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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well, I think the above comments are weak because they rely on Sunni's Methodism. One of the fundamental differences between Sunni and Shia'ah is the question; where does piety come from? Sunni Methodism sees that piety comes from daily prayer, reading Quran and doing other duties. On the other hand Shia believed that the piety comes from within a man; remember the story of man asking Imam Ali AS whether he had seen God. So by doing more prayer and reading Quran will not make you more pious, on top of that it may become an habit, which is worse. We do not pray to gain piety, rather we pray be
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    Unlike traditional Sufis, Hafez was a different breed of sufis. Unlike rumi who understimated our current existence as nothing but a stepping stone for after life, Hafez considered this existence as important within itself. Rumi did not recognise this existence's worth except what helps for better afterlife. To me Hafez was a greater influence since he was an existentialist and look around you, existentialism is all over the world.
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    Hafiez 2

    My Sweet, Crushed Angel You have not danced so badly, my dear, Trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One. You have waltzed with great style, My sweet, crushed angel, To have ever neared God's heart at all. Our Partner is notoriously difficult to follow, And even His best musicians are not always easy To hear. So what if the music has stopped for a while. So what If the price of admission to the Divine Is out of reach tonight. So what, my dear, If you do not have the ante to gamble for Real Love. The mind and the body are famous For holding the heart ransom, But Hafiz knows the Beloved's eter
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    A Golden Compass Forget every idea of right and wrong Any classroom ever taught you Because An empty heart, a tormented mind, Unkindness, jealousy and fear Are always the testimony You have been completely fooled! Turn your back on those Who would imprison your wondrous spirit With deceit and lies. Come, join the honest company Of the King's beggars - Those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns And those astonishing fair courtesans Who need Divine Love every night. Come, join the courageous Who have no choice But to bet their entire world That indeed, Indeed, God is Real. I will lead you int
  5. I have been going through this topic and found that the discussion has not base itself on facts and rather on childish bickering of 'you are worse than I am'. So let me set the facts straight. Al right lets start with the Sunnis in Iran. There are two major ethnicities that are sunnis, first the kurds and baluchies. First things first, Nearly all kurds are Sufies and Iranian government and the hauwsa in Qom have problem with all Sufies. There were big clashes in Qom between government and the shia sufies living in Qom. it got really bad as the news pointed out. And the Baluchies are all differ
  6. I share in your feelng!! But do not be alarmed. As we humans get older we have more responsibility which connect us to this existence. Children are far more care free than adults. This carefree nature allows them to to connect to other activity and in our case is religion. So this is natural process. But remember that, when one does well on the responsibilities that one is assign (such as providing for family) is no different than the act of prayer. There is an old persian saying that goes like this, "a candle that is needed in the house, would be forbidden (haram) in the mosque". My advice to
  7. Death is a fun topic!!! where to start first, OK, let us imagine that there is no god no life after death. in this case death is nothingness. it will not hurt nor teaches. But let take into account death thru a muslim mind. One thing I argue against in that death in not the complete separation of us from the physical world. Since we still carry our actions into the next world. Our behaviors and action are part of this world and no matter where we go, they will follow us. Not let us take into account the view of Rumi the persian poet and mystic; I am bird of divine garden, and half of me is of
  8. There few fact one need to take into account before talking about the authenticity of the modern nahjul balaqa. First we know at the time of the compilation there existed 490 sermon attributed to Imam Ali(AS), most of them were destroyed or simply forgotten. Second we know that the authenticity of Nahjul Balaqa did not came about til 240 year after the compilation of the book. Third seminaries of Qum have spent alot of time and money in order to establish the authenticity of the sermons. Personally i don't believe it is authentic word to word, but in generality it seems very authentic, and ve
  9. (salam) how are u all doing? Well this is a fun topic and believe or not Quran have contrary verses for it. There is one way to get over the contradictions, and that is to translate the verses involving adam and eve's creation as metaphorical rather than historical. Dr shariati points out on his lecture (man and Islam) that there is a second translation in the story. This translation can be helped by the arabic word which is translated in to 'Rib', as eve was created from adam's rib. The arabic word has a second translation which is 'essence', and what strengthen this view is that the Hebrew
  10. Actually He does not actually rejects Islamic republic since he was part of it for a long time and knew Grand Ayatollah Khomeini. He like many other scholars reject the extreme corruption of the regime and going against the very essence of the revolution which was esteghlal (disallowing foreign intervention), Azadi (freedom, specially political freedom and freedom of speech) and jomhurie islamy (democratic Islam). He actually is by all mean a very moderate person far beyond some of the ayatollahs which speech against the Iranian regime. except judging him with an article you read once upon the
  11. (wasalam) Let me begin my discussion this way. It is interesting that many Muslim say that Islam is a best religion to ever existed without actually think about it. First problem is whose version of islam? Answer might be twelver Shi'ism. But whose version of twelver shi'ism? Answer might be Usuli school. But whose version of Usuli, since usuli school is the only islamic school that allows diversity of interpretation. And but whose version can indeed go for infinity. you might say islam of the prophet himself. and I would say whose version of prophet. I have read about 10-15 books about the l
  12. (bismillah) (wasalam) I heard a description of religion from him that I believe is the most perfect description of religion. he said religion is nothing but series of its interpretation. This description can explain the extreme diversity of religion and mazhabs in each. You can find his articles in www.drsoroush.com What do you think???
