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  1. Well, I think the above comments are weak because they rely on Sunni's Methodism. One of the fundamental differences between Sunni and Shia'ah is the question; where does piety come from? Sunni Methodism sees that piety comes from daily prayer, reading Quran and doing other duties. On the other hand Shia believed that the piety comes from within a man; remember the story of man asking Imam Ali AS whether he had seen God. So by doing more prayer and reading Quran will not make you more pious, on top of that it may become an habit, which is worse. We do not pray to gain piety, rather we pray because of our piety. What I believe that you need to find your connection with the faith. What was it that was exciting for you. In youth faith comes from one heart which is passion, as the prophet SAVV described it "heat in heart". My heat comes from events of karbala and my knowledge of Ali AS. Each man need to seek his own heat and constant should seek for more.
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    Unlike traditional Sufis, Hafez was a different breed of sufis. Unlike rumi who understimated our current existence as nothing but a stepping stone for after life, Hafez considered this existence as important within itself. Rumi did not recognise this existence's worth except what helps for better afterlife. To me Hafez was a greater influence since he was an existentialist and look around you, existentialism is all over the world.
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    Hafiez 2

    My Sweet, Crushed Angel You have not danced so badly, my dear, Trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One. You have waltzed with great style, My sweet, crushed angel, To have ever neared God's heart at all. Our Partner is notoriously difficult to follow, And even His best musicians are not always easy To hear. So what if the music has stopped for a while. So what If the price of admission to the Divine Is out of reach tonight. So what, my dear, If you do not have the ante to gamble for Real Love. The mind and the body are famous For holding the heart ransom, But Hafiz knows the Beloved's eternal habits. Have patience, For He will not be able to resist your longing For Long. You have not danced so badly, my dear, Trying to kiss the Beautiful One. You have actually waltzed with tremendous style, O my sweet, O my sweet crushed angel. This is another hafez's poem I dig up, so have go at and try to unlock its mysteries. Have fun!!!
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    A Golden Compass Forget every idea of right and wrong Any classroom ever taught you Because An empty heart, a tormented mind, Unkindness, jealousy and fear Are always the testimony You have been completely fooled! Turn your back on those Who would imprison your wondrous spirit With deceit and lies. Come, join the honest company Of the King's beggars - Those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns And those astonishing fair courtesans Who need Divine Love every night. Come, join the courageous Who have no choice But to bet their entire world That indeed, Indeed, God is Real. I will lead you into the Circle Of the Beloved's cunning thieves, Those playful royal rogues - The ones you can trust for true guidance - Who can aid you In this Blessed Calamity of life. Hafiz, Look at the Perfect One At the Circle's Center: He Spins and Whirls like a Golden Compass, Beyond all that is Rational, To show this dear world That Everything, Everything in Existence Does point to God. Well I was going thru the web and found this interesting poem by a 14century persian poet, Hafez. I Posted it to get everyone's views about what it means. Good Luck!!!
  5. I have been going through this topic and found that the discussion has not base itself on facts and rather on childish bickering of 'you are worse than I am'. So let me set the facts straight. Al right lets start with the Sunnis in Iran. There are two major ethnicities that are sunnis, first the kurds and baluchies. First things first, Nearly all kurds are Sufies and Iranian government and the hauwsa in Qom have problem with all Sufies. There were big clashes in Qom between government and the shia sufies living in Qom. it got really bad as the news pointed out. And the Baluchies are all different story. The sistan Baluchistan region has been unstable for the past 150 years. A good example of the problem in sistan baluchestan region is the coalition and afghan government's problem in afghanistan. Because of the tribal nature of the region, it is extremely hard to deal with all the tribes and keep them all happy at the same time. Iranian government has the same problem with the arab tribes as well and well as other tribal ethnicities in Iran. But this does not mean that Iranian government is all good and rightous. It is a fact that the Sunni citizens have less right the shia citizens. They have their own parliament member but iranian parliament is a very weak institutions. In the regions where the large majority is sunni the mayor is shia muslim and not same ethnicity.
