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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No no I m just asking if its possible....
  2. N I read the link u sent it means that dead believers r offered aab e kausar!!,in barzakh if Allah is pleased with them
  3. Thank u sister but do or can they visit as a fragrance,I m kind of confused here
  4. @AfricanShia @ali_fatheroforphans @Hameedeh Salaam Can anyone guide me regarding 1, if our dead relatives can visit us 2, if they hear n see us 3, if they can communicate with us or guide us or help us 4, if they do visit us, is it in the form of fragrance etc Please help References needed
  5. Yes brothers n sisters I know about Barzakh but really where does a Momin go after he dies..starting from the Munkir Nakeer..can anyone tell me point wise..
  6. Salaam I wish to know what exactly happens when a person is laid to rest (according to our belief) Reference books..
  7. How can u even think that none of us knows what satanism is?!?! Exactly.he z talking abt satanism as in a cult or a secret organization with rituals n everything..
  8. No body comment on whose mother is a what ok..searched aal e saud history.what kings n what rulers..usurpers all..
  9. The big doings of satanists are obvious but its when they work with cunning they get even more dangerous.I would like to share that I started noticing media channels airingdance competition shows on shab e jumma.why? Its not wkend then why a series of such insolent n obscene shows whats the point..rhen iI noticed other chsnnels joined this race..also that u notice on holy nights like mairaj or lailatul qadr etc there r live shows with dramatized "speechery".if u know what I mean.ppl in a horde sitting ralkinv with no concept of ibadat .just enjoying..etc.lgbt is nt worth talking here bcuz its
  10. There z a page on fb u can join petition u can sign is there too.free sheikh nimr on fb
  11. He is alive.news is his family is to meet him on the 28th.praying for him all the time.there is a page u can join on fb.free sheikh nimr.latest updates r there as well as the petition
  12. So 1st shaban n nothing yet.m a little dissappointed because humsn blood dripping more then ever..saudia hiring more executioners etc...u didnt answer another query of mine will u please do so please please.I m searching on syed abdul malik houthi.whats ur take please tell.n dont u think brothrr thst yemeni khurasani n sufyani are there somewhere may b fighting or congregating their armies.like if a person was to emerge tomoro he wont b sleeping in his house or eating candy.he would be very very out there.no?may b we dont know him yet as yemeni or khurasani sufyani etc. I m also seaking info o
  13. I think so too.like a grand announcement of his khilafat after he s captured areas so n so.wont b small.as the books say.I have a question brother rise or die..its in all the books that after he s taken over five areas he will announce himself caliph so on n so forth... a. has nt these things already happened. B.when everyone knows abt what the books say abt his emergence n how ppl will come out to fight him black banners yemeni khurasani..do u think they will still plan such announcements n go by the books..wont they try a change of plans or try to b discreet..confusions here. Ok may b not al
  14. Non violent retaliation!!!? N whats that exactly if I may ask.
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