major; it's soo ezzzz right now..

  9. I miss you brah!?!

    You know what we need...

    We need some SOF own4g3...

  10. Oiiiii;

    what happened to my comment?..

  11. What's up guy?..

    You wanna like..get together somtimes, maybe DISCO?!

  12. I do it for the lulz...!

  13. I don't believe in you anymore...

  14. Wow man..that's intense; post pic's up on facebook?!! MMMMMK?

  15. OH ya?..So when's the wedding brah!?!


  16. Ewww..

    have you tried talking yourself out of it?..

  17. <--- Are you thinking of going into culinary sk00l or what'?.....

  18. Actually it's most likely sometimes probably true...

    AND YOU KNOW what else I hurr'd?..I hurr'd Nevermind OD'd on some of his anti-depressants and now he's locked up in St.June Psychiatric Care;

    Ouch right!?!?

    These x-shiachatters are just out of control...

  19. Ya I heard she got married man...!?!

    Although I am one to start adulterated rumours about complete strangers....



  20. OIIIiiiiiiiiiiii..

    you remember Sumaiya?????????!!!

  21. It's irritating...

    I keep wondering why!?!

    WHY type it 'G-d'!?!

    I think the '-' makes a 'u' sound...SO I keep pronouncing it 'Gud'; but then I'm like WHAT'S GUD?..Isn't it slang for Good?..OR IS IT one of those cliche CATCH PHRASES; please stop making me go of into tangents, it's quite unsettling...

  22. I wouldn't really know; although it's happening right downstairs, I prefer staying locked in my room..

    Doesn't seem to be going over too well with everyone else..

    BUT what ABOUT you lady?...anything freakishly unpredictable happen?..

  23. Ya I did...but I'm on winter break right now, and I guess I'm slipping back into my bad habbitssss..AND I GOT FAT TOO MAN!?#

    at least I still have my squirrels....


    ey eyyyyyyyyy

  24. I'm so bored man.....

    there's nothing to DO!?!

    at least it you have..

    your recipes?..

    quite creative,

    aren't cheah??..

  25. And I soo needed that paper on Cosmology!!

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