  6. I share in your feelng!! But do not be alarmed. As we humans get older we have more responsibility which connect us to this existence. Children are far more care free than adults. This carefree nature allows them to to connect to other activity and in our case is religion. So this is natural process. But remember that, when one does well on the responsibilities that one is assign (such as providing for family) is no different than the act of prayer. There is an old persian saying that goes like this, "a candle that is needed in the house, would be forbidden (haram) in the mosque". My advice to you is the this saying, "the ordinary man should love God, the intellectual should trust in God, and the politician and the soldier should fear god". So which ever category are you?
  7. Death is a fun topic!!! where to start first, OK, let us imagine that there is no god no life after death. in this case death is nothingness. it will not hurt nor teaches. But let take into account death thru a muslim mind. One thing I argue against in that death in not the complete separation of us from the physical world. Since we still carry our actions into the next world. Our behaviors and action are part of this world and no matter where we go, they will follow us. Not let us take into account the view of Rumi the persian poet and mystic; I am bird of divine garden, and half of me is of earth, this body is a cage that would hold me for two-three day, Merry is coming day that I fly to the friend, I will circle him all day long, Well I translated it the best I could. it is not as easy as you think. Here Rumi sees this earthly existence as a prison of our soul. and not only take comfort in his death, rather he is over joyed by his death. Prison is also allegorical, and it means the desires of this world in their entirety. It can also means limits of this world, or means both. So death, in this sense, is freedom from all aspect of life, from its worries and desires and limits. It is a merry event and should be celebrated. The story does not end here. Hafiz also a persian poet, saw death as merely passing from one form of existence to another. Hafiz was existential and saw human not as beautiful souls trapped within the earthy body, rather creatures created to exist within this world. He saw all people whom wanted to survive and they have within them all them need to do so. Hafiz is a very interesting case in history of Islam, because first he was one of the only two people who foresaw the upcoming fall of the muslim civilization. He lived in the time of Temerlane and saw two central events. First he saw the aftermath of the mongol invasion where 75% of population of Iran was massacred. he also saw the invasion of temerlane which was in brutality and inhumanity second only to the mongol invasion. One would expect a man after seeing these things would become as extreme as what he saw. For example if you follow the modern islamist groups such as muslim brotherhood, you will see that the founding members where all been to prison and heavily tortured. Unfortunately these circumstances breath extreme thought, as life of no hardship will make a man lazy and unaware, but to much hardship and the man will become more extreme, and in this case amount of knowledge does not help over coming the effect, since you will find among extremes men of great knowledge and life experience. Yet hafiz was not an extreme case in muslims, what he saw in the suffering around him was, we are beings that not only capable of overcoming difficulties, but did it very well. This showed him, whether there is a soul or what exactlly is its nature, does not matter since the fact of the matter is we are physical creature whom get to live on this plane of existence pretty successfully, so to him, upon death, we leave our current existence and begin a new existence. now what this new existence is you just have to wait and see. I personally adhere to Hafiz's view for few reasons. Also it is suspending and fun.
  8. There few fact one need to take into account before talking about the authenticity of the modern nahjul balaqa. First we know at the time of the compilation there existed 490 sermon attributed to Imam Ali(AS), most of them were destroyed or simply forgotten. Second we know that the authenticity of Nahjul Balaqa did not came about til 240 year after the compilation of the book. Third seminaries of Qum have spent alot of time and money in order to establish the authenticity of the sermons. Personally i don't believe it is authentic word to word, but in generality it seems very authentic, and very bypartisan. You can be from nearly any school and find passages to justify that school. But my best advice to you is to ask this question from number of marjas and ask for detail answer and not just a yes or no.
