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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, I guess you dont know about Motorway ? that's world class motorway and they have their own special patrol police like in US/UK i meant not like typical desi Police And they even issue ticket to ministers - same standard for everybody!
  2. The longest road trip i ever had, from Lahore to PC Burbhan Murree, got ticket twice for overspeeding.
  3. My Dear So-Called Sister, People should take notice of that, my English language skills are very poor. and I am so much ashamed of it, :blush: - Probably if we have an essay competition you 're gonna stand first! Are you happy now? --- would you be my teacher, i bet i learn very fast ....... everything. ^_^ However Why i am most concerned about you is that, Please forgive me for my poor english !! Please!! Edited Out If you'r offended just PM me, We can discuss this situation In Private and hopefully can reach to a peaceful solution. :P Come on! Grow up. ;) Moderator's Note: Please do not c
  4. I thought i am the only comedian around and again i was wrong :P girlz always prove me wrong!!! And you can read my above post about my gusses about girls :) I just wish and pray to God that you just dont' turn out to be the one, as i actually guess about you! :lol: May Allah Take mercy on all us!!!
  5. Hmm, Just show me your pic, I will tell you exactly which specie do you belong to. I bet i would be 100% right. :P kiddin, by the way i think of you, as appearing from your name, a Palestian-Jew ? rather than Israli-Muslim? hehehe
  6. Good advise! and the needful done! just trashed them :P
  7. Well! it's most dangerous business to imagine one's appearance, in early teenage i used to chat a lot on MIRC like that stuff, and interestingly all of my guesses were wrong, Hmmm, of course i was not gay so i used to chat with girls for fun :!!!: - confession !! By the way i never happend to see a saint on Chat believe me take my words it is just matter of time before that Person (He) shows his true colors :P The girl i used to think of most beautiful was missing one eye - seriously belive me ;) And the girl i used to think of most stupid and ugly turned out to be, very Rich and Very b
  8. That's the most difficult thing to actually imagine how would someone look like when chatting or talking here on Fourms, and believe me - my experience shows 90% people don't phyically look like as we think of them on Chat/Forums. And most interesting thing is guessing one's age which is bit easier than Physical appearance. - anyway, considering these problems i wanted to post my own pic as avatar so that membres dont' stress much on their brain :P --- by the way, Can you guess what is my origin., Arbaic, Persian, Asian?
  9. Where this Hadith says Ali (A) admitted that he sent a proposal for Abu Jahal's girl ? And in another Hadith, Ali (A) denied categorically that he did nothing w/ Slave girl? What' s the point and what is making us discuss this ?
  10. Brother Just answer me few questions. 1. Is it coincidence that there are planets are in Solar systems - That's not surprising to me What strikes me how come they have a 'system' where did that power came from make them travel on a specified course ? we know there is gravity that is it, Who caused the gravity?
  11. The reason why Bibi Khatija (A) was most beloved is simply evident and apparent to everybody with an iota of wisdom, That Prophet (S) had not married any other woman until she passed away. Ayesha was the mother of Muslims but she acted like a Step Mother . :!!!: She took the young ones in the battle-field for a commando action but it badly failed due to lack of skills of her young ones and and her ownself ... by the way, Where did she get army tranining? ;)
  12. I am posting this thread to know if there are more Islamic Slogans in Call-Response format around the Muslim World than we have here India/Pakistan, If there are some in Arabic world too or they have the same as we have. Please post if any different than below. Most Common Slogans in Call-Response Format. Call : Naray-e-Takbir Response: Allah-o-Akbar Call : Naray-e-Rasalaat Response: Ya Rasoolullah Call : Naray-e-Haideri Response 1: Ya Ali Call: Na-ra-e-Hai-deri Response 2: Ya Ali - Ya Ali - Ya Ali Madad. Haq Haider ( Each word of Call/Res with a little Pause - When in this format )
  13. I suggest this thread should be labeled : Jafri thread :P anyway my complete name is . Imran Abbas Jafri and i know my name consists of three name, Imran the Name of Imam Ali (A) 's Father, Abbas Son of Imam Ali (A) and Jafri 6th Imam and Son of Imam Ali (A). Call: Narah-e-Hadieri Reply: Ya Ali , Ya Ali, Ya Ali Madad. Haq Haidar. (this is pretty common call/reply slogan here) (this could help understand our bro/sis who may be not familiar to Call/Reply Slogans, esp., sis Alya :) )
  14. There are Three Groups of People - First The Right One, Second The Wrong One, Third The Spectators. Right and Wrong 're Fighting and Spectators 're just watching them and they 're neither on the Wrong side nor the right. However! Only Righteous (Momenien) will attain True Success and citizenship of Paradise. And The City of Paradise is Muhammad and Ali is its Door.
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