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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Is it permissible to play games like "speed" or "go fish" using a standard deck of cards?
  2. If she hast truly repented, then it is quite wrong of you to judge her or treat her in an ill manner because of past transgressions. Allah is most merciful. Get over it so that you two can start a blissful, halal relationship. Don't complicate matters for yourself.
  3. Your body and nafs have been given to your for safe keeping from Allah swt. They are "amanah." If you would like to deepen your relationship with Allah or ask for forgiveness they are certainly other means. Extra salat, dikhr, salatul layl, quran recitations, and the list goes on. These are wonderful days for mustahab sawm, however, you cannot deny yourself of everything completely. Eating is sometimes also considered a "shahwah." ( I sincerely hope you understand my English Arabic, btw). That being said, fasting water for a time is a good detox albeit I hope you are not doing is for an extended period of time. In addition, in order to perform your ibadah, you must have the required energy for it, my friend. We consume food for energy! I pray your siyam is accepted. May Allah bless you in this life and the hereafter.
  4. Salaam, Can anyone recommend a good Iranian faith based TV series similar to Mokhtar, Yousef Alsidiq, or the one on the Virgin Mary?? Thanks for your input!
  5. Unfortunately, this is correct. Muslim Congress sent an e-mail condeming this act of violence against martyrs.
  6. Hmm... Let's not judge people based on traits ordained by the creator. I think jealousy and envy have degrees. If you notice that someone is at a higher intellectual or spiritual level or even a higher financial level, you may ask Allah to bless you with the same blessings and work harder to achieve them. I believe this is healthy. However, if you wish others ill because of your jealousy, that's illness in itself.
  7. Woooord. Simple but immaculate, MashaAllah.
  8. Great advice. However, personally if I take a shower before I sleep there is no way I can sleep. It's more of a stimulant for me so it's morning routine. Same thing for a nap during the day, I cannot sleep when the sun is out and about...
  9. Great reminders, Jazakum Allah. Maybe you should add in the title what these fatwas pertain to.
  10. Thanks for the reminder! JazakAllah!
  11. Whereas I understand "emergency situations", but is it really permissible to deliberately look away... There is bound to be cross contamination of najasat in such places. If not the gloves, then utensils (which I guess you attempted to bypass by your "no cut" requirement but they use another to put the tuna on your bread...), or the actual containers for the food... I mean how are those cleaned?? To name a few...
  12. It's difficult to spot reduce fat, however, generally cardio workouts are the best for weight loss and a good calorie burn. You can also try dynamic yoga for weight loss.
  13. What do you mean by stains? Scarring and pigmentation?
  14. Salaam, Hopefully, you are already on the way to recovery. Whether you are a sayed or not is irrelevent, I'm not sure why you mentioned this fact. We are all prone to sin. However, no one can help you if you do not wish to change. Everyone has already given good advice, be sure to follow. I ask you one question though: would you committ this act if you knew our imams were watching you? Would you do this if you knew Imam Al Mehdi was watching you? Of course, Allah swt is watching you all the time but it seems some brothers and sisters take the Allah is merciful card with too much ease. You are 15, I understand people will argue hormones and environments based on exploitation of the human body as an object of blah blah blah. All this is sugar coating the real problem. You have so many things that you should be focusing on other than this "urge." Your school, social life, family, sports, deen, health, among MANY others. If you want to stop, you will. Enough said. Now, the question is do you want to stop and move on before this issue gets out of hand and you end up feeling like [Edited Out]? May Allah guide us all! I pray you and your family are doing well. Arbaeen is around the corner, great time to feel the love of ahlul bayt change your heart and soul.
  15. The risalah of a Marja contains issues related to fiqh, more the mechanics of things if you I'm making any sense... This is well known among shias and sunnis; I have listened to many lectures of our scholars with such a mention about Mon/Thurs fasting. I think it is even stated in Mafatih al Jinan.
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