  9. (salam) how are u all doing? Well this is a fun topic and believe or not Quran have contrary verses for it. There is one way to get over the contradictions, and that is to translate the verses involving adam and eve's creation as metaphorical rather than historical. Dr shariati points out on his lecture (man and Islam) that there is a second translation in the story. This translation can be helped by the arabic word which is translated in to 'Rib', as eve was created from adam's rib. The arabic word has a second translation which is 'essence', and what strengthen this view is that the Hebrew word for rib which is used in genesis also carries the second meaning of essence. in this context 'eve was created from adam's essence' (for me makes more sense). One of the consequences of this translation is that it makes the story metaphorical rather than historical since essence is not a physical thing. My view is the same. I believe the story has far more wisdom in it, if it is read in metaphorical terms rather than historical. This makes me evolutionist and I have a lot of respect for darwin and many muslim forget the contribution darwin made for modern science. He revolutionized biology beyond belief.
  10. Actually He does not actually rejects Islamic republic since he was part of it for a long time and knew Grand Ayatollah Khomeini. He like many other scholars reject the extreme corruption of the regime and going against the very essence of the revolution which was esteghlal (disallowing foreign intervention), Azadi (freedom, specially political freedom and freedom of speech) and jomhurie islamy (democratic Islam). He actually is by all mean a very moderate person far beyond some of the ayatollahs which speech against the Iranian regime. except judging him with an article you read once upon the time go to the website I enclosed above to because there are heaps of article all about him in it. And he is most know in Iranian and Muslim communities more then western community.
  11. (wasalam) Let me begin my discussion this way. It is interesting that many Muslim say that Islam is a best religion to ever existed without actually think about it. First problem is whose version of islam? Answer might be twelver Shi'ism. But whose version of twelver shi'ism? Answer might be Usuli school. But whose version of Usuli, since usuli school is the only islamic school that allows diversity of interpretation. And but whose version can indeed go for infinity. you might say islam of the prophet himself. and I would say whose version of prophet. I have read about 10-15 books about the life time of prophet, one thin has always sticks out for me and that is all of them saw the prophet from different light and different views about him. It was not that they recorded different events but they interpret them differently. And the second problem is the first sura of Quran. It reads "Guide us to the right (straight) path". If Islam is perfect so it can be said that it is the straight path to God. So by being Muslim and do what is required of us we are already on a straight path and no longer require to say this line. You might say it is required for the namaz. But that devalues the line since in other word you saying it you have to say it not you want to say it. To me best interpretation is Islam is a series of paths with many intersections and offshoot paths and we are constantly asking to guide us to the path (while in the intersection) that is most straight. There is a story from prophet I heard when I was young it goes like this: Someone came to the prophet and said that his belly hurts and asked the prophet to put his hand on it so it gets healed. and the prophet told him if he wants healing he should go to doctor! :squeez: :angel: That why Quran says that dont asked ask prophet everything. Now to completely answer the Question, stab yourself in the heart and beg God to help you and read the whole Quran too if a light comes down and heal you I will change my name to jenni (or sheri) but call the parametic and they will get you to hospital and patch you up and be healed (might be tough but now a day can be done). All thanks to modern medicine and science. Prophet was not a warrior and did not like war but when the safety of Muslim was in question God gave the order to fight. Modern science is a necessity for continued survival of Muslim community and even if you bring me a million fatwas from a people who lives in a city where they still ride a donkey to work that islam does not like science. My answer is stupidity cannot be cured so just leave them be. And If you are a shia you would not have problem with secular (modern) science since the shia philosophy is inherently secular just like greek and western philosophy. Watch Dr Soroush lecture Islam and the concept of secularity on english section of www.drsoroush.com.
  12. (bismillah) (wasalam) I heard a description of religion from him that I believe is the most perfect description of religion. he said religion is nothing but series of its interpretation. This description can explain the extreme diversity of religion and mazhabs in each. You can find his articles in www.drsoroush.com What do you think???
