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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Any one who claims to be Shia are brothers to us if its Ismaili, Bohra, Zaidi etc etc. I will chose them for unity than those who support terrorists like Taliban, Al-Qaida, Saddam and ISIS.
  2. What is the proper way of Ghusal and what are the verses one should recite ? I learned from my cousin but im not sure if its right or not. two of my cousins but both had little difference in them.......
  3. Its never too late. Before chanting death to america how about start chanting death to salafi wahabi deobandi and worry more about them because saudi israel usa are using these terrorist sects to destroy muslim countries.
  4. when did Aziz met Bush ? i dont recall it and it looke 100% photoshope because it also dont make sense why would be commit a religious suicide by meeting bush
  5. Well Afghanistan even has Imam Ali shrine in Mazah-e-Sharif. They say Imam Ali a.s was burried here. So dont be surprised about such tombs
  6. Tell him when such situation appears you will let your instincts decide what should be done at that time.
  7. Where i come from some people can go to a person who does black magic through Quranic verses writing oposite and they does that for different things if they are jealous of someone oor some family or maybe sometimes if they love someone they try to do magic on them. My cousin was newly married and he got into a difficult situation. He started to hate his new wife and he couldnt have intercourse either he was about to commit either a suicide or kill his wife but then his mother took him to some person and he broke the magic on him so he became normal. If you know such a person where you live you can contact them just to try or contact Ayatollah Sistani on his website or email and wait for his reply. thanks
  8. Salam to all, I saw a post on facebook someone posted about Iran parliament passed a law by which People can marry their step daughter. First of all I want to know if this is true or just a propaganda but if this is true, is it allowed in Islam and where does Islam allow it. Regards
  9. Isnt saudi arabia behind the couple in egypt ? why would new egyptian rulers be against military intervention if their master saudi arabia is begging the world to attack Syria ?
  10. Russia said they will target Riyad and Doha ... the dictator Kings circles only.
  11. This is the only sensible posts i see most of others are childish
  12. Mubarak was much better than these salafi thugs ........... lets be realistic
  13. If sunnis were not this much ignorant they would have converted to shia Islam already. This is total ignorance like Abu Lahab
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