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  1. [Day] Hello Yonus. Yes, the purpose of my question should be clear. I cannot understand why Allah is deemed unknowable and can't be explained on some material, physical, soulish or spiritual level. Doesn't the Quran say anything about it?


    Well the answer is simple,

    Every physical thing is limited and dependent by definition since evrything we know is like that. If literally say god has a body it is like putting limit on God, which Muslims believe to be unlimited (Some sunnis and their hadith point out that god has a body though, but the large majority of ulema refuse this).

    So Muslims relate to God through his attributes. These attributes include his 99 name which you can find online.

  2. There is only one problem with this. How can Salman and Miqdad be deputy of prophet with Umar and abu bakr. They had a disagreement over the caliphate and succession of the prophet. salman and Miqdad did not gave their aliegance until Ali (as) gave his (reference in Peshwar nights).

    This does not make sense at all,

  3. Salaam to all i am thinking of converting to shiaism. I am currently a sunni and i am considering to be come a shia.

    I have been a silent observer on this site for a while now and i like what i see however i am finding it difficult to comprehend some of the shia beliefs. Some of these topics are:

    - Mutha (need to be clarified on the teachings on mutha and why the shias say it is acceptable, with sufficent evidance)

    - Self harm (i've been told this is wrong and have been shown evidance that it is not allowed. I would like to know what the shia beliefs are on this matter)

    - Kalima & Azaan (i have read some were that shia recite a different Kalima & Azaan, is this true and if it is why do you do this?)

    - The concept of Imaamat (why is it that shias believe that Imaamat is higher than prophethood, why is this and where is the evidance)

    I am really serious about this and want to know the truth. I hope you will take me seriously and provide relivant answers to my questions.


    Now my brother listen to my advice,

    You should never say you want to convert to shiism or Sunnism. Shias and Sunnis are muslims and by saying convert you are saying that they are very different. The main difference shia and Sunni is doctrine of Imamah. A sunni whom accepts the doctrin of Imamah is a Shia even he does not accept other doctrins of shiism. And Peshwar Nights is a very good book.

  4. Now one thing for the people whom are not informed about Shia doctrin. Under traditional shiism a nation cannot have Islamic governments such as islamic republic of Iran. Since Islam is perfected, the people whom run the state need to be perfect. One mistake and the state is no longer Islamic. So only infallible Imams can claim to run a Islamic State. This rule was given since alot of caliph did wrong and said that they are muslim and Obey the proplet but in fact they did not.

  5. Well I do not know any of you are persians but I can assume that all of you are Muslim wether sunni or shia does not matter. Now Let's start with Iran becoming Muslims. There are some evidence that shows at some of the persian towns were forcefully became Muslim (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Zoroastrians and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Persianism_by_Arabs).

    Now the question of Shi'ism. First of all i want to make sure that you all know that Iranian were always sympathetic toward the alids (Family of Imam Ali AS). This was due to few reasons. That Ali AS was for sympathetic with iranians and did not do injustice to them, unfortunately other caliphs were not like that. the following naration is given In Safinatal Bihar.

    "Mughirah, comparing Ali with 'Umar, always used to say, " 'Ali showed greater consideration and kindness to the Mawali, while 'Umar, on the contrary, did not like them."

    A man came to Ja'far al-Sadiq and said, "People say that one who is neither a pure Arab nor a pure mawla is of base origin." The Imam asked him, "What do you mean by 'pure mawla'?" The man replied, "It is a person whose parents were slaves earlier." The Imam asked again, "What is the merit in being a pure mawla?" The man answered, "That is because the Prophet said that a people's mawla is from themselves. Therefore, a pure mawla of Arabs is like Arabs. Hence the man of merit is one who is either a pure Arab or a pure mawla associated with Arabs." The Imam replied, "Haven't you heard that the Prophet declared that he was the wali (guardian) of those who have no wali? Didn't he also say, 'I am the wali of every Muslim, whether he be Arab or non-Arab'? And doesn't a person whose wali is the Prophet therefore belong to the Prophet?" He then added: "Of these two which is superior: the one who is related to the Prophet and is from him or the one related to a boorish Arab who urinates over his feet?" Then he said: "One who embraces Islam out of his free choice, willingly is far more superior to him who has embraced Islam due to fear. These hypocritical Arabs were converted to Islam because of fear, while the Iranians came to the fold of Islam willingly and with pleasure" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Persianism_by_Arabs).