  13. (bismillah) (wasalam) Hello every one!!! Well, I am not aware of what shia ulama think what is knowledge and the above examples do not actually say what is knowledge in itself, to tell you the truth I have never read a hadith or naration which give gives detail account of what knowledge is. The best account what from Imam Jafar (as) which said "knowledge is anything you can learn" but this description is indeed too general and lack detail. I believe the best description of knowledge you can find is in epistemology (field of philosophy that deal with knowledge) which says "knowledge is justified true belief". So for some thing you know you need to believe it and be capable of justifying it and it need to be true. Philosophers differ on what it means to justify it. Some believe that there are aprior truth (True in itself without using experiments to prove it), e.g. I think therefore I exist. then you can find other truth using these aproir truths as a foundation. They are called foundationalists. But there is another group called reliablist, whom claim that for something to be justified it needs to be justified through a reliable method, e.g. scientific method. Of course there are difference in view of justification. But in the end all philosophers accept that the description of knowledge is more or less correct, meaning if we are wrong the correct answer is very very very similar to ours.
  14. (bismillah) (salam) Hello guys and girls? One thing astounds me everytime I come to this site and read peoples posts and how much people over rely on hadith and Quran and I feel that people are only and not actually understand what they are writing about. every one posts prophet said this and imam said this and that and they all lack a sense of deep contemplation on the topic. There two type of schalors, those who memories ed alot of books and those memorised less but understand what they know. And how this connect to this topic is simple. I had an sunni friend who was very friendly with me once he he asked me whether I was Shia or Sunni. well i said shia and he smilingly said to me "oh you the one that say gabriel made a mistake with Vahii and gave it to Ali AS". It was like someone spat at my face even thou I have heard this stupid criticism it was really stupid. So you want me to call a person who does not even have a basic idea of what I believe a BROTHER. Well let us say I call him a brother and he calls me a brother (for unity's sake and ulama in modern era want), this relationship is an illusion that can break apart at any moment and prove to be catastrophic. I believe one thing always come before unity and that is UNDERSTANDING, and not just knowing the basic principles but an in depth knowledge. I want to encourage my fellow Muslims before solving a religious question alway try to contemplate one the question first without think about the tradition to form a personal opinion and the take into account the tradition you already know so you get to understand them more and at the end go to books and other sources and see what you thought is true or not and if true you can feel proud that you thought of a solution by yourself and if you were false find out the reason while and when that answer does not satisfy you continue hold on to your view and at the same time look deeper for answers. When people ask me about my religion I always say Muslim because I can't be bother saying shia because they might me the difference i get bored of explaining the whole thing. :!!!:
  15. (bismillah) (salam) How are all u guys? Well its been a while since i visited this section so let me make a comment on philosophy and its relationship to Islamic theology. Brothers you should understand what ulama mean by philosophy. First is religious philosophy which base itself on Islamic theology, e.g. since Quran says so then it is so and to clarify this point there is an old Christian saying that goes like this "philosophy is the maiden of theology". This school is similar to that of Ashaarite school of thought is Sunni Islam. The second philosophy is what we call secular philosophy which even thought talks about god but it does not base itself of tradition, e.g. Quran says so but why? Now you see the difference between the two the first assumes that there is a god NO QUESTION ASKED and Mohammad SAVV was the prophet of god NO QUESTION ASKED and Quran is the best book that ever will be NO QUESTION ASKED. On the other hand the second philosophy does not assume any of this but they don't reject it at the same time. I am a follower of the secular philosophy and study it in university. Greek philosophy and islamic philosophy is secular philosophy that need to be distinguished from some types of kalam and theology. Ibn Sina, Ibn Arabi, Mulla Sadra and so many other muslim philosophers are actually what we call secular philosophers. Now the relationship between shiism (specially twelvers) and secular philosophy. Well the answer is very easy historically the relationship is very intimate and I mean very. And the proof of this is very easy and simple to find and that is most of the secular Muslim philosophers in the history of Islam are actually Shia. Dont believe me look it up and in some cases that they are Sunni the hold very Shia