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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) You are in a tough situation brother. You are stuck between love and respect for family and your religion and intellectuality. Dam that is tough. First thing I want to clear up is that your niece and nephew's father has done injustice his his children by withholding useful knowledge from them. I am sorry to tell you this but in the judgment day his children will complain to God from him and his guilty of this sin. And now your problem. You are required to respect your family members and obey your parent at all times, but not if that makes you do something against the command of God.
  2. OK! I never said "love" or used it. I said "respect" and it is different than "love". respecting someone does not mean loving him. They respected Ali (as) because of what he did in his life time. The righteous and just actions moved people heart and made them respect this man. There are other example of such situations. For example the ancient Greeks used to call Persian barbarians but greatly respected "Cyrus The Great" because of his acts of benevolence and justice. One of the most famous Greek historians wrote a book on him call Cyropedia which you can find online.
  3. (salam) It has been a long time I haven't posted anything in here. Perfection in design has always been a trouble some argument for me. Some ulemah say that the the design of universe is perfect but there is a fundamental problem with that. Let me lay it dawn for you all. Simply the argument is If God is perfect then what he creates is perfect, for example our body. But the problem is If we consider God as perfect then what he creates also has to be a god because they are also perfect. God is perfect in every view. He will never die he is all powerful, all knowledgeable, and so on. That is w
  4. Well there are different categories of rape. But i would like this the punishments for them be set between these 2 punishment form mildest to worst. The mildest should be public Lashing. And the worst would be public execution.
  5. You are over simplifying one argument. There is no way to compare it. God governs everything that there is and there ever was. I cannot compare him with tooth fairy. Believing in tooth fairy gives me a new view of teeth (not a world view). But belief in God gives me a new world view which effects my every action and thought. But a new view of teeth or teeth view only effect what i do with my fallen teeth. You know what is really interesting that I have more of bible than I have read of Quran. I went through a phase that I doubt my own religion. I read all these stories. But when I thought abo
  6. So can you tell me the book you have read that he refuses some doctrines. I would like to read them myself and check their references. Thanks Brother. I do not remember Now. But I will try to find it and sent it to you. My point from the story was that being religious and clean mindedness is not about whether someone wears a veil or not. She was doing something, since God exalted her and made people say only good thing and good things only behind her. I have never seen such a athing in my life. There are thing which are far more inportant than wearing a veil. I do not like to call people i
  7. Well, do you know the story of Hannibal and Rome. Hannibal was a carthginian general and he defeated the Roman 4 or 5 time and every time Romans had more then 70,000 troops. This battles took place in Italy itself so you can see how close enemies were to Rome. Romans lost a lot of their allies and some became neutral. Every historian say that Rome was never weaker in all its history than that point. But the point is Even when Rome lost most of its allies and its enemies have even got into Italy it was still able to gather a large number of troops. So it is very possible to gather large armies.
  8. Brother I was talking about the time when prophet (pbuh) was alive. Not after that. If you want to have a never ending argument then be my guest. It is a waste of time.
  9. This only complicate the whole issue. We might have done things like him if we lived in the time of prophet. Umar was not Infallible. So saying he said third and done that in the time of prophet is childish and not a good intellectual argument. Prophet (pbuh) sometimes said good thing about Umar and Abu Bakr. So arguments like this are like a never ending Tog-o-War. You say Umar did this and Sunnies say well prophet said this about him. It will never end and will only fuel hated and difference.
  10. Yeah, common sense says that. But there is no record of that. Today I read a book on Sassanids in its end and before the invasion of Arabs. There were few rebelions all around Persia and Religious reformers rebelling from few places. And there was a threat from Byzantine and Sassainds dependent on trades. So the whole sassanids were in a turmoil which later on help the Muslim arabs in conquering Persia relatively easy. So What I am saying is that what all these problems, there is no way Persian waste their time attacking Arabs. Arabia is a big place an Invading it takes a large commitment. Th
  11. Um sorry to tell you this, But there is some truth to this. I am not saying so much as created. But some doctrins were actually made up in time of safavids. Specially shah Ishmail I was a fanatic. This is history man. If you want to know about the history of shiism you should read books from shia sources then you read from sunni sources and the you read from non-muslim sources. After all these you would have a better and more complete view of history. You should read both sides and weight them yourself using intellectuality not by belief. I also know enough about him to say that he did not ac
  12. Yeah but it did not have any reference to it. Why would the prophet (pbuh) set raid against the sassanids. The raids against the Quraish started after the Quraish first declared war on Prophet?? This might answer on seem to answer one question but in fact it creates far more questions and shows inconsistencies in Prophet's (pbuh) actions.
