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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a human being I also believe that the essence of God is unknowable, but Baha'u'llah begs to differ. He does not claim he is a mirror of God's attributes. He claims he is God himself: "In it has been born he who has not been born nor begots" (Ishraq Khawari, Ayyam'i tis'ih, p. 50 [citing Baha'u'llah]) And please don't impose your non-orthodox beliefs on Islam. Muhammad was not a manifestation of God. Baha'u'llah made up this concept and there is no such concept in Islam.
  2. Well, well well, if it isn't Sen McGlinn. Allow me to give you some sources with context and value. How about we use the book of the Prominent Baha'i author and pioneer, Ishraq Khawari. Namely his work Ayyam'i Tis'ih reproduced by Kalimat press with the permission of the Baha'i universal house of justice. On page 50 of this book for the event of his own birthday Baha'u'llah claims that this is a day (or night) that: "ولد فیه من لم یلد و لم یولد" "In it has been born he who has not been born nor begots" (Ishraq Khawari, Ayyam'i tis'ih, p. 50 [citing Baha'u
  3. Of course you don't know because they don't translate those quotes to English. Here is an example from the time he was imprisoned: "There is no God but me the lonely, the imprisoned." (Bahā’u’llāh, Āthār-i Qalam-i A`lā (Canada: Mu’assisiyi Ma`ārif Bahā’ī, 1996), vol. 1, no. 39, p. 226)
  4. According to Baha'u'llah's own sister Baha'u'llah and his followers committed many murders in Iraq: " They gathered a group of hooligans from different provinces of Iran and from the same places fugitives who had never believed in any religion and had no faith in any prophet and had no work but manslaughter and had no occupation but stealing peoples’ property. Even though they claimed they were following [the customs] of Ḥusayn (the grandson of the Prophet Muḥammad who was ruthlessly murdered by Shimr on the orders of Yazīd) they summoned a group of Shimr-like people around themselves. Th
  5. “the Guardian of the Faith has been made the permanent head of so august a body,” (Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Bahā’u’llāh, p. 150) Shoghi destroyed Guardianship in Baha'ism, leaving the UHJ without a head and a body without a head is as good as dead.
  6. Yeah he did good. He cut the head off of the UHJ.
  7. http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/ab/MA2/ma2-266.html#pg266
  8. A quote by Abdu'l-Baha reaffirmed by Shoghi but completely ignored by Shoghi. What matters is that Shoghi failed big time.
  9. Persian section of the official Baha'i library.
  10. Since the time that the followers are acting exactly according to the laws of their religion: “The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayan in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`la (meaning the Bab) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bab’s religion] and verified it,” Abdu’l-Baha, Makatib (Egypt: 1330 AH), vol. 2, p. 266. The Babis that fought at Fort Tabarsi were a bunch of Barbarians who murdered delegates and burned down innocent villages that refused to give them free provisions. Don't even dare
  11. I think you don't know what WISDOM means. According to Shoghi, Shoghi must appoint a successor: "It incumbent upon the Guardian of the Cause of God to appoint in his own life-time him that shall become his successor( Shoghi Effendi, Bahā’ī Administration, p. 8 ) ", but shoghi fails to appoint a successor even though he writes in his own books that he should. I would in no manner call such a person wise or trust in his wisdom.