doctrines of aql and adalat. But whether every Shia ulama in history accepted philosophy well the answer is no you will always find people who reject and criticize it. In the modern era. My brothers I give an advice on understanding any religion. No religion is ever static (meaning it did not change). It is impossible to keep a religion static (like wahabis want). This is a reality of any religion no matter what we want. The time politics and so many other factors come into place when dealing with religion. Twelver Shia were tradtionally a quietist religion, meaning that not only they despised and distance themselves from politics they preached the same massage to their followers. This behaviour came about because of two reasons, one was increasingly oppressive Sunnies and the bad history of our imams and politics, so the ulama came to associate politics with corruption and they were very much right on that. Even in modern day you will not find a politician no matter of his position that is not corrupt one way or another. Any way by coming of safavids that twelvers becoming a state religion which allowed the wide spread of usuli school of shia. Make no mistake that the reason Usuli school was favoured by safavids over akhbary school was political not because Usuli school was better in any way. Any way no matter what shia ulama still stayed away from politics in general. Until the contitutional revolution in Iran which saw ulama taking the front line in political views. If you are Iranian and studied in Iran you must have seen in school history books that Ayatollah Modarres Said: "Our religion is our politic and our politics is our religion". well you might thing that makes sence but this is only a distortion of one of Aristotle's quotation. But more or less such statement was never even thought of by traditional ulama. You see this political shia islam on the rise till the Iranian revolution but this is where it gets interesting. A lot of people see Ayatollah Khomeini's view as being hard line conservative, this image has been strengthen by western media. But the interesting point is that this image is absolutely wrong. Ayatollah Khomeini was not conservative (on political view but not on figh) and he was by no mean traditional in any way. he was on the far left and meaning he was on the opposite side of the traditional shias. I do not think any of you know how much Ayatollah Khoei hated Khomeini. In his two years in exile they hardly even said hello to eachother even they thought in the same place. Khoei belong to the traditional school where khomeini was on the opposite. The idea of Islamic government was heresy to traditional shia. Safavids begged the shia ulama to accept them as religiously legitimate government (the same way sunni legitimate their governments) But shia outrightly rejected the very idea. Sunni called us Rafidhi for one reason because we rejected the caliphs and I am dam proud of my forefathers for that. Any way the shiism that Khomeini introduced was a hybrid of shia theology (figh and etc) and sunni view of politics. And It is the Ashaarte school of sunni that Khomeini used which has a direct opposition on philosophy that more traditional shia like. But there is far more to the story then simply what I have wrote. There is no way I can give you quotation on what I have wrote since i Have to quote 20 books and another 30 lectures and hours of contemplation on the subject and do not take what i have said at face value and research the subject but make sure to always try to be unbiased. You should read the work of Dr Soroush, www.drsoroush.com, and other Muslim philosophers such as Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr whom is a leading muslim philosopher and a dam good one too.
  16. Hello everybody Well, I know that what the sufi did is like fengshui of Chinese. Just bunch of superstitious beliefs that does not worth anything. Irfan is a knowledge of religion and spirituality. And Sufi only know such knowledge and it does not go beyond that. You must remember the story of Imam Ali AS and Salman e Farsi and ten stages of faith.
  17. (salam) brother By no mean I believe try to say you accept what you write. you might do or not. I am sorry when i read your post i read them as comments. I used the REPLY option with the intention of commenting on you comments. So i am sorry for a any misunderstanding. and regarding the Imam Ali AS story my goal was to show that even thou the Judge certainly knew that Imam would never lie, he gave the saddle or shield (I have heard both) to the Christian. For justice to be done there is the need of the proof. It would be unjust of me to harass a man who has be harassing my sister if all I have is the word of my sister. The reason I said this story is that I believe that ultimate justice is always with God since he is all knowing. For the historical application of the principle you mention. I did not meant to say these are the only version. Of coarse there are other applicable version of this principle. the one i quoted were the deep right and extreme. But I acknowledge what you say. I also would like to ask what do you think of legitimate authority? Who can it be? and whether the is a principle regarding the legitimate authority?