  13. (bismillah) (wasalam) Hello every one!!! Well, I am not aware of what shia ulama think what is knowledge and the above examples do not actually say what is knowledge in itself, to tell you the truth I have never read a hadith or naration which give gives detail account of what knowledge is. The best account what from Imam Jafar (as) which said "knowledge is anything you can learn" but this description is indeed too general and lack detail. I believe the best description of knowledge you can find is in epistemology (field of philosophy that deal with knowledge) which says "knowledge is jus
  14. (bismillah) (salam) Hello guys and girls? One thing astounds me everytime I come to this site and read peoples posts and how much people over rely on hadith and Quran and I feel that people are only and not actually understand what they are writing about. every one posts prophet said this and imam said this and that and they all lack a sense of deep contemplation on the topic. There two type of schalors, those who memories ed alot of books and those memorised less but understand what they know. And how this connect to this topic is simple. I had an sunni friend who was very friendly with
  15. (bismillah) (salam) How are all u guys? Well its been a while since i visited this section so let me make a comment on philosophy and its relationship to Islamic theology. Brothers you should understand what ulama mean by philosophy. First is religious philosophy which base itself on Islamic theology, e.g. since Quran says so then it is so and to clarify this point there is an old Christian saying that goes like this "philosophy is the maiden of theology". This school is similar to that of Ashaarite school of thought is Sunni Islam. The second philosophy is what we call secular philosophy w
  16. Hello everybody Well, I know that what the sufi did is like fengshui of Chinese. Just bunch of superstitious beliefs that does not worth anything. Irfan is a knowledge of religion and spirituality. And Sufi only know such knowledge and it does not go beyond that. You must remember the story of Imam Ali AS and Salman e Farsi and ten stages of faith.
  17. (salam) brother By no mean I believe try to say you accept what you write. you might do or not. I am sorry when i read your post i read them as comments. I used the REPLY option with the intention of commenting on you comments. So i am sorry for a any misunderstanding. and regarding the Imam Ali AS story my goal was to show that even thou the Judge certainly knew that Imam would never lie, he gave the saddle or shield (I have heard both) to the Christian. For justice to be done there is the need of the proof. It would be unjust of me to harass a man who has be harassing my sister if all I have
  18. (salam) brother AAHHHHHHHHH!!!! history is truely dark. This idea that justice is every thing be in its right place have dark consequences and has caused some of the greatest evils ever. Sassanids dynasty in Persian implicated a version of this principle. If a man was farmer his children must be farmers as well and they have no choice what so ever in their destiny. Tokugawa shogunate in Japan implicated a different version of this principle and that made Japan into a prison island. Let us for the sake of the argument say that we actually know where every thing belongs to. And if we do put them
  19. I never hear it either. But when I read the Ayas the conclusion came to me clearly. Angels have no knowledge of future or sceinctific knowledge then why did they say to god, humans would shed blood. How did they know our nature. There is only one explanation and that is there were other humans who leaved on earth and they shed blood. This is the only explanation for this mistery. It is what independent reasoning says about Quran. U people tend to read narations and think of them as true. I simply do not trust narations when it comes to such cased. They tend to contradict themselves. But what
  20. Hello brothers I have also heard a tradition from prophet SAWW (from mullah): Some one asked the prophet SAWW who was berfore Adam? He answered adam. the man asked asked who was before adam. Prophet SAWW answerd adam. This went on for a while and prophet answer was always the same. Sorry I do not have a link. This is what I have heard from a mullah and since it was so interesting it was always in my head.
  21. Hello brother U sound like consequencialist (utilitarian). But I disagree with you. An eye for an eye rule is not there to satisfy the emotional needs of victim's family. It is a punishment for the victim and has nothing to do with the family. I give u a good story. I was pulling out one of my tooth in the dentist and the sight of dentist struggling to pull out my tooth caused my mom to faint. We call the ambulance and my mom was in the hospital for 1 day and we were very worried. at the end of te day i rather have the tooth ache than all this worry. So consequence of me pulling my tooth out w
  22. In the name of G-d, First thing first, brother naver say that a religious question is forbidden. Why? simple, questions arrise from doubt which is a manifestation of internal reasoning and understanding. Imam Ali ask his generals to question his command in te light of religion. Read Letter to Malik Ashtar. If you do not question and seek that answer, then you will not satisfy your doubt. Therefore that doubt will always be with you. You can shut it off and forced it out by your will, but then you will have a blind belief, which personally I rather have 100 doubts about G-d and not have a blind
  23. bismillah Ay ay brothers!!! The fight over Shias and Sunnis is not directly about religions and doctrines. They are fighting over the soul of Islam. The soul of Islam is its history. So they are fighting over the history of Islam. Which ever sides wins, their version of history (history also have sides and versions and interpretations). So It is not like other religion's devisions like Christian orthodox and catholic. They are fighting over doctrines of religion.
  24. (salam) Then you do not no anything. You listen to what other people say and take them as facts without checking it source.
  25. (salam) First of all the "kafir" does not mean unbeliever or faithless. The word literally means "ingrate" which in turn means "thankless person". So as you can see the use of the word and its meaning has got nothing to do with faith or Imaan. Some distinguish between Kafir and non-Muslims, as Kafir is used by the Qur'an for people who were guilty of rejection or non-acceptance of what it says is the truth, even after it has supposedly become fully apparent to them, while non-Muslim is primarily a term implying a person who does not ascribe to the Islamic faith. http://www.understanding-isl
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