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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aameen. It must have been a horrifying experience for all concerned. And thanks for sharing.
  2. Na khuda hi mila naa wisaal-e-sanam Hum na idhar kay rahey na udhar ke rahey Yay
  3. (salam) 1. Kab se aa rahay ho SC peh? 2. Kitne ache dost banaey? 3. Sab se achi dost kaun hein? 4. Achi dost ki pehchaan kya he? 5. Kanoun ka kachcha hona achi baat he ya buri? Baqee phir (salam)
  4. It was Karl Marx who said: "Philosophers so far have attempted to to define the world; the point, however, is to change it." and Mahtama Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see" The Marxian pronouncement seems to allude to collective social effort. The Gandhian seems to point towards self realization. Do you concur?
  5. (salam) . . . for a friend. I would never: -- Phone in to her home to request them to send her over, when she planned to go some place her parents disapproved -- Lie to her parents IF asked about something they suspected but wanted confirmation and I knew -- Voluntarily rat on her on the supposition that this may help her
  6. The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory. Anonymous
  7. Do the weak get any apreciable chances to be cruel [or kind, for that matter]?
  8. Pakistani authorities should be doing the same too, and the British
  9. You can go and feed in anything into any entry in Wikipedia. Its a joke, note a work of reference. There was a time when Mir Husein Ali Montazeri had been named successor to the Syed, but the Syed rescinded it over difference about how to deal with opponents. The lady above has given you a good link.
  10. (salam) Haram or halal, there isn't anything worth watching in Hollywood and Bollywood movies these days. My elders tell me of a time when there really some good good movies produced in either centre. Personally I am not much of a movie buff. I'd rfather watch a documentary than a movie. Wasalam
  11. (salam) Thank you all for your inputs. I have been a bit disappointed by the meager response though. This was a serious enough topic, and I had thought more, many more members here, were capable of holding and articulating view on this and similar subjects. Some people went to denigrate Iqbal for his deeds as a private person person. My belief is that for those he is accountable to Allah, and we sinners have no right to throws stones at him on that account. Wasalam
  12. No. I aim to become the #1 SpaNNer-in-the-works :P
  13. I do not know any person well enough to describe confidently, so I will do this: ShiaChat -- Melting-pot
  14. Saanwari

    Yet Again

    This appears to be a very active forum on the site, and I have noticed many topics getting a very large number of replies. Please name THREE topics YOU found most interesting in this forum in the recent weeks or months. The number of replies may or may not be relevant. The real thing is that the topics WOWed you Please give your reasons, too ______ I found these very interesting: Wacky Quotes --- Umme_Abeeha It is a collection of so many different quotes on so many different subjects, that it has already become a sort of reference work one can download and look up for things to spice up a speech or presentation. Titanic --- Wise_Muslim The polarisation in this topic is very interesting, and so are arguments being given pro and con. Describe --- Cee Members have been asked to describe themselves in just one word, which is a pretty awkward task. Obviously, members are making multiple posts after a time lag. The way a member has described herself at one time and and the way she describes herself at another is quite revealing. ___ Carry on . . .
  15. . . . may be in the General Discussions. This particular section is totally inapproptiate for the topic.
  16. Is it absolutely impossible for these media guys to ascertain wheter statements being made are true. Or are they consciously trying to give a certain twist to the story. Is Qazi Hussain Ahmad's word worth anything?
  17. Asslaam un alaikum I have read all four of your poems in this forum. Treat this little token as an acknowledgement of all four. What I love about your work is the unusual perspective you bring to it, and the way you are able to connect it to your lives and ours. My prayers and are with you and keep me in yours. Regards
  18. ^ While I agree with most of what you have said, isn't there just a probability that the Shia may be the single largest denomination if various and sundry denominations of "muslims" weren't all lumped together against the Shia as one homogenous whole. Just curious about your views.
  19. ^ His being awarded knighthood by the British, and his acceptance of it belies his anti-firangi rhetoric, for one.
  20. How? Almost ALL his work is in Urdu or Frasi. Since when did the Arabs develop a fondness for these languages AND the ability to comprehend and appreciate the complex vocabulary and imagery he employs? Towards what end and to what purpose? Pan Islamism, Iqbals claim to fame, has damaged Muslims worldwide
  21. ^ Bibi aise shakhsaney tablighi jamat wale chorrte rehte hai, apne kam se kam rakho aur in peh lanat bhaijo
  22. If at all the Ayatollah is privy to the timing of the Reappearance, he would never reveal it. The timing has been kept to Himself by Allah, and even if Allah did [has] impart[ed] the timing to one of his servants, that servant would not reveal it to a limited assembly. The announcement of the Reappearance is itself going to be a dircernible divine miracle.
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