  18. (salam) brother AAHHHHHHHHH!!!! history is truely dark. This idea that justice is every thing be in its right place have dark consequences and has caused some of the greatest evils ever. Sassanids dynasty in Persian implicated a version of this principle. If a man was farmer his children must be farmers as well and they have no choice what so ever in their destiny. Tokugawa shogunate in Japan implicated a different version of this principle and that made Japan into a prison island. Let us for the sake of the argument say that we actually know where every thing belongs to. And if we do put them in their place we deny them change. Since if they are in the right place being any where else would be unjust. I am a man who strongly believe there is no ultimate justice on earth. Imam Ali (as) lost a case against a Christian and failed to get back th horse seat that he had previously lost. If Ali AS loses a case, I have no hope in any law to be ultimate. And of course every era is different from the previous era and requires different laws and rules. A Justice system that is unable to change to the situation of its time would defenetely fail. one of the reason behind the great decline in Zeostarianism is that it was incapable of change. and about bad consequences of justice. The justice body should do all it can to give a the Just rule and also prevent the bad consequences by other means. But the fear of consequences should not affect the justice itself. e.g. A man is sentence to death for murder but his immediate family has no way of providing for themselves without the man. In this case this case terrible consequence should not affect the justice and the man should be killed. But his family having no one to provide for themselves should be give pension so they can live and in future find a new source of income.
  19. I never hear it either. But when I read the Ayas the conclusion came to me clearly. Angels have no knowledge of future or sceinctific knowledge then why did they say to god, humans would shed blood. How did they know our nature. There is only one explanation and that is there were other humans who leaved on earth and they shed blood. This is the only explanation for this mistery. It is what independent reasoning says about Quran. U people tend to read narations and think of them as true. I simply do not trust narations when it comes to such cased. They tend to contradict themselves. But what I see in these naration is the basic idea they are trying to pass on and this basic idea does not get corrupted so easily but details about this idea are easily corruptable even when coruption is not intended.
  20. Hello brothers I have also heard a tradition from prophet SAWW (from mullah): Some one asked the prophet SAWW who was berfore Adam? He answered adam. the man asked asked who was before adam. Prophet SAWW answerd adam. This went on for a while and prophet answer was always the same. Sorry I do not have a link. This is what I have heard from a mullah and since it was so interesting it was always in my head.
  21. Hello brother U sound like consequencialist (utilitarian). But I disagree with you. An eye for an eye rule is not there to satisfy the emotional needs of victim's family. It is a punishment for the victim and has nothing to do with the family. I give u a good story. I was pulling out one of my tooth in the dentist and the sight of dentist struggling to pull out my tooth caused my mom to faint. We call the ambulance and my mom was in the hospital for 1 day and we were very worried. at the end of te day i rather have the tooth ache than all this worry. So consequence of me pulling my tooth out was worst the before. Did i do wrong or was it the dentist fault. The truth is that it was my mom's fault for staying in the room. Why? simple, she alowed her emotions get in the way of something good happening (no more tooth ache) but ofcourse I know that emotions cant be undermine so easily. So emotions are very tricky thing since they are like opinions, they come in difference vivacities from different people and like opinion they do not need a rational basis. A law that is based on emotions is very dangerous and can easily be corrupted and missused. Law and Justice has to be devoid of all emotions and opinions. Opinions should not be accepted on any circumstances, even opinion of an expert. What I consider justice is the enforcement (by government or non-government) of the laws and rules which are set by the governing body which has the mandate of protecting people from eachother and themselves and that is all. One of the things I like about sharia, is that unlike the laws in other religions which has the mandate of salvation, sharia has the mandate of protection of people or even environment. I hope this was a good response to your comment May God protect you all!
