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  1. ^This is a very good question. The CIA has published that they have observed him for 6 months. The CIA has informants in Kabul. The question is, whether it was the opponents of the Haqqanis, like Kandahari Taliban or not. But no high-ranking Haqqani member has been killed in that attack. So, it probably weren't them. Another question is what role Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hizb-e-Islami party (a Mujahidin group armed by USA against Soviets) has, as few days prior to the attacks he and his family left Kabul towards Pakistan. We should remember that Pashtun Hekmatyar is also known as the "the butcher of Kabul", because he bombarded Kabul in the 1990s and killed thousands of Afghans there. In August of 1998 the Taliban together with Hekmatyar's group killed more than 10000 Hazaras in Mazar i Sharif. He was never brought to justice for his crimes against humanity, neither nationally nor internationally. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (served from 2014 to 2021) rehabilitated him and brought him back to Kabul. Hekmatyar never became a full Taliban member but often an ally of them, and sometimes he split from them. Although after August 2021 he became an ally of the Taliban and attacked Ghani verbally, calling him "traitor", "agent", "Jew" etc. Moreover, Hematyar has met with Mossad agents several times.
  2. As the world approaches the first anniversary of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan after 20 years, I have followed the incidents on Afghanistan more closely, especially since the recent attack of the USA on Taliban. Afghanistan is developing towards not only towards a Central Asian terror base but towards an international terror base. And the world politicians are well aware of this situation. Some fear it, some care and some don't. And the host of those internatioal terrorist groups, i.e. IS and al-Qaida and groups with other names, are no one else than the Taliban and their backers themselves. The focus of USA seems to be the resuming the fight against terrorism within Afghanistan's borders, out of fear of new terrorist attacks against US citizens. At least the words of US politicians are all going towards this direction. Ross Wilson, US's chargé d'affaires in Afghanistan between 2020 and 2021, says in a recent interview with Sky news: about the Taliban: "They came to power not because a large share of the Afghan population wanted them to come to power but because they fought harder, longer and in a more determined manner than anybody else was prepared to do. The flipside of that is they don't have much in the way of popular support to fall back on as they and as the country is reeling through a whole series of problems. (...) Which is not say that I think the fall of the Taliban is imminent or that the westernisers, if you will, or those who we invested in are about to take over, but I still think that those millions of people are or will be a force for change." Ross Wilson implicates that even if the fall of the Taliban is not near, whatever "near" means, it will come for sure. This weekend two explosions were observed in Ghazni. The Taliban as always don't admit their losses but reports mention the killing of two al-Qaida members there. One question is why the USA is still hesitating from attacking terrorists in the north of Afghanistan. Meanwhile al-Zawahiri was buried secretly by the Taliban, according to some witnesses. In any case, the Taliban are well aware of their new plight and many of Taliban leaders from Haqqani have hid since the attack on al-Zawahiri.
  3. ^This has been the third terrorist attack during this Muharram so far and I quote the source the brother has posted: ”KABUL — A bombing in the heart of Kabul’s Shiite minority community Saturday killed at least two people and wounded 22. It was the third terrorist attack in the area since Wednesday, and intensified fears of further violence during the final days of Muharram, the Shiite mourning period.” According to Afghan social media activists the number of 2 killed was announced by Taliban but the number is far beyond 20 killed close to Pul-e-Sokhta, a bridge located at a Shia neighborhood of Kabul. Furthermore, Dashte Barchi (Hazara neighborhood of Kabul) residents have complained about discrimination and beating ups by patrolling Taliban members.
  4. As expected by me, Shia of Kabul, Afghanistan have been targeted again by Takfeeris. Translation of today's news report: Attack against Shiites in Kabul; the number of casualties reached eight martyrs and 18 wounded According to the Taliban, this incident was caused by the explosion of explosives embedded in a Karachi (transport vehicle). Eyewitnesses have said that the number of casualties in this explosion is much higher and most of the victims have been taken to health centers and mosques by local people.
