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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Very very true post. Regardless of his so called insanity, his words were true
  2. Yeah the ignoramus was fired for Irans abysmal performance in the past few games. His replacements won't be too good either though
  3. The next thread will be: Can a Eunuch be an Ayatollah?
  4. I don't get it, what are you complaining about? second, Ahmadinejad is one word.... Third, I still don't get it. Whats wrong with wanting the U.S out of the region?
  5. lol since you are a agonist/atheist why are you on a muslim forum asking for advice????
  6. Whoever made this thread is a retard
  7. What software do you use AFA? Photoshop? Fireworks?
  8. lol 10 years later youll realize that you were hot headed, and you were inded the fool
  9. no they should learn how to spell "Shia" and "Is" correctly first.
  10. I think people give too much importance to Black Magic. People fail an exam, and they say it was black magic. Their husband cheats on them, it was black magic. Instead of blaming stuff on black magic, focus on your life and see what you can do about it.
  11. lol Shojaei isn't that good. He's not a starter at least. As for a bigger Spanish team or German team picking them up. no way. Its better to be on a rubbish team and play 90 minutes then be on a fantastic team and just warm the bench
  12. Ali Karimi Nekounam Kaebi Masoud Shojaei Aghili oh no im not biased at all.
  13. Maybe you two should go hang out with your drinking buddies together :D
  14. Sigh some people are just too stupid. You know what? Iran arrests birds! Then, they kill them and eat them! Lets call PETA! Those evil eye-ranians
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