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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ohh, that's even worse for the police in USA and the politicians who do nothing or do things even worse.
  2. There are many things mixed up in this issue, I think: -Robbery -Racism leading to murder of the accused man -judiciary system of USA and police brutality -non-acting and incompetent politicians I just want to discuss robbery and racism. The robbery took place because the man was poor and had to feed his family. Ok, of course, everyone will say it is not justified and still a crime, which it is. But why is it that sport stars, bankers and entertainers get millions, while normal cleaners can't feed their family? Second, the racism and police brutality. Would the police treat a white guy similar to a black guy? Why do police have the power to be judges and punish/beat the criminal instead of putting him before a court? Why not seperation of power, the executive and legislative?
  3. I think you received lots of qualified answers from people here. One thing I like to add, which is very much recommended: "Concentrate on now, like what you are doing now etc. Let past and future thoughts pass by and don't hold them". It is very hard, but it helps a lot, God willing. I give you an example: You know you drop out of university by 95 % chance in few months. Think about finding new ways now. Get self-confident. Find people, like counselors, family, apply for other things etc. Do whatever is necessary, now. What finally happens in few months is not your business right now. And you will probably soon find out the person who was responsible for your failure, as is the case many times. Remember to keep away from fools.
  4. Salam, to have a better understanding of Islamic economy between Capitalism, i.e. the West, and Communism, i.e. the East, and why Shia Islam was able to maintain its position, read the scientific work "A Shiite Economic Model: From Baqr al-Sadr to Contemporary Iraq" by Elisheva Machlis from the University of Tel Aviv. Link for free download: https://www.academia.edu/38249009/A_Shiite_Economic_Model_From_Baqr_al-Sadr_to_Contemporary_Iraq It contains among others: economic theory of Shaheed Sadr, Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Sistani and Grand Ayatullah Ishaq Fayadh, the current two big Ayatollahs in Iraq etc.
  5. There will be one currency in the future called time, or what people do in their free time. The more people waste their time on YouTube and other free stuff, the more individuals will suffer, who earn their money through being productive. People don’t watch productive things on YT, as can be seen by the example of streaming channels, which are very popular. Those channels just produces movies, which on the other hand are mostly not educational and even if they are educational, like documentaries, there are far better ways of learning. Does online streaming channels redistribute the surplus money they earn? Why should they? So people should also not give their money to monopolies. People are not reading enough, to ponder on what they have read and to work with knowledge. Instead, many of them do what is easiest for them, e.g. watching movies, listening to music, having too much fun etc. But going the easy way turns out the wrong way many times.
  6. Salam, Ayatollah Sayyid Sa'eed al-Hakeem was based in Damascus, Syria, before he settled in Najaf, Iraq.
  7. Shaykh Hasan Shahhata killed on June 23, 2013, in Egypt. Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, killed on May 9, 2013, in Mexico. You can sum killings where you can't count each: -Nigeria killings: more than x people after arrest of Zakzaky in December 2015: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibrahim_Zakzaky -Afghanistan killings, at least: -63 at Shia wedding in Kabul (18 August 2019) -29 Shia worshippers killed in Gardez (3 August 2018) -18 Shia killed on Ashura (10 Nov. 2016) -30 Shia killed on Shia mosque in Kabul (21 Nov. 2016) -and many more. In fact in Afghanistan a genocide is taking place. Other than killings of people there, government corruption affects life of Shia. -killings in Pakistan since 2000: x people. Other single incidents: South Africa: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/11/south-africa-police-hunt-three-men-after-durban-mosque-attack Kuwait: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33287136 Iraq: 1700 Shia prisoners killed by ISIS on 12 June 2014 France: 1 Shia scholar died in an attack on a Shia mosque in 2014. Syria: killings of Shia civilians and soldiers There are too many Shia killings, so counting all of them would be impossible. I would mention that.
  8. Sayyid Hasan Shirazi, founder of Hawza Zaynabiyya in Damascus and author of the book 'Hadith Qudsi', martyred in Beirut in 1980 by Iraqi Baath Party.
  9. Islam and Pluralism: How to peacefully solve problems of the 21st century
  10. Two further contrasting Dhikrs are mentioned in the Du'a Kumayl: ar-Rahman ad-Dunya wa-l-Aachira an-Noor as-Samawati wal-Ardh Other of God's names: al-Qadhi al-Hajaat al-Arhama-r-Rahimeen
  11. It is recommended to say any Dhikr and to say it until your wish is fulfilled. Patience and giving to the poor will hopefully help.
  12. Salam, did you consider going to a personal coach or a psychologist, maybe for 2 to 3 sessions? Other than that: "The combination of the two attitudes results in four general positions in interacting matters of life, which are [19]: 1) I’m not OK, you’re OK. This attitude results in the so-called minority complex, and with that you evolve the thinking ‘I’ll never get anywhere’. This happens when people hear discouraging things about themselves at a young age. The behaviour of this kind of people is passive. 2) I’m not OK, you’re not OK. This mindset is the most destructive. People should gradually move away from it, as it shows the absence of interest in life. 3) I’m OK, you’re not OK. This is the perspective of someone, who blames others for his mistakes and who considers himself as superior. The behaviour of this kind of people is aggressive. 4) I’m OK, you’re OK. – This is the ideal mindset, and people should program themselves to it, in order to develop love for life inside themselves. People having these attitudes are self-confident in their life. People should examine their minds and strive for the fourth combination of the two attitudes, as only that solution helps to advance in life. Saying that someone is okay, doesn't mean that you accept everything that person does. In your mind you say about persons you don’t agree with, that they have tried their best according to their own mentality but you disprove what they did to you. And if people have a certain behaviour pattern that harms you, like some bullies have, you should finally take the decision to abstain from them. A realistic self-perception will flourish in the brain through mindful self-determination, and the consequent and enduring practicing [20], for old habits die hard. Islam came also to remove unreasonable customs and conducts from people, which caused fear among them, as God says in the Holy Quran: "And [He] secured them from fear." [106:4]" From: Ways of the World: Explained through the Philosophy of Islam
  13. The combinations of His names in D'ua al-Kumail are wonderful, i.e.: Al-Noor va al-Quddos Al-Kareem va ar-Rabb Other of His names in Du'a al-Kumayl: Al-Ghiyatha-l-mustaghitheen Al-Habiba-ghulobi-s-sadiqeen Al-Waliya-l-mu-mineen Al-'Alima-la-yu'allam
  14. InshaAllah, this will end soon and will be the last such incident on this planet, before the Zahoor of him We can see from Hans Rosling's statistics that the world is changing to the better: https://vimeo.com/23111030
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