  5. The declaration of the National Resistance Front concerning the bombardment of Kabul by USA states: "The residence of the leader of Al-Qaeda in the safest part of the capital of Afghanistan is a clear sign that our dear homeland has once again become a center for the gathering of extremist groups and a safe haven for terrorists, and it takes victims from our people every day. It threatens the countries of the region and the world." The Resistance Front has said that the Taliban and its "anti-human" activities have caused the national sovereignty, territorial integrity and airspace of Afghanistan to be repeatedly violated by foreign forces and the national pride of the Afghan people has been wounded. This military movement has emphasized that interacting with the Taliban and ignoring the depth of the threat of terrorism will face a more serious challenge to the security of regional and extra-regional countries. The Resistance Front has called for countries to cooperate with this front in the fight against terrorism and has said that airstrikes will have the opposite result without considering the objective realities in the long run. America killed Ayman Al-Zawari, the leader of Al-Qaeda, in an airstrike in the Shirpur area of Kabul on Sunday morning (9th of Asad). The Taliban initially declared the attack as a rocket hitting an empty house, but later confirmed it. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that this attack is condemned by this group under any pretext.
  6. One reaction which brings it on point from the NZZ (Swiss paper): "However, the assassination of the most wanted terrorist in the heart of the Afghan capital has brought to light a grim truth that Biden can no longer sugarcoat: Under the Taliban, global terrorist groups such as Kaida and IS are once again spreading in Afghanistan. So what is happening is exactly what the US wanted to prevent with its questionable deal with the Taliban. (...) By this weekend at the latest, even the last optimists should have realized that the Taliban never took the deal with Washington seriously. Ayman al-Zawari moved to Kabul from his previous hiding place in Pakistan earlier this year with his wife, daughter and grandchildren. There he apparently enjoyed greater freedom and published statements more frequently again." There are more questions to this than answers, like: How will the burial of Zawahiri's remainings by Taliban be, respectful, etc.? How will Taliban react? How will USA react? Will there more drone attacks? If so, who will be next? Where did the USA start the attack from, as it doesn't have bases in Afghanistan anymore, and as it couldn't be from US soil?
  7. @Ashvazdanghe What's unclear about this topic, which I have opened? The USA told they trust the Taliban when they left Afghanistan on 31 August 2021 concerning foreign terror goups. Now they have attacked them and even announced it(cp. link or other news sites). Everyone knows that USA knows the Taliban better than the Taliban know themselves. So why did the USA attack them once again, at least the Haqqani branch (=Al Qaida + ISIS) of them?
  8. According to several major news reports, the USA have killed the Al Qaida leader in Kabul on Sunday: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/08/01/us/al-qaeda-leader-killed Kabul residents have reported about one (or two) drone/rocket attack(s) in the past days. But now the USA has confirmed its attack today. As I have written before, Afghanistan has once again become a hub for terrorists unter the Taliban 2.0. Will there be another full scale regime change soon, as killing 1 or 2 leaders won’t help? Today, Afghanistan is harboring all international Wahabi terrorists. And they were welcomed by the Taliban themselves.
  9. To continue this thread. It is the first Muharram in which the Shia of Afghanistan have Muharram, and will have Ashura, commemorations under Taliban rules with Taliban made laws. Two reports have been published today, which raise my concerns, and should raise every Shia's concern. 1) The beginning of 10 days of Muharram mourning in Afghanistan have begun; Despite sever threats Afghanistan's Shia are facing, the Taliban have not cooperated with the Shia to secure mosques and Husseiniyahs 2) Ashura holiday was removed from the official calendar of Afghanistan by the Taliban Explanation of 1) Shafqna Afghanistan - To commemorate the ten days of Muharram and Imam Hussein's (a) martyrdom, the Shiites of Afghanistan have started holding mourning ceremonies in different cities of this country. According to the Shafqna news agency of Afghanistan, mourning ceremonies have started in mosques, hosseiniyehs and takiyahs all over Afghanistan since today, but the Taliban's security agencies have not sent any forces to ensure the security of the mourners. Afghanistan's Shias are also not allowed to be armed in order to protect their own mosques and centres. A number of residents of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, told Shafqna reporter that they are still worried about the security of mosques and mosques. Because the Taliban have not been willing to cooperate in providing security for mourning ceremonies. Haji Alami, a resident of the west of Kabul, told Shafqana reporter that: "There are many security threats, just today a few rockets landed in Kabul, there is no guarantee that any Hussainiyah or mosque will not be targeted tomorrow, but the Taliban are not cooperating to ensure the security of the mourners." And they have not sent forces." He added that in the past years, at least four police forces, dozens of youth activists and several intelligence forces were responsible for the security of the mourners in each mosque and Hosseini, but this year not a single policeman has come to provide security. Hazara Shiites in the west of Kabul say that, considering that the ISIS group has always taken responsibility for the deadly attacks on their religious and educational places, now this group also threatens the security of these people, especially during the first ten days of Muharram. But the Taliban officials denying the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan, refuse to provide security for mourning ceremonies. Taliban officials have so far held meetings with the people in a number of provinces, including Daikundi and Bamyan, two Provinces with majority Shia