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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the distance learning courses available in london at islamic college? are they majorly sunni based or shia based? whats it like? any advice will be appreciated, or other places with distance learning. thank you AliAli Allah Hafiz
  2. Im a Syed Shia & some members of my family don't do taqleed whereas some do. However, I was recently in discussion with a Syed Shia that taqleed is not necessary and they personally didn't do taqleed. I simply want to ask if we must do taqleed or not? and if so, why? are we "not Shia" if we don't do it?
  3. Can everyone please do Dua for baby Wasi Hussain Naqvi, after his scan results today we've been told the Choroid Plexus Carcinoma Tumour has returned and there is no more treatment available, however, we're finding out tomorrow about other opinions and what our options are. He turns 2 next month, please remember him in your prayers, may Allah [swt] keep him healthy and answer our prayers, Ameen, Ya Allah [swt] ♥ - just spent a few hours with Wasi.. inshAllah we will find out soon of possible treatments in Canada, America or UK.. also.. Wasis mum wants to take him to do Ziyarat in Karbala, Iraq
  4. thank you :) do you or does anyone know of any online sites that have it?
  5. Salams, i wanted to know the name of the ziarat.. the one with the line ""aslamo alaikya ya sahib az zaman.. alamaan alamaan min fitratul zaman" or along those lines (sorry if i've made a mistake) Thank you! Ya Ali Madad.. Ahlul Bayt ke Dushmano par Lannat.. Peer Mola Ali Madad <3 Allah Hafiz.
  6. I'm fine alhamdulillah ^_^ and you? Ramadan mubarak ^_^

  7. Wasalam :) course i dont mind.. how are you? Ramzan Mubarak

  8. Assalamu'alaykum sister, hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend? ^_^

  9. Im Syed.. Descendent of Imam Naqi a.s .. Syeds dont give themself importance.. but some do expect a level of respect.. as with everything else.. respect is only due where respect is given. We take pride in being Syed because we are from a family of Prophets. We dont think we're better than anyone else. We are nothing compared to TRUE SYEDS AND SYEDZAADIS. But we try (well some of us do) to please our ancestors.. dont look at the minority of Syeds that brag about it.. look at the majority that take pride in it and yet fear Allah swt even more because they feel they SHOULD be better.. Wasalam.
  10. Thanks youu! .. and yeahh im in the UK as well.. Wasalam.
  11. When is the 1st of Ramadhan according to Ayatullah Sistani.. ? Thanks. Wasalam.
  12. could you delete simply one of my topics? Wasalam.
  13. Salams.. there are some topics i posted a while ago that i wish were not visible anymore.. but these can be found in the my content area.. and i know they can be viewed my other members how do you delete them? thanks Wasalam,
  14. i thought in Islam it was wrong for women to shave as the blade cannot touch their skin?
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