    A lot of persian poets have wrote on the greatness of Ali ibn Abi Talib. Alot of the Alid (shia) rebelians in the time of Abbasid Dynasty was done by the persians. The bouyid Dynasty and Sufism had a great impact on the Iranian minds.

    Now the question is about Safavid Dynasty. Firstly, Shah Ishmail I became a shia long before he conquered Persian. And He did exile alot of the Sunni Ulema and persecuted those whom resisted. By this does not mean he forced the population to accept Shiism. After this a great campaign was done by Shia Ulema in propagating Shiism in Persian and soon after that shia became very strong in persia. nearly 90% of Iranians are Shia.

    One thing is clear that the influence of Shiism and conversion to shiaism was a very slow gradual process in Iran until the safavids. And even then it took 1 or 2 centuries before majority of Iranians became Shia.

    See also: http://www.iranchamber.com/religions/artic...y_of_shiism.php

  6. Sorry about the late reply,

    I would like to start off by thanking everyone who has helped me out, but I do have a few questions,

    Is there anywhere in the Quran where it allows on a certain time period for Muslims to mourn?

    When was this mourning "time period" introduced and by whom?

    I am not sure that Quran talk about mourning at all but I know that mourning in the day of Ashura started as early as 4 years after the death of the master of the martyrs.

  7. (salam)

    It has been a very long time since I have come to this forum, and what brings me back are a few questions about the difference between Shia and Sunna.

    The first is regarding Mourning, I have heard Sunnis say that Islam does not allow mourning, but I am a proud Shia, and I believe that it should be allowed. What is the Ruling on Mourning in Islam, are there specific quotes that forbid/allow it? I did try to search for this topic, but I couldn't find it, your help would be very much appreciated


    Such ignorant people bring false hadith that says that mourning the dead will bring harm to the dead in afterlife. Such thing are utter falsehood and fabricated hadith by extremists. Prophet (SAVV) himself mourned for the death of Khadija and Abu Talib when they died and when he conquered Mecca. So do not listen to such ignorant men. For furthur reasons read Peshwar Nights.

  8. (bismillah)


    What "concrete proof" do us Shia have to prove the existence of God.. ? ( I have a few ideas, but I want to konw what a textbook answer would be )

    If an Atheist approaches you, and asks you to prove to them that your God exists, what do you do ? If you fail, it just goes to show that you are following your religion blindly.. So you are a Muslim by _chance_, not by _choice_..

    So for the purpose of this discussion, I will take on the role of an Atheist, picking faults from the arguements..

    Obviously, any sources/references to the AhlulBayth (as) on this matter would be superb; but remember for this discussion, you can neither assume there infalliability, or that the Qu'ran is the word of God - unless you prove that first :)

    With Prayers For Your Success,

    The Persian Shah

    I have no time to write a book online.

    Please read books on this matter and also read quran and hadith and narations of the 12 Imams, especially Imam Jafar al-Sadig (as).

  9. Ahh!!! Man.

    Another person saying how great Grand ayatollah Khomeini was. He was a great man and a visionary. He was pious and feared God. That does not make him qualify in running a nation. And It is blasfemy to call him an Imam. We are not Sunni whom call any Alim Imam. Khomeini made mistakes that have lead to the current social problems in Iran. Only blind people cannot see them or just blame them on others and not he own Valli Ahd. Khomeini was a falible man whom thought he was infallible. I respect him greatly and alot of what he says makes perfect sence. But there are also thing that are not true. Please do not make him greater man then he was.

  10. I was just searching and then i found this and i was wodering if this is true/right:


    Most of what he says are [Edited Out]. They have no intelectual value. He uses techniques such take a sentence out of the context. Do not pay any atention to these idiots. They thing translation and understand Quran is like Turat and bible. I have answered such people for a long time and I no longer care any more.

  11. Easy Bro,

    First I have read four different translation of the verse including a translation that was done by two scholars at the same time. and did not seen the section "they will remain in it forever". So whatever tranlation you read is wrong and I advice you to get a better tranlation(http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/098.qmt.html). Now the word "Kafir" has few tranlation. One can say it means a disbliever. Such people use this word as an insult. We can be sure that The glorious quran does not have this intention. But a better tranlation which carry the purpose of the word is "those who reject".