populations, to hold the mourning ceremony of Muharram and have promised to cooperate in order to provide security, but they have not fulfilled these promises so far. The local officials of the Taliban in Ghazni province told the Shiites of this province to ensure the security of their mourning ceremony by themselves in a meeting they held for the celebration of Muharram. In addition, the police commander of this province has ordered the Shiites that the presence of mourning processions on the roads is prohibited and called the Shia to refrain from it. This order is issued by the local officials of the Taliban, while every year groups of breast-beaters and mourners go out to the roads on the 7th and 10th of Muharram in different provinces of Afghanistan and mourn. No security and mourning processions on the roads like this one is forbidden, according the article: Explanation of 2) The Taliban government has removed the holiday of Ashura from the country's official calendar. The day of Ashura was previously registered as a public holiday in the official calendar of Afghanistan. Based on the documents provided to the media, the Taliban abolished several days, along with the day of Ashura and Nowruz. Based on this document, women's solidarity days and the International Day for Prohibition of Violence against Women have also been removed from the country's official calendar. With the changes made by the Taliban in the official calendar, many occasions that existed in the previous regime have been removed. In these new changes, it can be seen that the Taliban have added at least 15 other events to the official calendar, including the day of the election of Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzadah as the leader of this group. According to this document, the Taliban have designated only the days of Afghanistan's independence, the defeat of the former Soviet Union, and the defeat of America and NATO from the Taliban group as public holidays. These changes in the calendar have not yet been officially published by the Taliban government; But the leaked documents show that the Taliban have removed most of the past events and replaced them with Taliban events.
  10. Without going deeper in this discussion of which is/might be the right political party in Pakistan to vote, I recommend that all Pakistani politicians reconsider their connection with the ISI. Although majority of Pakistani politicians believe that ISI can prevent every politics, which goes against ISI politics, this has not always been the case. To name one, Pervez Musharraf, whom some may consider corrupt, was a politician who as a four-star general could bypass the ISI and govern relatively independently from them. Not every Pakistani politician is a general, but thinking independently from ISI would benefit Pakustan. Any Pakistani politics connected to the ISI, which is the case today, as Pakistan is completely enslaved by ISI, is contrary to Pakistan's and Afghanistan's interests. Top issue of today is Pakistan's hypocrisy towards Taliban. Pakistan completely follows the line of ISI today. One of most common topics among Afghan social media activists is the Afghanistan Wakhan issue. There are videos circulating online that Pakistan wants to gain/steal that area from Afghanistan, which is completely against the law of nations. We can say that Afghanistan of today is occupied by Pakistan and Pakistani politicians control the Taliban. The following is a message of an Afghan activist to the people of Pakistan in Urdu:
  11. Your list of baseless accusations against me gets longer and longer. I answered to your racism accusation (quote: "It's totally a racist & unaccurate statement by you.") before Now you accuse me of sharing Western propaganda. and only that, nothing else (quote: "in all of your post which i have seen ,until now you just have used biased western sources") My short reply to you: This post now will be my 453rd post from my account since 2007. Roughly 200 have been about Afghanistan, most of them in the past eleven months. There are only about a handful of threads on Afghanistan on SC, where I have mainly posted, like: Everyone can go back and see the sources, which I have used. I have mainly used Shafaqna as my primary source, not because there were no other sources, but because I trust them and I see this site as the most reliable concerning Afghanistan. Shafaqna is a Shiite news site, which publishes Fatwas of Maraje'. If you call it a Western propaganda channel/site, then any argument/discussion with you is useless. Furthermore, as a secondary source, I sometime used Youtube channels of Afghan activists, as well, because it is necessary to know what Afghans themselves think/say etc. Finally, my third source has been Western news sites, or Western propaganda channels, as you call it. Those "Western propaganda channels", like Financial Times etc., I used very rarely, and only, while posting about general news concerning Afghanistan (like number of killed concerning an attack or people persecuted etc.). A lot of things, I read or see in the mainstream news, I don't post here at all for certain reasons. You called my post about the meeting of Bhutto and Kazemi Qomi as "false accusations of western media against Iran". But if you followed news on Afghanistan, you would know about it, as Shafaqna Afghanistan/Farsi has published it this past Saturday with the same picture as used by me. Here the link: https://af.shafaqna.com/FA/529018. One other thing to refute your accusation against Mahdi Mujahid, whom you called "a brutal smuggler & bandit & kidnapper which him & his gang have been boycotted by all shia community of Afghanistan". This is video by an Afghan YouTuber, a Taliban hater (almost his whole YouTube channel is about advocating fighting the Taliban, go and see for yourself). He has an interview from seven months ago with one of Mehdi Mujahid's men, while Mahdi Mujahid was still a Taliban member, and he tells how the Hazara in Bamiyan trusted Mehdi Mujahid, and only him. Watch it, if you speak Farsi (even if your answer probably will be again that he is just a brainwashed Afghan who spreads Western propaganda): Do you really think Mahdi Mujahid could not make a career inside the Taliban selling his Hazara comrades and people and that his life now, hunted by Pashtun Taliban is easier now? Are you that naive?
