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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. did any of our prophets or imams have really long hair? i heard its frown upon for a guy to have long hair
  2. i seriously need some space, i was thinking of not talking to him alot and that would make him back off abit, its really irritating and i cant stop my self from shouting back because sometimes he just assumes stupid things thats not true
  3. i do not get along with my father, all he cares about is my studies and hes getting really annoying and we keep having fights. he gets angry at the smallest things like me staying up late, i try and not shout back but i just need space he gets too close
  4. is there any dua or something that will get u out of trouble or problems, ive been facing many issues and it seems to be impossible to get out of them and ive been going thru alot!
  5. if anyone messes with my wife id knock him out ! thats if its not my wifes fault and she didnt do anything for him to do anything in return !
  6. can you really meet him, and if u meet him what then ? if u really do meet him then why doesnt everyone meet him :S im confused
  7. any suggestions on how i can enjoy and look forward too praying?
  8. hey OP, Im 14years old been lifting weights for 1 year and im 5ft6 i weigh almost 150lbs, i never gained massive weight from weight lifting but i gained massive muscle gains and progress. i just wanted to ask u, does lifting stunt ur growth >? i asked many trainers and bodybuilders and all of them told me no, unexprienced people told it did!
  9. ok i get youll be happy when imam mahdi (as) comes but arnt u worried of jahanam ? becasue it means ur close to being judged, what makes u so sure ur going to heaven
  10. ive been made to swear on the quran not to do something, i want to undo the swore i did is this possible?
  11. i know alot of poeple who have been raped and since that incident there feelings have been mixed up and are very worried turning into homo.
  12. i love islam, i love ahlul bayt, i love mohammad, but i find it hard to keep praying everyday, im very lazy and impatient..
  13. i have a hard time praying without stopping for a long time, i have prayed for 2 months straight but now i keep praying everyday for while and then stop
  14. Brothers, I have a hard time keeping my prayer stable.. i find it a little bit diffcult i did once for atleast 2 months but it always ends.. can you please help me
  15. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

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