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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, You got quite a story there. When I first heard about shiasm I asked one of my cousins what it was, LOL he replied ignorant people that don't nothing about islam haha...nd yu no how children work sometimes you tell dem to stay away from things they wanna know more about it...it just led me der..one day couple of my older cousins became shia and there was so much fuss in my family, and soon after everything settled down with all the arguements I started hearing more about shiasm. Moved in with them heard more and more, so me becoming a shia was more of an influence but it did take a bit
  2. naaah unfortuently...a lot did but unfortuently theres suin new goin on in my family nd its kinda disapointting -_-
  3. hmmm not worry to much about it...time does everything :) my parents first didnt like it but they cant really say nuthin....if they kick me out i wud carry on living, Islam is on top of everything. But they got over it at the end anyways
  4. Hmmm black shia my self and somali to be exact as well...beside me nd my family members the only black shias i met lyke 6 my whole life -_-. The best black brother i know is abdurauf the black brother that comes on ahlulbayt tv...HES MY DRIVING INSTRUCTOR :)
  5. Mashaa'Allah. Mabrook and Ramadaan Kareem to you...have you told your parents yet? how they find it?
  6. salam, hey how are you doing and congratulation on becoming a member of the followers of the Ahlulbayt. I was wondering how you became Shi'a and what inspired you about it. Also if you know any other Somali shia's please introduce me. For long I have felt like an outcast from my own nationality although that counts for nothing. wa salam
  7. (salam) Would it be possible someone provide what an academic calender would be like at MIU...the one on the website is some other language which i dont understand :) thanks (wasalam)
  8. (salam) I dont usually comment on anything I usually roam around and read but your comments lack so much knowledge. I think I know myself better than you do. Dont tell me who I follow and who i dont. You pick up a sermon without knowledge about it and you blabber on about it...Think what was the situation, what had happened, why did he do it, etc etc etc Dont just come out with your claims out of nowhere from scripts you read without knowledge.
  9. (salam) SOLDEROFMAHDIAS LOL keep your comments and replies coming. Wallah you make me laugh with what you say. Their all ahl sunnah wal jama3 but they refute each other wow shows great for being ahl sunna. And your knowledge is sooo little. SubhanAllah...Moving a mountain may seem easier than changing someone's faith..and to my understanding is your faith is built on arrogance and not knowledge..do yourself a favour and read something more about Islam (wasalam)
  10. Yes YEs YEs Walaalo sey tahay...Somalia shiica maqabaan ilaakin adiga shiica sidee ku noqotay? P.S. your somali is not good nor is mine LOL (wasalam)
  11. (salam) Inna lillaah wa inna illayhi raji`oon May Allah have mercy on his soul...and may He have mercy on the soul of those who were whom have past us and those to past. (wasalam) P.S. Inshaa'Allah remember my grandfather in your prayers who past away recently...We're all in need of each others prayer (wasalam)
  12. well I started looking at shi'a islam at a young age like 10? cant remember exactly but I converted at the age of 15 LOL wahabi? yu mean suffis right? Insha'Allah one day we'll find more of them :)
  13. LOL if your talking about the ones I think your talking about in Grand Rapids, that's my cousins alhamdulilah but I need to find some here in London...kinda gets lonely being somalian and shia on my own :$
  14. Thanks bro pleaser to meet you too even though we havent met :) Hamdulilah let me guess in Michigan?
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