  22. In the name of G-d, First thing first, brother naver say that a religious question is forbidden. Why? simple, questions arrise from doubt which is a manifestation of internal reasoning and understanding. Imam Ali ask his generals to question his command in te light of religion. Read Letter to Malik Ashtar. If you do not question and seek that answer, then you will not satisfy your doubt. Therefore that doubt will always be with you. You can shut it off and forced it out by your will, but then you will have a blind belief, which personally I rather have 100 doubts about G-d and not have a blind belief. In my thoughts I question every thing and every one, even the prophet SAWW and Imam Ali AS or Imam Hussein AS. But remember that questioning things does not give you answers. Those who seek answers find them, and ask G-d to give you answers. Since G-d helps those who help themselves. So do not fear and remember that exess in anything is bad. I have found my middle ground and you have to find your own. Now the question. When I read the same passage I had the same thought in my head. Then I remembered a section of a lecture by Abdolkarim Bazargan. As I undertand that not all of the G-d's atrributes are in the same group. I give you an example, One of G-d's names is Jabbar, a good manner dictionnary will translate it as "The Compeller", but Compeller is translated to "One who compels or constrains" (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Compeller). In simpler english G-d is what we call a Tyrant. Do not missunderstand me. The original meaning of the word Tyrant which comes from the latin word "Tyrannus" is, 'An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions' (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/tyrant). And we can all accept this translation is the nature of G-d's rule. Jabbar is not mere attribute of G-d but is the very essence of G-d's rule. It is not there to be chosen as good or bad. It is what it is, not good or bad or neutral for if it is neutral it implies that there is good or bad in such groups of attributes. I give a example from evolution. Assuming natural selection is correct, then calling it evil would be false. Since we call it evil because we see it through our eyes and call it evil relative to us. But even the modern evolutionist agree that natural selection is neigher good or evil or neutral. G-d's absolute rule is G-d's very essence. So when you say in the first surah, "I thank the G-d of the worlds" You have to understand what the essence of G-d's rule. So let's start from the beginning, The formost In religion is the acknoledgement of him, the perfection of acknowledging him is to testify him. This sentence is very essential because it shows the two modes that Imam Ali AS is talking. The phrase formost tells that acknowleging god is not the perfection of religion (unlike perfection of acknowledment and testification in second sentence and every sentence after that). So first thing to do in Islam is to acknowledge there is a G-d (whatever it is I do not know now but I will find out as time goes on). This is lowest step and the most important step since it is the first step. Without this there will be no journey. But perfection is something very high. It is combination of heart which represents desire, brain which represents reasoning and understanding, and body which represents action. When these three are completely united in testifying G-d, that is when the perfection of acknowledging G-d is reached. Well I have to Log out Now But I log back in tomorrow to give you rest of your anwer. Contemplate on what I wrote. I am sorry it is comfusing writing thought down like essay is not as easy as it seams specially given the complexity of your question. It took me a while to understand it myself.
  23. bismillah Ay ay brothers!!! The fight over Shias and Sunnis is not directly about religions and doctrines. They are fighting over the soul of Islam. The soul of Islam is its history. So they are fighting over the history of Islam. Which ever sides wins, their version of history (history also have sides and versions and interpretations). So It is not like other religion's devisions like Christian orthodox and catholic. They are fighting over doctrines of religion.
  24. (salam) Then you do not no anything. You listen to what other people say and take them as facts without checking it source.
  25. (salam) First of all the "kafir" does not mean unbeliever or faithless. The word literally means "ingrate" which in turn means "thankless person". So as you can see the use of the word and its meaning has got nothing to do with faith or Imaan. Some distinguish between Kafir and non-Muslims, as Kafir is used by the Qur'an for people who were guilty of rejection or non-acceptance of what it says is the truth, even after it has supposedly become fully apparent to them, while non-Muslim is primarily a term implying a person who does not ascribe to the Islamic faith. http://www.understanding-islam.com/related...on&qid=1642
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