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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We want to assume it progresses into love but most situations its bang it and leave it. Why show off what you have to everyone else then when you do get married close off? What's the point, people already know what you got. Opposed to being closed off and displaying your beauty to your husband and everyone doesnt know what he has but ofcourse her face, that's a gem. Allah said gard against what you have, before and behind you. There's also verses that say something along the lines that we have made you a small thing in their eyes so that there is not a situation in which they take advantage of
  2. My father in law remarried a women that has 3 children because her husband died in the war in Iraq. He did it for thawab. His wife was mad since they have children together but they get along now.
  3. The best thing to do is to accept that you guys are friends and cant a get married. This will help you, after you over come the pain, in removing yourself from a haram situation ask the girl her feelings about Islam and all. Still keep your distance lad. You dont need to tell her you love her, you can say you adore and treasure you guy's relationship. If you must tell her, which is going a bit bad, you can hint it off to her that you what hurts her hurts you and whats her happy makes you and so on. She'll get it.
  4. It's not your fault, you can explain to your mother that there is a plan for everyone and your plan is about to change. Let your mother know that blaming you for your family's misfortune isnt right. I'd recommend working, coming home praying and reading Qu'ran and sleeping. It might get through to your family once you emotionally remove yourself from them. Aint saying be anti social but remove yourself from negative energy.
  5. Are your referring to the tablet and the ark? I've heard something similar, I thought that it was that Imam Ali (as) took a child under his wing and helped him...
  6. You cant, see my previous post. They must repent. Then they are allowed for the chaste to marry. Like your starter, fornicators marry fornicators and they arent considered fornicators once they repent. Its HARAM. :) Does that answer your question?
  7. Wrong, they cant be forced. Your woman is NO SLAVE. Al Baqir says once the doors are closed she is free to do and say as she pleases. Its a typical thing, hormones. Women tend to be a bit more hormonal. So she refuses you, doesnt like your smell what have you. That's normal. You cant force her to have sex with you, she has a say in this too. Islamically forcing sex is NOT allowed. That answers your question. They're women and come with many hormones. Totally normal. Get over it, she will over time.
  8. That was like accusations along with questions together. Break it down please. I live in the west too, as well as other thousands of people in this community. Lower your gaze, if thats your problem.
  9. Regardless sins or no sins, if you want to call her a "partner" respect her to the extent you tell her who you are, what you've done and so forth. If you think its going to affect your relationship, there's a red flag right there. WOW! Sorry got to give it to AWAITING. Valid point. You just dont want to face it and think of it later. By all means they can be committed, but if he has doubts in his mind about how she might react to his past... he didn't respect her to tell her what shes getting into. As a commitment- you should take it upon yourself as wajib to tell them everything. Again, you
  10. Your father is right, I understand what your saying. This is a Sayyed in Iraq that has helped many people and this devestating. I'm not saying this makes him a better person to help, but hes done much for the people, he's known throughout Denmark, USA, UAE, London, Sweden and such. Just trying to help out man, dont shoot this down. The pledge will be matched once it gets to 25,000 USD
  11. Try psychologist. Maybe you need to try hawza. :) Honestly, there are other ways than Mut'ah but the past is the past. So, God has a plan for each person. If its ment to be then it'll be.
  12. Either a male or a female that arent virgins other than marriage, then they must repent to God then they are halal to be wed by a Muslim. Then all the other little details are between each other. Source: Qur'an
  13. If you think you can keep it a secret and tell her its none of her business and its between you and Allah then your wrong. Come on guys, your dealing with a relationship and your future with this person dont tell me Islamically you dont have to disclose that information but morally and ethically wheather its embarressing to you or your ashamed of it, get over it because thats in the past. If you have the nerve to be with her and she doesnt know about your past then YOU DONT DESERVE HER. You arent sure how this will affect her until you be completely honest. Since Islam insists honesty and you
  14. I'm just saying what ever the situation is weather you broke up with your lover, got in an argument with your parents, going thru a bad break up...what have you...death aint coming easy. :)
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