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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother I have wrote this forume to test people on their intelectuality. Understanding hadith and Quranic verses are all about rhetoric and what word mean. This hadith is a prime example. If it didnot have the word "edifice" then it would make it blasphemy and a wrong narration. But with the word it is completely the opposite. This is a challenge for Shia or Sunni youth to test their understanding of their own religion. There is a clear difference between knowing and understanding. I took a few minutes to figure this narration out. But in the realm of Islamic sciences this is considered a eas
  2. (salam) I am sorry brother. I have not found it online. But I have read it from my university. You should check your library. All I can say it is worth searchig for it all around the city. It is very informative book. The writer talks about some possibilities but at the end says that it is actually a mistrey which one was the prime factor. And I am A man. Mohammadreza Shoari
  3. The Man is a genius. You should read his book on sociology and the one on Abu Dhar and Salman. Absolutely stunning. But I have his point of view. I became a better muslim and a shia when I started to learn about my prophet through non_Muslims.
  4. (salam) I thought of what you just say before writing that. I did a paper on illogical actions that people want god to do. But that would only make the argument i was refuting more complex and lets face it i have no time to write a book online. What you say is completely true but only complicate the whole argument unnecessarily. That is why I used the word "maybe". Good on you man, You are sharp.
  5. So did the quraish and most of the Arabs but God didnot say to invade them and make them into slaves. Brother what you saying does not make sence. Just because some one is a threat you do not invade them and make them into second class citizens (mawali). And about the harassing that you claimed I have found no evidence through history. The following is the letter Omar sent to the persian king Yazdgerd III; (http://www.kavehroom.com/Yazdgerd_en.html). "Bism-ellah Ar'rahman Ar'rhim To the Shah of the Fars (prophet himself used respect in his letter and called the king "the geat king of persia"
  6. What you say is true, now my questions are; 1) did shaving cream made in the time of prophet? 2) did they have a way to sterilize their blade? Let me tell you something brother. Most of the arabs at the time use to shave using their own sword. Do you know how many health problem does that creates.
  7. He was a great visionary man and he had lots of understanding of islamic thought and sociology. His works are legendary among the Iranian minds. He is still one of the most influencial thinker of Iran (29 after his death). But he was not very popular with the shia ulema of his time. He looked at Islam from a muslims eye but he also looked at islam through a non-muslim eyes. His works are full of citations and references to non-muslim schulors and hardly use the work of shia ulema. He thought that we have reach an limit of our understanding of Islam and the prophets (pbuh) and Imam (as). He th
  8. I am an Azeri too.

  9. Did you know that Azeries are actual not turks but persians? They are an ancient persian tribe. I found out about this when i did a paper on development of persian language.

  10. First of all zeostarians are now recognised as people of the book, since they have, (1) A prophet, (2) Obey on God (Ahura Mazda), (2) have a holy scripture, (4) they believe in the judgement day exactly the same way muslims believe in it. They do not worship fire nor see it as equal to God. the story of fire goes something like this. The ancient Pagan persian asked zeoster (prophet) (as) to show them a sign of his prophethood. Zeoster sign was that he walk through fire and was not burnt. Then he said to the people, if you are clean from sin you can also walk through fire. So it is an insult to
  11. Brother we shia do not call any books that we can call completely Sahih (e.g, Bukhary). The only Sahih is Quran since it is the word of Allah. Any book which has been written by a man is not considered Sahih and saying it is Sahih is like making it equal to the Quran which is blasphemy in shia Islam.
  12. It is reported in Usule Kafi, Imam Jafar al-Sadigh said: "The edifice of Islam is raised on its five pillars, namely, the prayer, poor-due, the fasting, the pilgrimage (Hajj) and the wilaya (Imamah), and nothing else was declared on the day of Ghadir (to basis of Islam) except wilaya (Imamah). I found this narration in a book which was wriiten against the Shia doctrine, he said "Look how widely these (shia) people differ from the muslim in general. He said this since sunnis have some thing called the 5 pillars of Islam and it has all of the above, but does not have wilayah. In its place they h
  13. Maybe you do not know this but calling him an Imaam done by news papers. He had a lot of title and since he was very very respected. So the news papers were required to write all of his titles which in their point of view it was more words less space and money lost. One day some one by accident call him Imaam, and the editor like it so it remained that. This is a true stroy which is well known in Iran. Now for his tought of infalibility you should watch the documentary "Iran betrayed". Brother I will not accuse him of something I have doubt about. I have listen to both side of the story for a
  14. Read "An Introduction of Shia Islam" by Moojan Momen Abbasid also rejected the wilaayat of Ahlulbayt (as) .I myself (after reading historical books) have come to the conclusion that there were three type of people in the time of Umayyad and Abbasids. they were shia, sunni and uninformed (didnot know whats happening). There is a very good evidence that shows there use to be more shias than sunnis butthe trasnformation is not clear how it happens. The about book talks about it and it has been done from an unbias source so it is good and reliable.