  12. "it has no relation to connection of Hazara & Pashtun tribes which all of these conflicts between tribes & races in Afghanistan has been created by british colonianism" By whomsoever it was created, it is present nonetheless. I support your view that it were the British who gave the Pashtuns more power. But it has been one side (Pashtun leaders) oppressing the others. You seem to make a U-turn now, as in your first post you called me racist, because I wrote that Pashtun leaders oppressed the non-Pashtun peoples in Afghanistan throughout history and proved that with some links. This has culminated in the present situation, where Pashtuns directly oppress non-Pashtuns. "This is from Johor news which is aan Afghan news agency which supports Hazaras in Afghanisatn." I do the same thing with your source, as you did to my source and call your source biased. You should be aware that Afghan news agencies have their agendas, too. Not all, but far too many of them. I use/follow all media but instead use Afghan people's opinions on them, whereas you seem to use sources randomly. The rest of your post seem to be a repetition of your claims. My emphasis lies on the seriousness of the Taliban government as a negative impact on Shias of Afghanistan. Or why else would Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's special representative for Afghanistan affairs and a representative of the Iranian government, visit Pakistan and meet with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, which happened last Friday. The official statements can be summed as follows as published in the newsletter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan: Bhutto was quoted as saying that Pakistan is committed to a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan. He also emphasized the importance of close cooperation between Pakistan and Iran regarding Afghanistan, including refugee management and regional security and has called for the continuation of constructive interaction and cooperation with the interim government of the Taliban in order to promote peace and security. Hassan Kazemi Qomi appreciated Pakistan's constructive role in Afghanistan and said that peace and stability in Afghanistan are the basic prerequisites for long-term stability and prosperity of the region. But do you think Kazemi Qomi went to Pakistan just to repeat himself (and say the same things as Iranian officials have told Pakistan before)? Don't you think that he has reprimanded Bhutto (and Pakistan) to stop the Taliban from unbearable oppression against Taliban and asked Pakistan about its involvement with ISIS (behind closed doors)? And don't you think that he has even warned Pakistan that it can't continue like this in Afghanistan (behind closed doors)? Picture of the meeting from last Friday (Bhutto on the left, Qomi on the right):
  13. There is so much nonsense in that piece of quote of yours that I am spoilt for choice on where to start. I would strongly advise you to avoid spreading rumours and that even without quotes, at least in topics concerning Afghanistan. First of all, I advise you to look up the definitions of terms like interpretation, quote, racism, etc. before you make use of them in discussions. The Pashtun kings/leadership have always oppressed the other peoples of Afghanistan. From Amir Abdur-Rahman Khan who oppressed and massacred the Hazara in the end of 19th century, over king Zahir Shah who executed Sayed Isma'il Balkhi in 1968 because Balkhi demanded more rights for Shia and Hazara in Afghanistan, over Taliban who massacred Hazara of Bamiyan and Balkh between 1996 to 2001, to Pashtun Karzai and Pashtun Ghani who protected the Pashtun Taliban and neglected the non-Pashtun peoples, to now the Taliban who have no intention in any form to stop their oppression against non-Pashtun peoples of Afghanistan. Me writing about systematic Pashtun racism is an understatement here. Other non-Pashtun peoples/leaders go as far as calling them fascists and various other names. To answer to your other nonsense in this part alone ("Mehdi Mujahed has been appointed there by Taliban because he just their only born shia which has no place between Shias due his heinous crimes against shias"): Mahdi Mujahid was appointed the chief of Taliban intelligence in Bamiyan, because he was Hazara and Bamiyan is a Hazara stronghold. After he spoke against Taliban's banning of girls' schools, Mehdi Mujahid was gradually replaced by a Pashtun. After that Mehdi Mujahid retreated to his hometown of Balkhab. Now, Bamiyan is still a Hazara Province being directed/controlled/ruled by Pashtuns. Let's suppose Mehdi Mujahid was a criminal to be replaced, as you falsely claim, was there no just Hazara to replace Mujahid? Now to your other post above. "It's just a westernerner