  12. Oh great! I love how Baha'is try to portray the Bab and his followers as peaceful people fighting for a just cause. Babi history was distorted by Babis and Baha'is with the intention of making it look like the Bab was the Mahdi. The reason the Iranian government was fighting against the Babis is this: The Bab was the equivalent of a 19th century ISIS with barbaric laws in his religion called the BAYAN. These laws were so barbaric that the Baha'i leader Abdu'l-baha had no choice but to confess that: “The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayan in the day of the appearance of his Highn
  13. The writings of Baha'u'llah have not been completely interpreted by Shoghi (the Guardian) and Abdu'l-Baha. In fact there are volumes and volumes of writings that are sometimes completely incomprehensible and no interpretation from any Baha'i figure exists for them. The Guardian (Shoghi) was supposed to interpret these works, but where is he? Oh he's dead! And he was supposed to select his successor from his own children while he was alive: "O ye beloved of the Lord! It is incumbent upon the Guardian of the Cause of God to appoint in his own life-time him that shall become his successor,
  14. Ok everyone, let me tell you where this is going. In the next step our Baha'i friend here will claim that the Day of Judgment has already passed. Why? Because he believes that the Bab is the Qa'im and the founder of Baha'ism also created a fake hadith that states the Day of Judgment is the day the Mahdi appears: "Have they not heard the well-known tradition: “When the Qá’im riseth, that day is the Day of Resurrection?”" (Baha'u'llah, The Kitab-i Iqan, p. 44) آيا روايت مشهور را نشنيده اند که می فرمايد: "اذا قامَ القائِمُ قامَتِ القيامَة"؟ Actually we should be asking the
  15. According to Baha'i scripture, the Universal House of justice is only valid and legal if there exists a Baha'i Guardian beside it: "This new Order which is superior to the void sickly orders of the world and is unique, unparalleled, and unheard of throughout the history of religions, is based on two powerful pillars: the first which is greater is the pillar of divine Guardianship that is the source of interpretations and the second pillar is the divine Universal House of Justice that is the reference of legislation. Just as it is impossible to separate between the laws of the Legislator o
  16. Well if that is the case then you are not a Baha'i because Baha'u'llah implicitly states: "Salutations be upon the Master of the World and the Teacher of the Nations (prophet Muhammad) by whom came to an end Messengership and Prophethood and [salutations] be upon his progeny and companions." (Baha'u'llah, Ishraqat wa chand lauh digar, p. 293) (اشراقات و چند لوح دیگر ص 293)"السّلام علی سيّد العالم و مربّی الامم الّذی به انتهت الرّسالة و النّبوّة و علی آله و اصحابه " As you can see even Baha'u'llah admits that Prophet Muhammad is the seal of both prophets and messengers but you s
  17. See how Baha'is treat those that disagree with the mainstream Baha'i sect and exert information control on them: http://lavaleo.tripod.com/cgi-bin/ross.html As you can see, one poor Baha'i decided that the mainstream Baha'i leadership was wrong. He was subsequently excommunicated and then all Baha'is were ordered: "Anyone who receives a communication from Mr. Campbell should be advised to inform the National Spiritual Assembly immediately, to delete it unopened, and make no response." These Independent Investigators of truth are also labelled as haters of light and sufferer
  18. It is not a matter of creating disunity. Take this poor person for example: excommunicated for stating she was a Muslim instead of Baha'i becasue she feared for her life: https://www.theatlantic.com/notes/2016/04/choosing-motherhood-over-martyrdom/478641/ Have you ever heard about the group of Baha'i academics running the Talisman group? threatened to be excommunicated, others disenrolled, forced to resign, or silenced... because they were exposing too many things the UHJ wanted to hide... http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/bigquestions/talisman.html http://www-personal.umich.edu/~
  19. Dear friend, People are not excommunicated for simply trying to create a sect and even if they do you are still performing the crazy (as you put it) act of excommunicating them. I can post the stories of many people who were excommunicated for very trivial reasons. Traveling to Israel without Shoghi's permission, traveling to America without Shoghi's permission, stating that they were Muslim instead of Baha'i to save their lives, finding out the truth about Baha'ism and speaking about it, being a follower or supporter of Baha'u'llah's other son, Muhammad Ali etc. etc. etc. If t
  20. Dear Friend allow me to clarify some points: Baha'is excommunicate their members for very trivial reasons such as disobeying the UHJ (Universal House of Justice) or questioning it. So for whatever reason that you excommunicate people you have the same "crazy" law as the Ahmadis. Baha'is also have full control of the members: The UHJ has every right under Baha'i law to prevent you to marry someone, live somewhere, work somewhere, etc... Actually, you are stating the exact opposite of Baha'i beliefs. Baha'is strive to bring a day where everyone will become Baha'i and the w
  21. It's very simple: 1- Just because Iran is called the "Islamic Republic of Iran" it doesn't mean all it's laws are Islamic. 2- Furthermore, many religious bodies/people have voiced opposition to the interest rates. 3- Under some circumstances some interest rates are allowed, the simplest cases that we know about is that Muslims can ask for interest from non-Muslims etc. But this is up to the Maraji to decide not us (I'm not saying the Maraji allow what happens in some banks) 4- Furthermore, don't forget that Iran has a very high inflation rate. As far as I know (I might be w
  22. No need to worry. He is unregistered now.
  23. This is completely wrong. After the Mahdi all the Imams will return in the Raja and will rule over earth for God knows how long and the earth will remain with people that most if not all are believers.
  24. We were discussing Jizyah in the sense of tax paid by non-Musims. Now to be perfectly clear, I repeat: In Iran, regardless of religion, people pay the exact same amount of tax to the government. Religion has no role in the amount of tax you pay to the government.
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