  13. You have a sharp eyes Brother, He is Mawlānā Jalāl-ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. His poetry sits on heart. His "Masnav-ye Manavi" is called Quran in Persian. Absolute Genius.
  14. First I said before. Zeostarians do not worship fire nor see it as equal to god, it is a symbol of "mahsoomin". Second I am not prasing fire. I am an shia and a strong one. I am defending a religion that muslim to this day think (not know) that is polytheism. They are less polytheist than Christians for god sake. You should read Avesta. Thridly fires of the a temple in Fars was extinguished but this was not because they were polytheist or evil. This had to do with Magians whom were extremist to some extent form of zeostarians and where distoriting the teaching of Zeoster (as) and Avesta (Zeost
  15. First prophet himself had never had a contact with any Zeostarians. I say this since there is absolutely no narration. Salman was also a christian. Now Quran does not talk about alot of prophets and divine books. Did you know that Islamic tradition specially shia there has been 124,000 prophets. in general there were more than 120,000 prophets. I have also heard about 600 divine books Quran included. Quran did not talk about a lot of prophets. Now lets see who are these so called Magians. Magians were a sect of Zeostarians. and they also distorted some section of it. They are not pure zeostrai
  16. Brother, Shiah do not have problem with Omar when the prophet was alive (pbuh) . We have problem with him after the prophet (pbuh) died. And the events that took place. It does not matter whether he was close to prophet (pbuh) or not. It is what he did after the death of prophet (pbuh) that matters to shia more? when he no longer had a prophet beside him to tell him what is right or wrong. So shia brothers. Do not argue with such things. I am a strong shia and I know that Umar and Abu Bakr did serve the prophet well. the main Difference between shia and sunnis is laid after the death of the
  17. Well you can search video google. video.google.com
  18. Do shia believe in this??? No, and the shia Ulema were in the for front of refuting this false narration. they did all the work.
  19. This looks like a cult. They called bahaii a great religion. What a joke!!!
  20. I get what you mean. I have already said that I accept that. But starting a war without looking for peace is considered against Quran. Now tell me did Umar or Abu Bakr tried to make peace with the Persian.
  21. First get you historical fact check. Sikhism is not a divine religion from Allah since its prophet came 500 YEARS AGO. that makes it 900 years after prophet Mohammad (pbuh) . Zeoster came before even Abraham (salam) . That makes him around 3000 to 4000 thousand years ago. Dont throw word like "persecution" around so easily. Every religious minority has a problem in Iran. Sunnis have problem like any one else.
  22. Please bring me Quranic verse that say invading is allowed if most of the runners of State are corrupt and arrogant??? I have not seen any. Brother there are two thing which are considered worst in from of God. first is war but the second and even worst is oppression. and these two are the only reason you can go to war after you have tried to make peace. If you have evidence against this please write. Not only that by this law bahaiis can invade us since our governments and religious institutions are corrupt and arrogant. Pure fiction. I have found absolutely no historical reference to this
  23. (salam) My problem is If Omar attacked without a religious backing therefore he has go on against it. If you do not obey Quran then you disobey it. Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet has a clear rules of engagement and when there can be war. Since God considers war very bad. So in order for Omar to included in Rashidun Caliph (rightly guided caliph) he has to abide by quran at all time especially on the matters of war. What is interesting is that he did not try to make peace first. He was also ignorant of Persian and their religion all together. But still I would like to know what have the
  24. Please brother i remind you that persian princess became wifes of the Hassan (as) and Hussein (as) . So they never slaves belonging to Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) . This happen as Omar brought the Persian princess into madina and was about to give them as war booty and salve to Arabs. Ali (as) interfered and stop such action. Ali (as) actually saved princesses from a life of slavery. I have already took into account what you say. But there is no historical evidence to support that. Persian were paying and influencing few tribes in the north of arabia which they used to guard their passage to mecca
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