propaganda for showing Maulavi mahdi as a hero which many people between both of shias & sunis have faced such hard situation ." I observe that you have this habit of "refuting" things that you don't like with "this is Western propaganda". Quite easy to refute something without much effort, isn't it? You don't read information from Wikipedia? Besides, I have also written that this is common knowledge in Afghanistan. Hazara are well aware of this background of Mehdi Mujahid but they don't call him the following you have written, except for when they are forced to do so by Taliban. "He has called by these titles [a brutal smuggler & bandit & kidnapper which him & his gang have been boycotted by all shia community of Afghanistan] by shia community of Afghanistan even before joining to Taliban." You shouldn't make things up to prove your arguments, when you have no information and can't even quote any source at all. If you want unbiased opinions of Afghans, ask Afghans outside of Afghanistan and not inside. Inside of Afghanistan non-Pashtuns live in extreme danger and can't utter what they think. Outside of Afghanistan you know that non-Pashtun Shia and Sunni Afghans have developed a certain hatred against the political leadership of Pashtuns. That's why a new concept is in development, with either federalism or dividing Afghanistan into several parts. "He has wanted more power & gaining more wealth in name of shias a Taliban governor." Again, you shouldn't make things up to prove your arguments, when you have no information and can't even quote a source. "majority of his soldiers are his comrads from prison which all of them have had dark history of using brutality & kidnapping against shias anyway some people may have joined to him due to invasion of Taliban to that region." Again, you shouldn't make things up to prove your arguments, when you have no information and can't even quote a source. Heck, I don't know why you don't inform yourself first before you post in a topic. I can't explain why you are so much obsessed with Mehdi Mujahid, as my first answer hasn't been about him at all. I haven't even mentioned him in my first post in this topic. My initial post was about the systematic discrimination against other peoples in Afghanistan. If in Balkhab Mahdi Mujahid is to blame, why were Hazara of Daikundi and Ghazni expelled from their lands by Taliban and their allies and so on? Even today the news came about a new happening:
  14. @Northwest The Hazara were largely disarmed, that's true. But there are still weapons and there are methods to get weapons, even if no other country supports them. And I quote your own words with which I completely agree: "have been consistently reactive and dependent on outsiders’ nonexistent good will, instead of taking matters into their own hands." The Balkhab resistance is still active and initially was able to kill around 100 Taliban members. This is news from media not belonging to the Balkhab resistance. This is the most recent picture of Balkhab resistance fighters after the Taliban stormed Balkhab centre: Since then the Taliban have not been able to make an inch of progress. I just partially agree with your next quote: "begging the West not to abandon Afghanistan, whether financially or militarily." Begging the West is not the only problem. Neither East nor West, take things in your own hands, means don't beg for anyone's help. 11 months no one has helped, don't bet on future help, either. I agree with you that part of the political leadership of the resistance is wrong in asking for help, but they are ranked far down. Don't overrate them. The main job is done by the guerrilla fighters on the mountains. You wrote: "The Taliban, Daesh, et al. receive endless financial and military assistance, including free transport to and from international conflict zones, thanks to NATO and Co. The Wahhabi–Salafi militants, including those of the Afghan Taliban, literally ride in NATO’s helicopters, accept money and weaponry from Western soldiers, kill Muslims, and then claim to be the face of “anti-imperialism”—and a very sizeable portion of the Sunni world will defend their narrative, in line with NATO’s propaganda that seeks to elevate bin Laden et al. as supposed, and contrived, “opposition” to Western imperialism." Everyone supports Salafis/Wahabis, as they have the money and because they control Saudi-Arabia, a country where Islam is rooted and where the Kaaba is located. I quote you: Honestly, so many Sunnis and other supposed “Muslims” are so willing to lie, posture, sell out, and kill one another on behalf of international imperialism that any talk of “resistance” is a travesty. Maybe you have had bad experience with "them". I give you an example of just one NRF commander, called Baryalai Sangeen, of Baghlan. He