    Secong the first verse of this sura says "Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, were not going to depart (from their ways) until there should come to them Clear Evidence" 98:1. This point out to the jews and christians that were living in the arabic peninsula. And say that the prophet need to give proof to the poeple of the book. The proof of his prophethood. Now we know that the peophet did so and gave them all the proof they needed. But jew rejected the prophet since he was not a jew. Now verse 6 talk about the people whom have seen the needed proof, but they still rejected the prophet. These are the people whom will go to hell not because they rejected but because they rejected out of ignorance.

    I hope that is enough.

    May God protect you,

    Moahmmadreza Shoari

  12. Salaam.

    A Christian I have been debating with has presented me with a few alleged errors in the Qur'an. I have refuted a few of them, but this is his latest argument:

    "Speaking of mathematical errors, did Allah create the heavens and the earth in six days (7:54) or 8 days (41:9)? And which one came first? The earth(2:29)? Or the heavens(79:27)? And speaking of scientific, I was surprised to learn that the sun sets in a muddy spring (18:86), that the stars are missiles to protect against the devil (67:5) and that men are made out of blood clots (96:2). Woah. Weird stuff, the Quran."

    I can refute the 96:2, because it is simply based on the appearance of the fetus at that stage that resembles the blood clot, as confirmed by embryologist Keith Moore. But the others are beyond my understanding of the Qur'an. Would you be able to help me refute these claims of his?

    I would like to hear scientific and mathematical logic in this refutations. That's the only language he will understand.

    Thank you.

    - Mansab Jafri

    Lets go through these one by one.

    "Your Lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six days (yaum)" 7:54

    the word yaum has few meaning which one of them is a day. But it also has the meaning of a period as well. So now we need to examine the problema little more closely scrutinize in the Quran itself, and more generaly in th language of the time, the possible meaning of the word that many translator continue to traslate into the word "day". quran use the world "Yaum" and its plural "Ayyam" to mean a period of time all the time. for example;

    "... in a period of time (yaum) whereof the measure is thousand years of your reckoning." 32:5

    "... in a period of time (yaum) whereof the measure is 50,000 years." 70:4

    Now we see that the word yaum is translated inro "period of time". People whom are informed in Quranic sciences have all agrred that about this.

    Now about the second point. Quran itself does not lay any sequence on whether earth was created first or the heaven. So it is useless to bring any verse about this topic. And the Question that Quran has not answered is up to us to find the answer to through sciences.

    You should the book "The Bible, The Quran And Science" by Maurice Bucaille.

  13. Thats a typical Muslim way of retaliation. Dont fight the source of the problem, instead target innocent brothers and sisters. Thats exactly what Iraqi insurgents are doing in Iraq today...

    Good job Iran.

    Not even a single suicide bomber has been an Iranian. Evry Iranian know and have been told by the Grand Ayatollahs that such tactic is evil and Grand Ayatollah Yousef Sanei (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yousef_Sanei) said that these people are the people of the hell fire. In the documentary "Iran: the most dangerous country" another grand ayatollah said that suicide bombers will go to highest level of hell, the place for the worst of all humans. Iranian Ulemma and scholars not only condem such attack but they say these people are going to bottom of hell.

    Iranian are not badly informed about such doctrins of Islam. On the night of 9/11, Hudred of thousands (or millions I am not sure the exact number) of Iranian pour in to the streets and mourned and praied for the inocent lives that was lost that day. Iranians are not fanatics.

  14. I am an Iranian myself and I see the Islamic Republic of Iran is very corrupted.not only that they have done "Ifraat" (extremeism). Khomeiny was not the only person whom had influence in the revolution of Iran. But this guy whom talks is an absolute idiot whom have no clue what the historical facts. These people have failed in their religion (Islam), and seek to cast the blame on Islam itself. It is very childish. we called these people extremist nationalists.

  15. As a Sunni living in the west,I find that sunnism is highly compatible with the western standards even in these terrorism scare days.

    Shias find that their Religious freedom is severely curtailed in the west.Although many Shias will say that west doesnot matter but many Muslims are now living in the west

    Traditional Muslim shape are a dome and minarets.But when shia community has the opportunity to build its own structure, it must decide to what extent the building will participate in a “Western” aesthetic.This Imam bargah in Toronto looks like a library.


