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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I do tend to agree with you that there are vast misunderstandings underlying the way in which the west and middle east view one and other. Sympathy and empathy should be the foremost response when clashes ensue. But do you ever feel as if Islam's self imposed universal nature makes it harder for it to cohesively co-exist in a non-major Islamic society? Also I tend to think things like gay rights and teaching scientific theories are mostly in the realm of social rules and practices. I mean notions of natural rights, legal status are mostly listed within a society's constitution. Yay fellow
  2. I'm sorry but I've never heard of these concepts before. Could someone please explain what "Wayfaring" and "Wird"? What would be the purpose of this path, what does it entail, and what does it achieve?
  3. You should check out: plato.stanford.edu/ www.iep.utm.edu/ I took a philosophy of mind course a while ago. I'll see if I can find the course work if you're interested.
  4. You don't need these self imposed restrictions; they are an arbitrary set of rules that you can choose to follow or disregard. Please man for the love of God, experience the world.
  5. First I must confess something. Although this post was made in the first person point of view; it is a repost of a blog I found online. See it here: http://www.reddit.co...ther_heres_why/ I simply wanted to share a different perspective about Islam and gauge the responses because I found the post , however disagreeable, somewhat enlightening. I'm glad to see an alternative viewpoint from a native Belgian. I do believe the post makes a mistake when it universalizes the whole of Belgium culture through simply one person's experience. But we come to the crux of the argument with your statement h
  6. I feel as if you're missing something here though. And that is the viewer or the audience. The audience also has a sense of responsibility or choice for what they want to see. If you did post such a video; you're friends have a choice to either A) Find the material offensive and ignore it. B) Find the material offensive and react to it. Yes offensive material incites us to react; it excites the lesser base emotions of anger, resentment; it creates hatred to a select group and enforces an ideology of "us" against "them". But would you not agree to simply ignore the material would be a better ch
  7. Yes I agree with you; the video post is obscene and vulgar and idiotic and people should strive for mutual respect. But please understand that by keeping the video available doesn't mean that Google Inc, Youtube or other companies support the content of that video. They support a kind of freedom of speech not available in other areas of the world. I simply support the value of speech rather than the value of censorship. @Wing It has everything to do with freedom of speech; it truly honestly does. For areas in which this is considered hate speech thus a hate crime Youtube has blocked the video
  8. Are you guys serious? Boycotting an entire industry based of one idiotic video? Google Inc is not responsible for the content of that video. Responsibility lies in the author/director/producer etc... Even so, why is there such an insanity of anger and outrage? Because it offends you? Do you not teach your own children that words cannot hurt? Crying over and over again "I was offended, and I have rights!" Nothing happens when you're get offended. Nothing happens. You cannot make arbitrary judgments on what you find offensive and then dictate that to an independent company. In fact the same free
  9. I live in a small country in Europe named Belgium. We have "freedom of religion". There is a strict separation between Church and State. Officially, we are a catholic country but nowadays we have mainly agnostics and atheists, our churches stay empty on sundays. We have many different religions, and many different cultures here in Belgium. None of them posed a big problem, but Islam really is an exception. What I have learned is that Islam is not a religion like any other. Let me explain: Most religions and most cultures are compatible with Belgian culture and law, and just fit in. Islam howev
  10. Hey man I tried giving this site another try...

    But the amount of dribble and unadulterated [Edited Out] that is being spewed about without any sort of moderation is overwhelming;

    I get such a negative visceral reaction from reading all of it, I can barely stand it...

    If you wanna keep in touch add me on msn messenger: hssn_hdr@hotmail.com

    or facebook; just search that email.


  11. Causality doesn't necessarily exist as a relation in the world. Like you stated "To my knowledge, everything has a source." Using knowledge as a quantifier we are limited in our understanding of the world. Hume said it best when he claimed that we only ever see one event preceding another event; we explain this relation in terms of causality, but it is a human construct derived from human conceptions, and limited to human experience. As far as 'nothing' in concerned; I'm content in saying that it too is a human construct; This might be an overreaching claim but I want to say something along
  12. No we didn't know each other personally, and didn't communicate but I really appreciated the posts you would make on the forum; as far as atheism goes I'm more in an agnostic position right now and it's due to more than just the affluence of this community; thanks for the shout out to Quentin Smith, I'll look through some of his articles for my paper.

  13. wow that is really insane timing; I'm taking a Philosophy of Religion course and I wanted to reread the essay you wrote about 3 years ago( the one about cosmology affirming atheism)...that's why I checked Shiachat right now to do a search for it...

    incredible coincidence that you've returned around the same time I randomly decided to reminiscence and procrastinate over this site..

  14. As far as western philosophy goes I belive what you're describing is simply a empircistic view that focuses on sensory perception as a means to gain knowledge or expierence about the physical world. I think you're orignally concern was more of an epistemic query, that is to say it's a question over knowledge; correct me if I'm mistaken but I intrepretated your post to differ between the question of "Is the object to which my intention is oriented truely there?" but more the question of "Do I have knowledge of the fact that the object to which my intention is oriented is truely there?" And ag
  15. LOL this is soo funny thanks for sharing :!!!: Specially this line:
  16. Sometimes I feel like you guys are the same person and just arugeing with yourself from differing viewpoints... But ya check this out: Rare vegetarion spider discovered! http://www.livescience.com/animals/091012-vegetarian-spider.html
  17. In any way? We can at least agree to equal rights in the sense of the inviolability of human beings. I guess it partially depends on what sort of moral theory one is ascribing to, but shouldn't there be some standard to basic rights as applicable to us by our human nature.
  18. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to where I could find lectures/majalas for the 19th, 20th, and 21th ramadan days. Something I can download and burn and preferably in English or Urdu. Thanks
  19. Conformity is nothing negative in itself. People partially define themselves from the perception of other people. I am not immune to this nor is anyone else. The belief you have that conformity to societal norms is itslef a conformity to your intrepration of Islamic thought. The problem here seems to be a conflicting value system; you value the life as protrayed by the the Ahlul Bayt yet others value life for an inumerable amount of reasons; perhaps the life protrayed by popular media or anti-media, popular culture and again anti-culture, or life as afforded by government (I'm thinking of
  20. What's the point of posting a homework assignment on a forum?
  21. I really don't understand the radical and irrational claims you seem to be making here... You first draw a distinction between the Mind, Body, and Soul (or Spirit) but this is rather presumptuous; for if the only thing one has direct and real access to is one's mind and body; why presuppose this idea of a soul?.. If it's from reliance on textual evidence than it is nothing more than hearsay... You then go on to rationalize how this immaterial, noumenal thing you call a Soul could exist in the same reality as a physical body and encompass the mind yet this is the one of the main tenants behind
  22. If God always speaks through a veil doesn't that mean we recieve a distorted sense of his nature or his message? Unless by veil you mean unique to human understanding, something like limiting tje infinite to finite thereby never knowing the true essence outside of our perceptions.
  23. ^ The Final Cut (2004) starring Robin Williams
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