is one of the most famous resistance commanders. About half of his family has been extinguished by the Taliban. The other half is on the mountains fighting the Taliban. I listen to his brother's interviews sometimes to follow what they are fighting for. He clearly states that the Taliban are there to extinguish the non-Pashtun peoples of Afghanistan, and explicitly names the Hazara and Tajik as the most persecuted of them. He adds that, if the Taliban were just, let women get educated, didn't commit human rights abuses and war crimes, why would they resist and fight the Taliban. @Ashvazdanghe It seems strange to me that I have not even mentioned Mahdi Mujahid in my post but you replied calling his name. You write: "It's not about shias" The Taliban's killing of more than 150 Shia civilians, and torturing many more Shia in Balkhab, and who had nothing to do with Mehdi Mujahed is not about Shia? Their desecrating Shia Hosseiniyahs is not about Shia? 50000 Hazara from Balkhab are living in the surrounding mountains under harshest conditions because they fear the Taliban in the Balkhab center. Many women and children have died there already. This is not about Shia? You call Mehdi Mujahid: a brutal smuggler & bandit & kidnapper which him & his gang have been boycotted by all shia community of Afghanistan I call what you do badmouthing someone (who is Shia btw.) straight ahead. Even if the following is from Wikipedia, you can look up the sources of the following quote from there and it is very well-known part of his biography by everyone in Afghanistan: But in his early 20s, a corrupt US-backed Hazara warlord seized their family lands. In retaliation, Mehdi and many friends kidnapped the warlord's son and held him hostage, only returning him after the warlord returned the lands. That night, the warlord's forces surrounded Mehdi's home, and clashes erupted as he tried to escape. Mehdi was hospitalized and then jailed for seven years for kidnapping. In prison he came into contact with Pashtun Taliban and thus gradually became a Taliban member. You don't have to justify what he did, but he was punished and went to prison for that. All Mehdi Mujahed wanted in Balkhab was justice/equality for the Hazara people of Afghanistan, who the Taliban won't give that, because they are Pashtun. Besides the resistance in Balkhab does not consist of Mahdi Mujahid alone. Do you claim that all of his soldiers have been criminals? And the Shia oppression by Taliban is not about Balkhab only, it's taking place in all of Afghanistan.
  15. Your friend must have been from Pashtun ethnicity probably, since even Hazara and Tajik Afghans who hate the USA, would usually not utter the words "I swear we are all Taliban now". The Taliban are enemies of ethnic Tajik and ethnic Hazara, and enemies of Afghan Shia and moderate Afghan Sunnis. This has manifested itself in the cruelties of the Taliban in Hazara Balkhab and Tajik Andarab and all over Afghanistan in fact for the past 11 months. I remember that back in 2001 when the USA attacked the Taliban and invaded Afghanistan, noone really cared about Afghanistan, except for the Pashtun diaspora who lived in the West, like Laili Helms. Today again, it is the Pashtun diaspora in the West supporting the Taliban. It was only after the Iraq invasion that people began to wake up and see a broader scheme, which can be seen even here on SC in the topics of the beginning years. An example from 2002: The problems of Afghanistan existed during first Taliban from 1996-2001, during the Afghanistan's "republic era" from 2001-2021 and still exists. Now under Taliban 2.0 it has even become worse than during the former two eras (or else, do you think US troops would have ever left Afghanistan, to improve the situation for Shia and moderate Sunni Afghans?): -banning of girls' schools by the Taliban -torture, executions and persecutions of Taliban's enemies -bombing of Hazara Shia mosque in Kunduz -bombing of Tajik Shia mosque in Kandahar -bombings of other Hazara congregations and buses -declaring secret and open wars on Tajik and Hazara Afghans, like Andarab and Balkhab -closing offices of Shia Maraje' in Afghanistan -replacing Fiqh Ja'fari with Fiqh Sunni for Shia Afghans For Balkhab, I only see the guerilla warfare of Shias there against the Taliban, as the only solution. Balkhab has become the centre for Afghan Shia resistance against the Taliban, since the Taliban attacked it a few weeks ago. I see an independance war for Tajiks and Hazara as the only solution, else the situation will deteriorate for those two groups. And it is better, if politicians/military of the Islamic Republic of Iran supports them in their fight against the Taliban, even if it is not an easy issue for them.
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