    But the greatest problem Shias have is in commemorating Muharram.I once saw a Juloos in Toronto.There was no matam, and there was no horse representing Dhuljinnah, there were also no ta‘ziyahs or coffins. However, standards and banners similar to those found in Pakistan were present. Women marched separately from the men, at the rear of the procession, whereas in Pakistan women generally do not participate in processions.

    Shia cant even take out a juloos in Europe. If I were a Shia I would have liked to do the bloody matam.But even doing a simple clap matam is unthinkable.Shia in Pakistan teach that bloody matam is Halal and a necessary part of remembrance.But in the west,shia Alims are strangely silent on the issue. Some shia donate blood as an alternative to bloody Matam,but then there is a problem with giving blood to non Muslims. Some follow the advice of Sachedina,who is an outcast by the orders of Sistani.

    bloody matam is disliked by most shia Ulema. I know that it is band in Iran. This decision is based on hurting one's own body is considered wrong and incompatible with Islamic Law. There are some historical facts that such practices began with extrimists.

  16. The interesting thing is that his book is really bad. I have read it and it does not have any literary or intelectual value whatsoever. He lituraly re-wrote the life of The Prophet (SAVV) and add new stuff to it. It is like Da vinci Code. A novel but with little or no historical and intelectual reasoning. Da vinci code is fun to read and is by far a lot better then Satanic Verses. It was bad. really bad. Rushdie's fame was Ayatollah Khumeiny's fault.

  17. Assalam alikum, i am 19 years old and im muslim since a year and a half. Im not sunni or shia since i dont really know what it is (all i know is i must follow Allah and his last messenger). I have questions about shia belefs and pratic. I only want Shia who are knowleagble about the questions. Also i dont wanna have peoples said "i think...." or "my opinion..." i want true answers and facts (depend of the questions). Im sorry if i sound rude, it just i dont want to follow an opinion of someone, I want to follow Allah.

    1. What "Ya Ali Madad" mean? and why you said it?

    2. Do u pray to Imans or the Prophets for help or protection? Im asking this because i saw a shia telling this and it really do sound like Catholisme (my old religion) who seek help and protection from Jesus (peace be upon him) and all the Saints instead of Allah And i know Allah really hate this.

    3. Why you pray with a rock? (i seen one last week from my shia muslim friend) I did ask my friend about it but He dunno how to explain to me.

    4. Why Mutah is allow and when? I hear a lot of muslims said they will do mutah (like western dating) instead of being chaste and wait until marriage.

    5. I did said my shahada but when i decide if im shia or sunni do i have to redo it? or said a other shahada? If no then why shia and sunni said "this is the right path, u must convert to it..."?

    6. How am i suppose to know wich one is true? It all confusing. Will i find the answer in the Quran? There things in shia (that dont have in sunni) that i agree with and also that i dont agree with. The same thing with sunni, there thing i agree with and things i dont.

    7. Do i really need to decide now?

    wa alikum assalam

    Aisha Muslima

    You sound confused mate,

    I first need to address you fifth question. Shahada is a code which reminds you of what doctrins you have accepted. So if you ever accepted the doctrin of "Imamah" you should use the third line that shia say. Secondly those (wether shia or sunni) whom say "this is the right path, u must convert to it..." are extremely uninformed people. "Guide us to the straight path" Quran Chapter 1, Verse 6. Think of religions as roads toward the divine. Every religion is a guide for getting closer to the divine. Islam is the straight path, so it is faster.

    Now I address your seventh question. You should seek and study the truth yourself and with patience. "Hastiness is the habit of devil" is an ancient persian saying. I do understand a bit about what you are going through. Some books helped me in my journey. I hope they help you as well.

    http://al-islam.org/peshawar/index.html (a very very good book)


    http://al-islam.org/leadership/ (very good book)

    al-islam.org has a lot more books an artcles on islamic issues as a whole. You can read them online too, so it makes easier. You can find the answer to question 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 in these books. So go through them all and make your choise. I cannot give the answer in here since it is long and need proof from quran, hadith, history and critical reasoning.

    I hope the informations are helpful to you as it was to me,

    May God protect you,

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