  15. Maybe God can incarnate himself but why would he do it? This is a real question. He created the Universe and created Laws and rule for it which he is beyond such limits. Why would he limit himself to such petty Laws. Lets imagine this; You are sitting in emepty room. You can sit any where you like and it won't make any difference where you sit. Wouldn't be inlogical to say well "I limit myself to this corner." There would be no difference were you sit the result will always be the say. So limiting yourself is not logical in such a case is not logical. Quran says there is nothing like God. So
  16. So other languages. Every tranlation of languages into another language would make it vague. But even other translation of the divine books still does not come close to sciencetific fact. But Quran does. Muslims are the only people whom are even capable of comparing all sections (not only some section and throw away other sections) of their scriptures with scince today. This is a big thing and contradict you argument.
  17. Imam Jafar al-Sadigh said: "Science and philosophy are two different subjects. Science gives us definite and exact results even if they are small and insignificant. But philosophy serves no practical purpose and gives no useful results... However, it is beyond the scope of science to discover the ultimate truth; but it is within the domain of philosophy to do that." http://www.ahl-e-bayt.20m.com/articles/Ima...%20sciences.htm So lets not be extremist like wahabis and have a open mind so we can see the wonders and miracles of our religion.
  18. First every decent historians would agree on what happen in Kerbala and how it happens. So lets leave history upto historians since they know more how to verify narations and stories. Why dont we belienve in tooth fairy since If we put our tooth under the pillow, it will not get stollen. Such thing can be proven or disproven through theology and history to find out how such belief formed. Now lets talk about faith. In english language the phrase "to have faith" does not include having reason and logic for that. But the in arabic we use the word "Imaan". Some dictionaries translate this into "
  19. Brother you are wrong, Malaysians and Indonasians became muslims without living under Islamic government. They became muslim through traders and missionaries. Islam is Truth and truth sits on the heart of a good man. So ofcource there would be muslims today. There might have even more since there would be no evidence of force comversion and this is favourable with people.
  20. Imam Jafar al-Sadigh (as) was the first man whom divided philosophy and science. Imam Said: "Science and philosophy are two different subjects. Science gives us definite and exact results even if they are small and insignificant. But philosophy serves no practical purpose and gives no useful results. However, it is beyond the scope of science to discover the ultimate truth; but it is within the domain of philosophy to do that." http://www.ahl-e-bayt.20m.com/articles/Ima...%20sciences.htm how can you understand an enfinit entity. Science will never find the answer since its result lies on me
  21. My brother, you misunderstood me First paragraph I talk about the conversion from Zeostarians to Islam. No unbais historian can say wether there were more shia or sunni in the time of umayad and biginning of abbasid dynasties. There are evidence pointing in both ways. After that paragraph I talk about the influence of Shia thought on Sunni Iran. What I am trying to say is that the Shia thought had always from the biginning had influence within persian thought. As there is evidence that say some persian towns were force into becoming muslims there is also evidence some sunni towns were forced
  22. Attack is the best form of defence, when: 1) There is a imidiate threat from the opposite site, 2) All other option of peace are closed. The translations say that they were slaves. But the second problem is under what islamic law can you make non-combatants (normal citizens and women) into prisoners. The third problem under what islamic law can you make prisoners into slaves. Prophet himself did not do this. If you doubt me read what happen to the prisoners of "Badr". Brothers I have already taken into account such reasons, and non of them work at all. Now what I need is what the historians sa
  23. You make a bold statement and a claim. Whether this was his real intention or not my question was what reason he used for attacking. What was the reasons he publicly announced for such actions? I am looking for this.
  24. The following is an article I did for my Philosophy class. Faith and Science There are fools around the world whom think they can prove god’s existence with science. I got two words for them, “Dream On”. God is a being that lives outside of our space and time all together. And since we do not know how he influence our time and space, we cannot observe him through science. So proving god in science is almost close to impossible. This view is influence by science and religion of Islam. Interestingly Islam does not talk about the physical characteristics of god at all. It takes the view that if e
  25. I am not big with being possess by Jinns. I know few thing though. 1) Jinns do not possess the same way as with Christian evil possession. (they freak me out big time) 2) Jinns only hurt humans when the human hurt them first. Other then that they do nothing. 3) By saying the phrase "In the name of God" in arabic Jinns leave. 4) We dont really know what are Jinns in the first place. Quran talks about them but give no description of what exactly they are.
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